Bach Ma national park - A top must-visited attraction in Hue city

Bach Ma national park - A top must-visited attraction in Hue city

Are you in Hue imperial city or in Da Nang city ? and you would like to be close to the beautiful nature with scenic treks & swimming fun in the rained forest? Let's pay a visit to Bach Ma national park and have this article referenced about the places to visit, how to get there or the best time to visit.... when planning your trip to this beautiful national park..........

Bach Ma national park - the peaceful paradise for the nature lovers & photographers

Bach Ma national park is a part of Truong Son mountain range and located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province.Likened as the paradise for nature-lovers, this forest is not only famous for its conservation area of the rare ecosystem but also for its captivating and tranquil natural beauty. In English, Bach Ma is translated as the white horse (the park is normally covered by white clouds) which stands on the total area of 220 square km and is 40 km away from Hue City.

The stunning view from Bach Ma mountain

The view from Bach Ma national park on a clear day

With its high altitude & its proximity to the sea, Bach Ma mountain is pleasant its cool climate all the year around (the summit of Bach Ma garden is always around 7 degrees cooler than the surrounding lowland areas) and is likened as “ Da Lat” in the center of Vietnam. During the French time, they developed this park as the hill station for the summer retreat to hide away from the hot summer in the lowlands.You can still find many villas & castles scattered in the forest, together with some hidden tunnels used during the American war, therefore getting to know about the strategic position of this park to Vietnam.

Panoramic overview from Hai Vong Lau

The view point from Hai Vong Lau Summit

The garden also records the highest rainfall in Vietnam ( approximately 8,000 mm each year), mainly in the period between September and December.This weather condition contributes to the park’s rich bio-diversity with its evergreen vegetation.You can expect to have a nice exploration of natural landspaces : rich fauna & flora, beautiful lakes & its parnoramic view to surrounding lowlands ( stunning lagoons & green valleys) in a really cool & fresh air. It is nice but when is the best time to visit this national park?

Ideal time to visit Bach Ma national park

Bach Ma’s climate is tropically characterized by two distingtive seasons : dry & rainy ones.The dry season is from January to August & the rest is rainy seasons effected sometimes with the typhoons.

Clouds flying around on Summit Bach Ma

Clouds flying around in Bach Ma Summit

The best time to pay a visit to Bach Ma mountain is in the summer time & early auturm ( from April to August).During this time, rains hardly occur and the weather is always cool and comfortable, which is great for your outdoor activities.In addition, the fresh air, light aroma, and the pleasant breeze of this time will surely make your exploration even more interesting & memorable.

What to do & see in Bach Ma tropical forest?

Do a scenic trek to Ngu Ho ( five lakes).

Starting from Do Quyen villa area (km number 17), you will do a beautiful trek on steps,then on trails ( some area are quite slipery) in the rained forest and in one hour adventure trek, you can conquer this scenic route.The trek will lead you to several beautiful and dreamy waterfalls standing next to greenish and romantic lakes. Ngu Ho comprises of 5 lakes at 5 different levels of height. All of the lakes have their own charms and beauty but the third lake is said to be the most beautiful one. There are waterfalls in the lakes, which create a very wonderful scenery when looking above the lakes.Remember to bring your cameras for appealing photos of this place. You can swim in these lakes during this hiking journey if you love to.

Ngu Ho lake - Bach Ma

One of 5 lakes in Ngu Ho Trekking routes- Bach Ma

Trek to Do Quyen Waterfall (Rhododendron Waterfall).

Do Quyen Waterfall is named after Do Quyen ( Rhodedendron) trees which are popularly grown in this trekking route.You can expect to admire the blooming flowers of this tree from March to June.At the height of 300 meters, you can look down to contemplate an excruciatingly foaming waterfalls and endless mountain hills when conquering this Do Quyen Waterfall trekking route.

Do Quyen waterfall - Bach Ma park

Do Quyen Waterfall & its trekking route

Have a great panoramic view at Hai Vong Dai (Sea Observation Post)- the summit of Bach Ma mountain.

Hai Vong Dai ( Sea Obervation Post) is at the top point of Bach Ma national park ( 1450 metter high compared to the sea level).To reach Hai Vong Dai, you need to trek along a flat trail of 1,5 kms,one of the easiest hiking trail in Bach Ma National Park. At Hai Vong Dai, if a nice weather , you can expect to have a great panoramic view of surrounding regions : stunning mountains & valley, scenic lagoons, Truoi lake, Hue City, Cau Hai fishing village, Lang Co Bay.. etc….

Hai Vong Lau Summit in Bach Ma

Hai Vong Lau Summit for the great view of Bach Ma national park

Discover the wildlife of Bach Ma forest.

A visit to Bach Ma woods will give you a priceless chance to see the valuable floras and faunas.The park has preserved more than 1400 species of plants which some rare ferns and orchids can be only founded here. In addition, more than a hundred kinds of mammals and reptiles are discovered in the national park, three of which (the Truong Son muntjac, the antelope-like saola,  and the giant muntjac) has recently appeared in Bach Ma rained forest. Moreover, primates are also said to living in the park. Especially one of them is red-shanked Douc Langur..

Wildlife in Bach Ma

Wildlife in Bach Ma garden

Pay a visit to Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

If you have more time and you can explore Truc Lam Zen Monastery on the foot of Bach Ma mountain ( another route from the main one).The pagoda is located on Linh Son Mountain surrounded by Truoi lake, so you have to take a boat to cross the lake in 15 minutes, admiring the majestic sight of a huge Shakyamuni Buddha statue with 24-meter high and 1.500-ton weigh sitting in a meditating posture.
After 172 steps of the three-level stair, visitors will reach the main gate of the monastery and have a beautiful view of surrounding regions. And what you can see there is the harmonious organized architecture works such as main temple, monk houses, bell tower and numerous types of rare plants grown by the monks here in the garden.

Truc Lam Pagoda- Bach Ma mountain

Truc Lam pagoda complex - Bach Ma garden

How to get to Bach Ma national garden ?

Bach Ma national park is a part of Truong Son mountain range, located between Hue (40km) & Da Nang city (60km).Trips to Hue ancient capital & Da Nang city, you can extend your journey to visit Bach Ma tropical forest and spend a day or two days exploring this garden.

If you love adventure & cost savings, you can rent a motorbike or catch a local bus to reach the gate of Bach Ma gardens, then trek 19km up or wait for a car transfer to the top points and explore its natural landscapes.

The gate to Bach Ma garden

The entrance to enter Bach Ma mountains

For your own flexibilty & comfort among your group, you can book a private tour to Bach Ma national park from Hue city or Da Nang city. With our experienced guide & private transfers, you will best explore this park in hidden trekking trails.Or if you would like to organise the trip on your own and would like to get a private car hire to Bach Ma national park from Hue city or Da Nang city with us ! Whatever you need : travel advice or sugguestion and travel services, feel free to drop us an email to contact us by +84.988451530 (viber, whatsapp, sms), our travel consultants will soon reply you back with useful travel information, travel itinerary or qoutation for your great adventure in Bach Ma mountains

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