Ba Be lake, Ba Be national park Vietnam

Ba Be lake, Ba Be national park Vietnam

Being famous in Vietnam as the largest natural lake in the limestone mountains, Ba Be lake is worth being paid your visit to if you would love to contemplate natural landscapes and travel to off-beaten-path destinations in Vietnam

Ba Be lake, a natural lake of beautiful landscapes & natures worth your exploration when travelling to Vietnam.

Ba Be lake is the place with outstandingly natural and beautiful scenery in Vietnam.Being located in Ba Be district, Bac Kan mountainous province, 240km far from Hanoi city, Ba Be natural lake is an off-beaten-tracked and less touristic attraction for adventure travellers doing Vietnam tours
The bio-diverse park with an area of 7,610 hecta - home to 1,268 species of flora and fauna, a chain of beautiful caves and a wonderful fresh water lake – was established in 1992 by the Vietnamese Government to preserve forest ecosystems in the northeastern Vietnam.Thanks to its diverse biodiversity and its ideal eco-tourist place with beautiful sceneries of lakes, waterfalls, tropical rained forest on limestone mountains, Ba Be national park has been recognized as a natural heritage of ASEAN in 2004.
Recenly,in its neighboring forest with Na Hang District in Tuyen Quang Province,there has been founded three newly discovered groups of Francois’ Langurs, an endangered species in Vietnam Red Book.That is the reason why the national park, with assistance from the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, applied to make the park a UNESCO Natural site.

Ba be lake, Ba Be national park Vietnam

Rustic and Rural landscape along Nang river in Ba Be national park

Considered as one of the 27 natural heritage gardens in Asian, Ba Be lake  has its potential to attract nature lovers,biological specialists & adventure travellers for trekking in interesting travel routes throughout the forest, boating around for Ba Be fresh water lake, Nang river or homestaying in authentic local ethnic villages for great insight of local culture & customs.

What to see in Ba Be lake & its surrounding areas?

Your trip to Ba Be national park is the journey to enjoy natural landscapes, get away from the city noise to rustic and rural village of Tay ethnic culture.In this trip, you should visit the most highlighted attractions in this park as follow!

Ba Be lake with boat trip to visit Ba Goa islet,Fairy Pond, An Ma temple, Dau Dang Waterfall, Nang river & Puong grotto.

Ba Be lake is around 450 hecta in the center area of Ba Be national park and considered as one of 20 largest fresh water karst lake in the world. Ba Be means three lakes including Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng with its spreading length of over 8 km ,its widest point of 3 km and at the level of 150 metters comparing to the sea level.By doing a boat trip around the lake, you can get stunning view of the lake scenery with tropical rained forest on limestone mountain cliffs surrounding the lakes, Ba Goa island – a small islet in the middle of the lake, stop on the way to visit  Fairy Pond or An Ma temple on the islands, listening the guide’s interesting stories about their local legends.

Ba Ba lake, Ba Be national par Vietnam

Pictures with customers in Dau Dang waterfall, Ba Be lake

Furthermore, you continue with the boat journey along Nang river for authentic rural landscapes of Tay ethnic villages : local hollow –treed boats with locals traveling around,corn & rice fields, buffaloes & cows leisurely eating grass on the river bank. What peaceful and rustic landscapes in Ba Be area !

On the way, the boat will stop us in Nang river area which was blocked by huge rocks making Dau Dang waterfall – the most beautful waterfall in Ba Be boat tour.You get down and do a small trek to view the fall.Also here is with a restaurant of local foods, you can have the lunch here if you like, then back to the boat for a journey to Puong grotto – the biggest and natural cave in Ba Be national park.The cave formed by the flow of Nang river is a highlighted attraction to visit in Ba Be boat trip.You can trek up to view massive stalagmites & stalactites and thousands of bats living inside with its uncomfortable smells.Great view of mountain cliffs and river sight when you stand at the top side of the grotto.

Ba Be lake, Ba Be national park Vietnam

Puong grotto in Ba Be lake

We end the boat trip by cruising through Puong grotto and stop at Puoc Lom habour.You should arrange the car to pick you up here with this nicest route to explore Ba Be lake and Nang river.
If you would like to do some trek to visit Tay ethnic villages such as Ban Cam Ha, Bo Lu….,it is our suggestion to travel with a guide along.He may arrange your homestay here if you are interested in

Pac Ngoi village

Pac Ngoi is a nice & poetic village of local Tay ethnic group, overviewing Ba Be lakes, farming fields and tropical forest.Visiting Ba Be lake & its national park will be a big miss if you do not pay a visit to Pac Ngoi village.Local Tay ethnic in this village try to keep their original architecture of still houses so it is popular and nicer to spend your nights in this village.They have had over 10 years getting used to tourism bussiness, hence the hygiene & modern facilities are good to serve tourists.The bed is basic with soft mattress and mosquito net setting up on the floor so that you will share the same floor with the host family.

Ba Be lake, Ba Be national park

Pac Ngoi Village in Ba Be lake

By homestaying in local home, the cost is quite budget and you get to know local culture and tasting authentic local dishes cooked by the host.In the morning,it is a peace of mind to sit on the balcony overlook the lake, enjoy cup of coffee, look at people working in the field and hear the birds singing.

Hua Ma cave

When staying in Pac Ngoi village,you can rent a bike or walk with local guide to visit Hua Ma Cave which is 45 minutes away.Arriving to the entrance of the cave,you could feel the cool wind blowing from the bottom of the cave bring along humid and fresh smell. It is a big and beautiful cave with hundred amazing pairs of stalactites and stalagmites.Under yellow lights, stalactites and stalagmites seem to sparkle like a palace. The cave was so peaceful hence, sometimes; you even could hear the sounds of bats’ flapping wings.

How to get to Ba Be Lake?

Ba Be lake is a famous travel destination scheduled in one of Vietnam holiday packages, however it takes 6 hours to get there from Hanoi. You can join in a package Vietnam adventure tour or customized tours to visit Ba Be lake in connection with Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang for 3 days/ 2 nights or 4 days/ 3 nights if you’d love to with all travel service inclusions.If you would like to arrange the trip yourselves, it is possible by motorbiking adventurously to Ba Be national park or catch a local bus from My Dinh bus station in Hanoi to Ba Be bus station in the Ba Be town center ( 16km away from Ba Be lake), then you need to take a motobike or taxi to get further inside.

Ba Be lake, Ba Be national park in Nang river

Great natural scenery in Nang river - Ba Be lake

For your comfort & flexiblity,you had better hire a private car from Hanoi to Ba Be lake with driver along. If you are in need of local guide, you can arrange through the car rental agent as well.When you planning a trip to Ba Be national park or Ban Gioc waterfall, in need of travel services such as private tours, private car rental with driver or a local guide to Ba Be area, Ban Gioc waterfall, do not hesitate to drop us an email to or viber us at +84.988451530 with your travel plan request, our travel team will process your order, then feedback you with program and its qoutation to meet your demands.We wish you an enjoyable trip in Ba Be lake !

Need local support, please, let us know!

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