A memorable journey : trek & homestay in Ban Luoc village

A memorable journey : trek & homestay in Ban Luoc village

You love to experience non-touristic & untouched landscapes with a great touch to local culture in your Vietnam trip? Ban Luoc village in Hoang Su Phi district is such a wonderful destination that you can think of. You will stay away from the crowd of city bustle and spend time in a peaceful & rural village on the top of mountain where is beloved with clouds flying around, stunning rice terraces and hospitable locals......Let's have our adventure reviewed and plan your trip of memorable travel experiences ........

Ban Luoc village – a wonderful spot for trekking & homestaying activities !

Ban Luoc is a hilly & remote village in Hoang Su Phi district which are famous for many communes of scenic rice terraces recognized as the national heritage by Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism in 2012, the place of great landscapes that you should set a priority on your Vietnam Holiday if you love non-touristic & off-beaten-track destinations.

Ban Luoc rice terraces

Ban Luoc rice terraces

Ban Luoc is the biggest commune of rice terraced area in the region, the living place of local ethnics of Tay, Nung & Dzao ...who have long inhabited here and created the masterpiece of stepped rice fields to control water source & make their living from those rice terraces.To fully explore the beauty of this village, trekking & homestaying in Ban Luoc village are activities we recommend you a try, you will captivate the most breathtaking landscapes of terraced rice fields &  experience the authentic daily life of local ethnic living on the region.

Lying in the steep slopes of jagged mountains, Ban Luoc village overviews stunning valleys with its natural waterfall running day & night;and ever-green terraced  fields extending from thickly forested slopes to water edge of muddy river. Dotted in that beautiful landscape are scattered hamlets of friendly local tribes with their unique traditional dresses & their rich cultures.Women in conical hats do their farms on terraced fields, men tend buffaloes and goats along the fields, and children walk in group to the school & back home on dirt trails. It appears to us (visitors) a beautiful spot where nature is entirely benevolent; a land so fertile that it sustains each household throughout the year.

The view of Ban Luoc village

Local home on the mountain slope with rice terraces

Tourism is new to this land and locals are very friendly.There are only two homestays offering the service in the village ( Mr Nam & Mr Canh’s homestay).Newly setting-up their home to welcome tourists, but they have got good training of community-based tourism program and provided very good service (nice berths with separate curtain & mosquito net, modern toilet, good location for scenic view of rice terraces, good meal of local dishes…) to visitors.

Our real-life travel experiences of homstaying & trekking to Ban Luoc village.

Below are “my two day trekking & homestaying in Ban Luoc village” that I would like to share you in this blog.

I did this journey to Bac Ha market & extended my trip to Xin Man & Hoang Su Phi with one night in Ban Luoc village in the beginning of October 2017 – the time of best beauty of rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi district of Ha Giang Province.

Day 1 : Xin  Man – Ban Luoc village in Hoang Su Phi district.Homesstay in Mr Canh’s home (D)

After a really comfortable night in Xin Man,we drove to Vinh Quang town – the main town of Hoang Su Phi district and had a quick lunch there.

Near Vinh Quang town ( 11km away) is Ban Luoc village in 20 minute drive up & up to the mountains and on winding road till the government headquater of Ban Luoc commune, we sent our car there and made our adventure trek along the dirt trails of 5.5km to reach Ban Luoc village – the living place of Black Dzao enthics with their rice terraces recognized as the national heritage by the Ministry of Sport, Culture & Tourism in 2012.The buffalo trails on a rainy day, but not so slippery and locals travel by motorbike daily to reach the town.We trekked, stopped for photos of rice terraces and reached our homestay in 1,5 hour later.Tourism is new to this village, that is why there are only two homestays available for tourists. New to tourism but local family got training about travel services so their services on offer are very good and well-taken care.

The homestay we spent the night is Canh homestay.The host is a local government officer who tries his best to improve his villagers’living standards basing on community-based tourism development.We had dinner, drank and discussed about the tourism potentials in Hoang Su Phi & good ways to develop sustainable tourism growth comparing with different places in Vietnam.We hope for our mutual cooperation (I help advertising his village to foreign visitors travelling to Vietnam, who would like to experience local cultures & exoticly off-beaten path destinations; he helps us to take care of tourists travelling to his region……) in the time to come.

The food was really good & interesting with our going-on stories till 9h30p.m, then we were invited to attend a local wedding ceremorny of Dzao people in the village.Here I met almost all villagers in their beautiful traditional dresses coming to cheer the new couple & their families.The guests garthered on the second floor of the house on stilts ( huge one) with different party corners happily drinking wines, talking and witnessing the wedding rituals in local language ( which taking places whole night till the next day’s afternoon).

I was invited to join a party drinking, eating & winessing the wedding rituals which are absolutely different from my Viet culture.I was so exciting and happy to be in this warm-hearted community that I stayed there till 1h00 am and a little bit drunk to be fell asleep at once at homestay.

Day 2 : Ban Luoc village trekking tour – transfer back to Hanoi (B)

After a good night, I was wakened by the sounds of rousters & nearby waterfalls running day & night, the sky was high & clear – which promised a nice day adventure for me ! I got up early to reply our customers’s email request , walked for morning exercises passing by local kindergarden & primary school. Down is the stunning valleys of yellow rice stepped fields and streams, far to the other sides are high mountains with white clouds flying around- so peaceful & beautiful landscapes.

Back to homestay, I got a light breakfast, said good bye with the friendly host & his family and started with my deep exploration of Ban Luoc village with adventure trek up to the top of mountains – more impressive captivation of multi-layered rice terraces, viewing more daily life of local Dzao and contemplating a really nice waterfall in the region.After 3 hour trek on the dirt trails up & down the mountains, I met my driver at the local government committee and transferred to Vinh Quang town for lunch, then a scenic drive along the main road of Hoang Su Phi district, overviewing the valleys of stunning rice terraces in golden colours with special love for this untouched destination- Hoang Su Phi district in Ha Giang province, and long journey back to Hanoi.”

How to get to Ban Luoc village?

Ban Luoc village is about 340km far from Hanoi and take you around 8-9 hours to reach.The most comfortable & convenient way is to join us in a 3-4 day private tour package to Hoang Su Phi from Hanoi with tourguide & private transfer.You just enjoy the landscapes following our inspected travel program with the guide support and help you best to explore local cultures & interesting trekking routes for your unforgetable memory of life-time travel experiences - trekking & homestaying in Ban Luoc village.

If you would like to arrange the trip yourself and in need of hiring a tourguide or renting a private car with driver to Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province, don’t hesitate to contact us as well to our email goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.comor phone us at +84.988451530 (SMS, Viber, Whatsapp).As a fully local licensed tour operator in Vietanam, we are happy to support you with useful consultancy and suggestion for your full exploration of Hoang Su Phi landscapes.We wish you many special travel experiences on your journey to Hoang Su Phi.

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Need local support, please, let us know!

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