15 Best Destinations in Vietnam You Must Visit

15 Best Destinations in Vietnam You Must Visit

You are making a plan for your coming vacation in Vietnam, the country of full surprises & interesting travel experiences? and you don't know much about its travel highlights ? This following writting of "15 BEST DESTINATIONS YOU MUST VIST IN VIETNAM" will give a good glimse of Vietnam's travel attractions , it will be useful for you and go ahead to plan your dream adventure to Vietnam......

Vietnam's best destinations you should not miss to visit in your Vietnam Vacation

Vietnam is a trending tourist destination in South East Asia worth your exploration.The country boasts its striking natural landscapes & rich cultural diversity that have appealed an increasing number of visitors in the past few years.Trips to Vietnam, you can expect to admire breathtaking mountainscapes, stunning bays, wonderful beaches, scenic rural villages of verdant paddy fields along her stretch.Together, enrich yourselves about Vietnam's long history & find countless chances to interact with an amazing number of friendly ethnic minorities to make your Vietnam Vacation of long- lasting memory & unforgetable experiences.

If you are nature lovers & you love to be surrounded by pristinely natural landscapes, taking part in outdoor activites of hiking, biking, bird watching... there are numerous rural countrysides & national parks scattered between the regions of Vietnam.

Beautiful beaches & pristine bays are also Vietnam's strength in tourism industry and surely that you must do a visit to Halong bay- the mustsee place in Vietnam or escape yourselves to a hidden beach resort on such beautiful offshored islands as Con Dao, Phu Quoc or Quan Lan. Warm climate with blue sky in the southern part is ideal for your leisure beach break to enjoy swimming & sunbathing...

Beside fantastic beach breaks or outdoor adventures in rurally mountainous destinations, Vietnam's big cities offer you countless opportunities to get sense locals' daily life and to taste Vietnam's yummy culinary highlights.

Vietnam, one of Southeast Asia's most underrated destinations, surely will bring you full of surprises & interesting travel experiences.If you are planning a trip to this beautiful multi-ethnic country and haven’t decided on where to go, here is the ultimate list of 15 BEST DESTINATIONS TO VISIT IN VIETNAM that should be added into your Vietnam travel plan.

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1. Hanoi  - the capital & second largest city in Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam renowned for its typical cuisine, fascinating attractions, cultural, architectural & historical values & hospitable people.Be granted with the title "City for Peace" by UNESCO in 1999, Hanoi is the most interesting place for tourists to hang around.With a thousand years of history, Hanoi is one of the main cultural centers of Vietnam, where most Vietnamese dynasties have left their imprints.Hence,there are plenty of things to explore for your exciting trip in Hanoi, from mouthwatering street food to fascinating history, from traditional entertainment to recreational activities.

Trang Quoc pagoda - hanoi

Tran Quoc pagoda - westlake Hanoi

Even with a short amount of time, you can still feel the tranquilness of the city while sipping a cup of coffee. Wandering around and shooting artistic photos on elegant streets in Hanoi Old Quarter would give you unique experiences that are hardly found anywhere else.

Hanoi is a great gateaway to bridge your trip to other top attractions in Vietnam : world-famed Halong bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh or off-the beaten-path mountainous regions in Northwest & Northeast Vietnam by roads, or by air to Central & Southern Vietnam conviniently in 1-2 hour flights.

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2. Halong bay - the Natural Wonder of the World.

Halong bay is typically featured by thousands of limestone islands emerging on the sea, creating wonderful beauty on earth.Twice recognised as the world's natural heritages by UNESCO & recently norminated as one of The World's 7 New Natural Wonder in 2014, Halong bay will be a place that you should not be missed while travelling to Vietnam. It is great to admire Halong bay's gorgeous islands on a high-ending overnight cruise, tasting delicious dishes of local sea food, paddling with your beloved ones on kayaks around the bay with stops on beaches or floating villages, therefore, getting to know about the local fisherman's daily life.Halong Bay is really a remarkable highlight to be included in any of your Vietnam travel plan.

Halong bay - Vietnam

Halong bay view from Sung Sot cave

Neighbouring with Halong bay, Bai Tu Long bay & Lan Ha bay (the hidden gems) which share the same outstanding beauty of limestone karst islands on transquil & emerald sea water as Halong bay and could be your ideal alternatives if you love primitively natural beauty & less touristic places.

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3. Ninh Binh - the land of peaceful beauty in Northern Vietnam

Ninh Binh is a famous historical place with serene landscapes, high mountains, beautiful lakes and peaceful countryside.Just 100km far from Hanoi, you can fast approach Ninh Binh and spend a day or a few days exploring top mustsee attractions in Ninh Binh.Whatever you love, this destination is ready to offer : from rowing boat rides, hiking to biking fun along limestone mountains, from historical & religious attractions to national park to bird sanctuaries....

Tam Coc rice field - Ninh Binh

Boat ride in Tam Coc for caves & rice fields

The landscapes are typically beautiful in different seasons.In spring, the weather is warm, Ninh Binh is like a serene picture. In autumn, this is the rice field season. In many lakes, the yellow appears everywhere. In winter, the weather is a little colder, it is around 10-15 celsius degree. However, the beauty of Ninh Binh has another perspective – quiet and peaceful with clouds.

For those reasons, Ninh Binh would be an ideal choice for any travellers who love peace and majestic nature to add on their Vietnam journey.

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4. Sapa - the highlands of stunning scenery & rich local culture.

Being developed as a nice summer resort town in early 20th century by the French, Sapa today has become the tourism center in Northwest Vietnam.The region is home to stunning scenery, interesting cultural diversity and a diverse range of ethnic minorities. Comprising both natural beauty and culture into just one comprehensive package, Sapa is worth visiting for any natural seekers. It offers an incredible adventure of conquering the Roof of Indochina – Mount Fansipan at 3,143 metters, trekking to remote local ethnic villages, homestaying & trying their yummy home-cooked meals; and widening your knowledge of their daily life & culture.

Sapa - rice terraces

Sapa lies amidst the mountainous region and surrounded by beautiful green terraced rice fields. Take a glimpse of wandering under cool weather in the locality of Sapa town, it can be very comfortable and relaxing. This small town is definitely an absolute treat for every tourist to visit.

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5. Ha Giang - the Land of Impressive Geopark & Stunning Rice Terraces.

Ha Giang is a hidden gem of Vietnam offering outstanding captures of spectacular Dong Van karst pleataux stretching far-northern districts ( Meo Vac, Dong van, Lung Cu, Quan Ba, Yen Minh) bordering with China, and stunning rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi district.A far destination to reach from Hanoi ( 7 hour drive), that is why Ha Giang is still unpopular among foreign travellers and therefore, it is quite less touristic, pristinely natural with landscapes & authentic with local cultures. Best time to visit Ha Giang is between late September & early October if you would love to have wonderdul photos of rice terraces in golden colors stepping down the rolling hills.

On clear day of blue sky, it will be great to expose ourselves to the core area of Dong Van UNESCO Geopark, we feel like stepping into "the heaven" when exposing ourselves down Ma Pi Leng Pass or boating along Ngo Que river.We highly appreciate Ha Giang's raw beauty & its rich culture as the most off-the-beaten- track destination in Vietnam and strongly recommend it to nature lovers doing trip to Vietnam.

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6. Mu Cang Chai - the home of most pictureque rice terraces in the world.

Mu Cang Chai is a remote district of Yen Bai province, 300km far from Hanoi.In spite of its fame as the most beautiful rice terraces in the world, Mu Cang Chai is still an off the beaten path place in Vietnam due to its far location to reach from Hanoi.Ideal time to visit Mu Cang Chai is between late May to early October if you love to capture the beauty of rice terraces in falling water time, growing rice time & rice harvest time.

Mu cang Chi rice terraces

The area is mostly with high mountains, the home to local ethnic minorities such as Thai, H' Mong, Muong, so Mu Cang Chai is a wonderful site for non-touristic trekking routes along the mountainslopes, chances to visit the hill tribes' remote hamlets, homestying with local families, thus getting to know more about their daily life & their unique cultures. You can connect your visit to Mu Cang Chai with Sapa or Nghia Lo valley or Thac Ba lake in 3-5 day travel journey from Hanoi capital.

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7. Hue, the lost imperial city in Central Vietnam

Located on the bank of the Huong River, Hue imperial city was recognized as a cultural heritage site in 1993 by UNESCO.This city is the cradle of Vietnamese culture and used to be the national capital, educational, cultural and political center of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty.
Hue’s unique history & its cuisines will be a big appeal to any history & food buff.

Minh Mang tomb - hue

Ming Mang mausoleum - Hue

With its national treasures, including complex of temples, pagodas, tombs, and monuments, this royal city welcomes millions of tourists arriving annually to see these fascinating sites, enlarging your insight about Vietnam's last dynasty & history & royal achitectures.

Besides historical sites, Hue also offers some exquisite beaches like Lang Co and Thuan An; Bach Ma national park with wonderful treks & views.Hue is a really a recommended place to hang around when you plan your exploration to Central Vietnam.

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8. Quang Binh, the paradise of awesomely breathtaking grottoes & caves in Vietnam.

Quang Binh is an emerging tourist destination in Central Vietnam thanks to its recent travel news.The first one is Phong Nha- Ke Bang national park is titled as a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site for its fame as oldest karst areas with dense tropical forest, enormous grottoes and underground rivers.Recently, the largest cavern in the world, Son Doong was founded in Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park, which have done a big draw to the nature lovers & adventurers worldwide to explore this natural masterpiece.Moreover, Quang Binh is a coastal province with a number of beautiful beaches such as Nhat Le, Bao Ninh, Da Nhay.....attracting family vacation makers for leisure retreat & swimming.

Phong Nha- ke bang

Trip to Quang Binh, you can take part in a leisure day trip to admire limestone mountains and water-hidden caves by boat or multi-day expeditions deep into the jungle exploring exceptional beautiful caves : Hang En, Paradise cave, Phong Nha cave, Son Doong grotto, Tu Lan cave...or just leisure around the beaches for suntan..... which promise extremely unforgetable travel experiences.

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9. Da Nang, the amazing destination of inspiring bridges in Vietnam

Da Nang is the biggest city & a charming destination in Central Vietnam.Due to its close location to three cultural world heritages – Hue Imperial City, My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Ancient Town, Da Nang city makes a great base for your nice exploration to all the wonders of the central part of Vietnam.

Da Nang - Vietnam

Trip to Da Nang, it will be great to admire impressive bridges of special designs within the city : Dragon bridge, Love Bridge acrossing Han river & inspring Golden Bridge erected on the top of Ba Na hills.Moreover, this city also possesses many wonderful white beaches, staying in one of 4-5 star resorts with their own private beaches surely is an ideal escape to relax & leisure.Besides the bridges & beaches, Da Nang can meet your thirst with such famous natural & religious attractions as Mable Mountain Temples, Son Tra Peninsula, Than Tai resort, Ba Na hills for some hiking funs, captivation of mountainscapes & sea, and refresh natures.

With its appealing draws & position, Da Nang should be listed as one of  Vietnam's best destinations that you must pay a visit on your Vietnam vacation.

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10. Hoi An, the yellow city in Vietnam

Hoi An is a picturesque town of Vietnam with numerous yellow ancient houses of interesting mixed achitectures among Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese & French as a result of its past-time glorious development as a famous international trading port in Central Vietnam.Hoi An today is regarded as a top tourist destination of the S-shaped Vietnam with a collection of old streets, winding lanes, Chinese-style shops and a group of amazing places, accompanied by mouth-watering local cuisine, which attracts millions of visitors annually.Therefore, it is not exaggerative to claim that Hoi An is the “Venice of Vietnam”.

Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An is outstanding with yellow color overwhelming the whole romantic town, friendly people, laid-back lifestyles & white sandy coastal lines, that is why it is not suprised many travelers to select Hoi An as a must- visited place on their Vietnam vacation.

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11. My Son Holly Land - A Masterpiece of Cham Architecture.

My Son Holy Land was ever the capital of Cham Pa Kingdom from the 4th to 15th centuries. As a glorious example of Cham architectural achievement, the sanctuary comprises more than 70 architectural works of temples & towers that connect to each other by complicated red brick designs. However, it has yet been unable to figure out the reasonable explanation for the linking material, brick baking method, and construction method of the Cham Pa. Even these days, this still remains an attractive secret to contemporary people.

My Son - Quang Nam

Although there are not many remnants left, those that remain display the typical sculptural works of the cultural value of the Cham nationality. They are also vivid proof, confirming the history of a nationality living within the Vietnamese community boasting of a rich cultural tradition.

Thanks to its cultural, historical & architectural values, My Son Holy Land was honorably recognized as a World Heritage site in 1999 and is recommended as a top destination to list in your Central Vietnam journey.

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12. Nha Trang - the city of beautiful white sand beaches

For a long time, Nha Trang has been famous as city of long white sandy beaches with crystal blue water.You love Vietnam beach break, Nha Trang should be listed as the top place to indulge in Vietnam.Nha Trang bay, the second most beautiful bay of the country will satisfy outdoor adventures on a day cruise to admire the landscapes, swim on a deserted island or snorkel to view the ocean's life.Nha Trang is warm with enjoyable sunlight in different months of the year, the service is good with various options for accommodation from standard to high-ending ones - which could meet any of your demands for unforgetable moments in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang - Vietnam

13. Da Lat - the city of the eternal spring.

Sitting on a beautiful valley of Langbiang mountain in Central Highlands Vietnam, Da Lat enjoys a pleasant climate all year around and is famous for its romantic and flowerful beauty.For years, Da Lat has popularly been chosen as a destination for honey moon vacation among wedding couples in Vietnam.In Da Lat, a variety of hills, springs, waterfalls combine harmoniously to form the charming natural scenery. Therefore, anyone setting foot on here will fall in love at first sight with this land. The nature of Da Lat brings people not only happiness but health and the life love.

Da Lat - Vietnam

The view of Lam Tuyen lake from a resort

Best time to visit Da Lat is in dry season between November & April when you can experience the highest temperature in the year & the lowest one.The sky is always bright and the weather is pleasant - nice for your photo hunting, outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, trekking, cruising and horseback riding. Trip to Da Lat, you can easily catch daily flights from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city or car transfer from coastal city of Nha Trang.

14. Ho Chi Minh - the largest & the most dynamic city of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh is the largest & the most dynamic city in Vietnam, which will offers you countless interesting things to do and see.Like many other big cities in the world, you can easily encounter a lot of skyscrapers (the famous Landmark 81), tall buildings, luxurious and modern hotels, convenient restaurants as well as people dressing Western-style clothes.Nowadays, Ho Chi Minh City is one of the top tourist attractions in South East Asia with a perfect combination of different cultures, historical sites, and myriad architectural styles.

HO chi minh city - Vietnam

A part of Ho Chi Minh city along Sai Gon river

As a great base of South Vietnam, you can extend your visit to surrounding highlights such as Mui Ne beach, Con Dao island, Da Lat, Cu Chi Tunnels, Mekong delta, Phu Quoc island... . They are not-to-be-missed sites in the South of Vietnam.

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15. Mekong Delta - the area of unique floating market & fruitful gardens.

Mekong Delta is the largest farming area in Vietnam fed by Mekong River. You love authentic rural countryside & experience busy floating markets? Mekong Delta is worth your discovery.Journey to Mekong Delta is almost like stepping into the world of miracles filled with a system of rivers, canals, and myriad vegetables, fruit, green rice fields, and tropical orchards. Stop at Mekong River Delta to get the taste of a land born in contact of the harmony between the ancient and modern cultures and gain your first-hand experience of unique values with a perfect combination of Khmer, Cham, and Vietnamese cultures.

Mekong river - floating market

A typical floating market in Mekong delta

We suggest you an ultimate 3 day/2 night trip on Mekong delta cruise, you can have a complete view of this region, stopping in different villages & floating market for rowing boat rides along small canals, biking on the village's lanes and interacting with truly friendly locals.

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