Amazing Ma Pi Leng Pass - a must-see Ha Giang attraction

Amazing Ma Pi Leng Pass - a must-see Ha Giang attraction

Ma Pi Leng is the king of the passes in Vietnam, located in Ha Giang province! It is an awesome adventure to stand on this high pass for great panoramic view of surrounding regions - known as the most scenic landscape in Vietnam among adventure lovers....

Amazing Ma Pi Leng Pass - a must-visited Ha Giang attraction in your trip

Located in the Dong Van Geopark area of Ha Giang province, Ma Pi Leng Pass is the highest point of “the legendary Happiness Road”, where offers you the most breathtaking landscape of the country with countless conical mountains of near & far distances, deep valley dotted with the locals’remote villages & their rice terraces, and Nho Que river running like a colorful thread along the cliffs.What a heaven on earth with the beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass!

the pass of ma pileng-hagiang

The scenic background of Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng is translated as “the nose of the house” in local language to say about how challenging this location is to reach for anyone. At the height of 2000 metters high compared to the sea level, its terrain is so steep with vertical mountains & deep valleys that the horse’s power can not overcome and they even die on the way – being illustrated as the horse’snose.

Ma Pi Leng Pass  is around 20km long zigzaging up & down along high mountain slopes – the most difficult part of the Happiness Road to be built connecting Dong Van & Meo Vac district – two remote mountainous frontier districts of the country !In the passt, to construct this road part, thousands of workers & volunteers had to cling themselves on the cliffs to open every centemeter of the path. It was such a challenging terrain that many volunteers & workers lost their lives and took them 11 months to complete this part of the road.That’s why the pass of Ma Pi Leng is likened as the Great Wall of Vietnam.The Happiness Road & its amazing pass of Ma Pi Leng is a lively evidence of strong cooperation & great efforts among young volunteers & local ethnics in the country toward the nature’s obstacles.Thanks to their sacrifice & great contribution, the road was opened to make the gap shorter between the highlands & the lowlands of Ha Giang province, to bring happiness & more chances to develop for thousands of people in the region, and importantly to defense the nation’s territory.

Panoramic view from Ma Pi Leng

Overview from Ma Pi Leng highest point

Travelling to Ha Giang, it is an interesting adventure to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass to see how hard it was to construct the road of happiness and to contemplate the most stunning landscapes of the country – where the earth touches the sky.In this journey, if you are in need of local support or local travel services ( Ha Giang tour package, tourguide or private car rental to Ha Giang with driver), feel free to email us at or phone us to + 84.988 45 15 30 ( viber, whatsapp), our travel team will try their best to support you with useful consultany & suggestion for your unforgetable Ha Giang travel experiences.

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