Ba Vi national park trip to Thien Son Suoi Nga Resort - a nice escape to enjoy untouched landscapes

Ba Vi national park trip to Thien Son Suoi Nga Resort - a nice escape to enjoy untouched landscapes

You are fed up with the stressful routines or hot days of the lowland? You would love to stay away from touristic places to untouched natural landsacpes of mountains, waterfall & forests? With year-round pleasant climate & nice waterfalls ( near Hanoi city), Thien Son - Suoi Nga resort in Ba Vi national park could be your smart choice. Let's have this detailed blog read for your references........

Ba Vi mountain tours : not only hikes to conquer its mounts, but also leisure at its ecotourism resorts (swimming in fresh streams & admiring scenic waterfalls)

Ba Vi mountain is one of the top tourist attractions in Hanoi, so popular among Vietnamese tourists but is still new to international travellers.For nature lovers & adventure treks, they mainly know the trekking routes to French Ruins or to conquer three summits of this mountain range.

The shared video of our customers doing trip to Ba Vi national park

Some travellers did their adventure treks to conquer Ba Vi mountain’s peaks with us : Tan Vien, King peak & Ngoc Hoa one, they were really impressed about the beautifully natural landscapes & wonderful parnorama of surrounding region when standing at Ba Vi summits. After the healthy treks with much sweating & fatigue, they asked our tourguide for beautiful waterfalls nearby to refresh themselves.

The view of Da river from Ba Vi mountains

The view  to Da river from Ba vi mountains

We know some of eco-resorts located on the foot of Ba Vi mountains such as Ao Vua, Suoi Tien, Khoang Xanh, Thac Da…but we would love to recommend them a nice escape to Thien Son- Suoi Nga resort for its convenient location & its beautiful sceneries.We will share about this resort in details so when make a trip to Ba Vi national park, you can arrange time having more interesting travel experiences.

Thien Son- Suoi Nga Ecotourism Complex

Thien Son- Suoi Nga Eco-tourism Complex is located in the buffer zone and on the foot of Ba Vi mountains.It is nested under the forest with year-around pleasant climate - really good for relaxation & family retreat from the city’s hustle & bustle. 60km far from Hanoi & in good road condition, you can easily approach in 1,5-2hour drive by car or motorbike.With google map, seach Thien Son Suoi Nga resort, you will find where it is and find your route to reach.

Lake in Thien Son - Suoi Nga resort

Have a photo on a lake in Trung Son part

What to do in Thien Son - Suoi Nga resort?

Thien Son – Suoi Nga is a gorgeous eco-tourism complex featured by natural sceneries of mountains, forests and waterfalls. Trips to Thien Son -Suoi Nga resort, you will have opportunities to admire poetic landscapes and relax in peaceful natures.

The resort is a popular place for the locals’vacation on weekends, which offers the service of accommodation, restaurant & water games as well as hiking funs that one can enjoy on a day or two day break.The entrance sightseeing fee is 150,000vnd/person & free for the children under 6 years old.

The complex is divided in three separate ascending parts : Ha Son, Trung Son & Ngoan Son that you can visit and take part in different outdoor activities.

Ha Son hotel & its lake

The view of the hotel & its romantic lake in Ha Son part

Ha Son part - breathe the freshair and enjoy romantic & natural landscapes.

Ha Son part is featured as a romantic area with a pristine lake surrounding by forested mountains & small waterfalls.Getting a swan boat padalling around the lake with your beloved ones & contemplating the scenery is a great way to slow down the speed of your life.There are stilt-housed hotels & a restaurant nested on the mountain sides overviewing the calm lake and near the waterfall running down.What a wonderful vacation if you can spend a night in this area -  such a peace-of-mind way to enjoy the tranquility & release the stress away.

Romantic lake in Ha Son part

Leisure on swan boat to contemplate the lake's tranquility

Trung Son area - fresh swimming on Nga stream & waterfalls.

Trung Son area is about 2km away, an ideal way to reach is hiking under the forested roads listening to the birds’songs & admiring the green vegetation of Ba Vi tropical forest.Trung Son is characterized by the water theme parks with a nice lake & cascading waterfalls which provide the fresh & cool water for the swimming pools.In this part, you can stroll around the lake, walk up along Nga stream to view scenic waterfalls and surely refresh yourselves in fresh & cool swimming pool or Nga stream. That will be a great way to hide away from the hot day of the lowlands and take a dip in fresh water pools.This area offers more beautiful villas of high-ending service & local dished restaurants, you can spend your nights here as well.

Waterfall in Trung Son part

Waterfalls in Trung Son part

Ngoan Son part- a nice place to admire Heaven Gate Waterfall & parnoramic landscapes.

Ngoan Son is the highest location of Thien Son- Suoi Nga resort.From Trung Son, you keep going up to Cong Troi (heaven gate) waterfall about 700 metters, that will be Ngoan Son area ( a really less touristic part).It is a flat area with a natural lake, fishing will be nice to relax here.Standing at Ngoan Son peak, you can catch majestic landscapes of Ba Vi mountains & its surroundings.

Ngoan Son mountain view

When is the ideal time to visit Thien Son Suoi Nga Eco-tourism complex?

The same with Northern Vietnam weather, in winter & spring seasons ( between November and April), the climate is cooler down,the temperature is ranging from 10-20oC, dry weather with little rain, so waterfalls are not really so impressive on its fullest beauty.And if you would love to dip yourselves Nga stream’s water or waterfalls, it will be quite cold to enjoy swimming in that cold water.

The ideal time is in Summer & Autumn (from mid April to October), you feel hot with the summer heat of the lowland, Ba Vi mountains & its resorts will be a right choice for your family vacation. The summer rain makes the waterfall in its fullest beauty and what an amazing experience is to bathe in cool fresh swimming pools with rain water running thru the waterfalls ( really clean & fresh from nature)

To avoid the crowd, it is ideal to do this escape on weekdays and avoid the weekends when many local Vietnamese families will do a day trip or overnight trip to this resort & Ba Vi forest.

Fresh & cool pools

Swimming pools with fresh water  from the waterfall

Ba Vi national park adventure to Thien Son - Suoi Nga resort with Golden Hoilday Travel.

Hopefully our local shares about Thien Son - Suoi Nga Ecotourism Complex ( Ba Vi national park) can be useful and a good reference for your coming trips to Hanoi.You love outdoor activities, then do healthy treks to conquer Ba Vi mountains’summits.You love leisure funs of water games and admire scenic waterfalls, then call on Thien Son Suoi Nga resort in a day tour or 2 day travel program from Hanoi city.You can join us in a private customized Ba Vi mountain tours including private car transfer, tourguide, meals & entrance sightseeing fees.If you organize the trip by yourself and would love to rent a private car with driver to Ba Vi national park, do not hesitate to drop us an email to or contact us by +84.988451530 ( whatsapp), our travel experts will reply you back with useful suggestions & right qoutation for your Ba Vi mountain trip.

Have a good journey exploring Thien Son - Suoi Nga resort & Ba Vi national park !

Golden Holiday Travel Team.

Need local support, please, let us know!

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