An unforgetable inspection trip with two Indian directors to Halong bay, Ban Gioc waterfall

An unforgetable inspection trip with two Indian directors to Halong bay, Ban Gioc waterfall

Meanwhile Halong bayis the best attraction in Vietnam attracting a big number of tourists, Ba Be lake & Ban Gioc waterfall are also famous and beautiful sights in Vietnam for its natural sceneries, off-beaten-track and less touristic destination.This trip is a good connection to explore hot touristic sights and less tourstic destinations.Follow our blog for an inspection trip with two Indian directors to Halong bay,Ban Gioc waterfall & Ba Be lake to see what they choose for their movie's scenes.

A motivated inspection trip to Halong Bay, Ban Gioc waterfall & Ba Be lake 4 days

On recent  October 2016, we got a special request from a group of Indian directors for an inspection Vietnam tour searching for the sights to make movie scenes.They requested the destinations of natural and less touristic beauty and showed us their interested Vietnam photos that they loved about.Looking at what they showed us, we thought about Halong Bay, Ban Gioc waterfall and then Ba Be lake.On agreement with sights, we signed the contract of 4 days/ 3 night trip due to their limted time!I decided to come along with tourguide, driver to assist two directors.

Inspection trip to Halong bay

Halong bay kayaking

Day 1 : Hanoi airport pick-up directly to Halong Bay. Spend a special night on board in Halong Bay.

On arrival, we picked 2 Indian movie directors up at 9h00 am with fast-tracked visa clearance,then headed to Halong bay, passing immense Red River Delta- the biggest delta for the rice production in the northern Vietnam.We viewed the farming activites of local farmers’s busy harvesting along the journey to Halong bay.It is quite nice to view  and have beautiful photos of the golden rice fields which are on harvest time of annual October. Together, we heard an informative introduction about Vietnam’s agriculture to be the second biggest rice exporter in the world, how local farmers do their farming as well as their life-time experiences to have bumper crops from the tourguide Ms Huong

We did have a short break on the half-way in Hong Ngoc humanity center where supported the disable children –the victims of agent orange chemical during American wars.They got training for free, then working here as tailors, stone sculture workers, embroidery makers or sales person to make their living.Directors got a toilet break, viewed  what the disable produced, shopped something that they liked, had a Vietnamese coffees in the restaurant in 30 minutes, then continued with 1,5 hour drive along coal mining area of Quang Ninh province to reach Halong bay.

Inspection trip to Halong bay2

Halong bay view

We boarded a Halong bay cruise in Tuan Chau Island with a welcom drink of orange juice, got the cabins for our staying overnight, then lunch of fresh & delicious sea foods was served on our table while the boat was cruising around Halong bay – the world’s new natural wonder with thousands of vivid limestome outcrops on the surface of emerald water. What a beautiful day with light sun, blue sky and clear view of the bay for nice photos !

In our private Huong Hai junk ,what a comfortable way to enjoy the scenery and chose ourselves with the right routes we wanted for the sight’s movie inspection. To discover the highlighted or desserted places in Halong Bay, we boarded on a speed canoe fast to go to the places that we liked : Sung Sot cave, Ti Top island, Ba Hang floating village, Hang Luon cave by rowing boat trip, Hang Trong cave, Cua Van floating village and Dragon Eye island ( a desserted sight with beach and quiet pond at the back).After a half day around the bay by canoeing, we went back to the mother cruise for resting, enjoying the sunset, the peaceful beauty of Halong bay in a nice anchoring area for our night on board.Then dinner is served with variety of delicious dishes, then we discussed our today’s inspection.In gereral, directors said that they loved this nature and the sights we took them to, but they could not find the places to put the camera with big support teams for their movie actions in the time to come.We suggested them some other destinations for the next day in Hanong bay to Ba Trai Dao beach, Dark cave and money island in Cat Ba area.

Inspection trip to Halong bay4

Day 2 : Halong Bay – Ban Gioc waterfall.Overnight in Sai Gon Tourist Resort

We started an early wake-up with Tachi excercises, enjoying the sunrise in Halong Bay.After breakfast, we followed the plan for more deserted areas with space for movie actions.”The destinations are better  today but still do not meet our expectation”, the directors said

We disembarked the cruise after the lunch and met the driver for a long journey of 12 hours to Ban Gioc waterfall. We reached Ban Gioc area at midnight after a long drive along bumpy & busy mountain road route Halong – Lang Son- Cao Bang- Ban Gioc.Check in the room in a four star Sai Gon tourist resort which is located at the entrance to Ban Gioc waterfall. Spend night here, we can here the sound of the waterfall in a peaceful and quite area– the bordering area between Vietnam and China.

Inspection trip to Halong bay5

Day 3: Ban Gioc waterfall- Nguom Ngao cave- Ba Be National Park.Overnight in Ba Be National Park hotel.

After a tired day of long drive, we slept very well and got breakfast at 8h00 oclock.We did a short walk to Ban Gioc waterfall- the biggest and the most majestic waterfall in Vietnam with its lenth of 300 metters and its height of 30 metters.The waterfall is falling down to Quay Son river – a natural border between Vietnam and China so the middle point of the river & the fall is separated the border between two countries.From Vietnam site, the view of waterfall is larger, more impressive,natural and less touristic  due to far distance to reach here. The directors were very impressed at this natural waterfall so that they spent nearly three hours looking, checking and inspecting by walking around and boating to view deeper into the falls in China side.Now we can see their happiness and their smiles in their faces with emotion.

Ban Gioc fall

After the waterfall, we drive to Nguom Ngao cave ( 6 km away from the fall).It is a really natural cave with beautiful stalamites and stalagtites which were worth paying our visit as well, an alternative choice for directors’ movies.Then we drive in 4.5 hour to Ba Be national park with a lunch stop in Cao Bang city.

Arrive in Ba Be national park center at 5h00 p.m, we checked-in the room and walked around the lake area for nice view. Have a really relaxed night in Ba Be national park hotel after  impressive Ban Gioc waterfall

Day 4. Ba Be boat trip visit – back to Hanoi capital

For inspection purpose, we booked a boat cruise to different sites such as Fairy Pond, Ba Goa islet and Puong grotto.Ba Be is the world’s only fresh water karst lake with beautiful view of forested mountains along the boat journey.We stopped in a island with a short trek to a Fairy Pond, a quiet pond surrounded by mountains,where was said as the place the fairy used to come for bathing.Not meet the directors’ expectation about this site, we cruised out of the lake following Nang river- the main river to feed up water to Ba Be lake.Such rustic, rural, authentic and natural sceneries along the river bank : corn & rice fields, local ethnic village,local hollowed-tree boats, local ethnic villages of Tay, buffaloes & cows leisurely eating grass as the directors proclaimed with their surprise and continuous camera captures: “What a natural and picturesque landscapes we get.Those are really what we are looing for !” .It was even more surprised and amazed  for them when the boat entered the entrance of Puong grotto – a both dry & water natural cave of 300 mettres long and 30 metters high formed by the flow of Nang river years after years.We trekked up and experienced the sound of thousands of bats living inside with their uncomfortable smell. “What a right cave we have searched for a long time, but here” They said.After the boat trip, we met the driver in Puoc Lom pier for a 6 hour drive back to Hanoi capital.We are in their hotel in Hanoi at 7h00 p.m.The mission was completed with success and joy for all the team !

Trip to Ba Be lake

We felt so happy that they could finally chosse the destinations for their coming movies : Ban Gioc waterfall, Ba Be lake along Nang river & Puong grotto.After this trip, they did confirmed a big group of actors, actress and followers coming with us for a movie making in November 2016.What a successful trip we have done in a way to promote Vietnam’s beautiful destinations in India movies in the time to come!

                                                                                                                                                                    Written by Vu Dinh Ban

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