Ba Vi National Park | Hanoi Attractions

Ba Vi National Park | Hanoi Attractions

You feel stressful with your routines, get bored with the noise of city. Ba Vi national park could be a right choice to refresh yourselves with beautiful scenery of mountains, waterfalls and tropical rained forest

Scenic Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is an outstanding mountain ranges with tropical forest on the west of Hanoi, which covers an area of 10.800 hectares including strict conservation, ecological restoration and administrative services areas.Administratively, the park is an outskirt area belonging to Hanoi capital. Howerver,a big contrast to Hanoi’s bustles & hustles, Ba Vi mountains offers us a pleasant climate, peaceful scenery and majestically natural beauty.Thanks to its average height of 600-1000 metters above the sea level, the annual temperature in Ba Vi mountains is 23,40oC, not high in humidity which are cool and pleasant all the year around.Moreover,the park is quite rich in flora and fauna.It is the home to more than 1,200 kinds of plants, 21 of which are mentioned in Viet Nam's Red Book. There are also 63 species of animals.Ba Vi National Park is indeed an ideal place to spend your weekend holidays on, to escape from the city's noise for fresh cool air in a mystical background of clouds, mountains, waterfalls and tropical forest.

Ba Vi national park 1

The view of Ba Vi national park

What to visit in Ba Vi National Park?

Travelling to Hanoi, you can take part in a day or 2 day trip to discover Ba Vi national park area.It will be great to conquer three famous summits in Ba Vi Mountain Range (the reason for its name Ba Vi).The first one is King Peak which is the highest one at 1,296m where you will trek through the rain forest by steps up, pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh Temple on the top point and get an impressive view of surrounding areas of tropical forest, fast-flowing Da river & vast red river delta.The second peak is Tan Vien at the height of 1,226m, where you can visit temples originally built up in 11th century,dedicated to Mountain God, Mother Goddess of Heaven.And the third highest summit is Ngoc Hoa at 1,131m.These peaks are always covered with fogs and clouds, but the best time for clear view of the park's surroundings is April and October.

Ba Vi national park2

The altar to worship the goddess of heaven

Besides, you can visit some French vestiges left such as villas, church, military base and political prison built up by the French during 1930s at the location of 500-1000 m high.In addition, there are a lot of  beautiful waterfalls on mountain slopes where are located with different resorts such as Thien Son- Suoi Nga, Thac Da, Ao Vua...It will be nice to spend your night here and take part in such activities as mud baths, wet steam baths and herbal baths to release the stress and relax yourselves.From these resorts, you can extend your trip to Da Chong area (the secret place to preserve Uncle Ho’s body at early stage before being put inside Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum) or Duong Lam ancient village, Tay Phuong, Thay Pagoda for more interesting experiences !

How to get to Ba Vi National Park?

Just 60km far from Hanoi and in two hour drive,you will be in Ba Vi National Park.Some tourists who love adventure, they choose to go there by a motorbike,but a better way is to rent a private car with driver who knows well about the travel routes.The ride up to the park can be a bit bumpy and it’s best avoiding the park in the rainy season when roads may be slippery – especially the hiking trails.

Ba Vi national Park 3

The gate to Tan Vien peak and visit the mountain god temple

However, the best and popular way is taking part in Ba Vi national park day trip with all the services combined.You just relax and enjoy the scenery along with our experienced tourguide who will take a good care of you and provides you with interesting information during the trip. If you are in need of those services, please, do not hesitate to drop us an email to or just call us at +84.988451530 (Viber, Whatsapp).We are happy to support your with useful consultancy for your memorable travel experiences in Ba Vi National Park.

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