Best time to visit top places in Northern Vietnam

Best time to visit top places in Northern Vietnam

You have a short holiday and would love to visit Vietnam? Though a vacation lasting for two or three weeks is enough to travel from the North to the South, it may be a rush.In stead, you can make the best use of your available time discovering the most highlighted places in the North.Therefore, the following writting about BEST TIME TO VISIT TOP PLACES IN THE NORTH OF VIETNAM could be good for your reference and go ahead to make your dream Vietnam trip come true.......

When is the best time to visit top highlighted places in the north of Vietnam?

Northern Vietnam is the most beautiful region in Vietnam with Hanoi - the capital of more than a thousand years old, Halong bay - the UNESCO's natural heritage and its further Northern Mountains of outstanding landscapes and cultural diversities. A journey to explore Northern Vietnam's top attractions will be worth to your choice and promise to bring you full of surprises & wonderful travel experiences. For the best exploration of Northern Vietnam, we must arrange our visit to each of these destinations at the right time. In this post, we would love to cover you about BEST TIME TO VISIT TOP TOURIST DESTINATIONS IN THE NORTHERN VIETNAM, let's have it reviewed for the details.....

01.Hanoi - the capital & the second largest city in Vietnam

Warmly welcome to Hanoi, Vietnam's economic, cultural & political center & "the city for peace" titled by UNESCO in 1999.Your trip to visit Northern Vietnam's highlights will start with Hanoi capital, where you can experience well-preserved French colonial architectures, wonderful lakes, ancient pagodas & unique museums within the city center. As the second largest city in Vietnam, the streets are full of motorbikes & cars, you may get socked with the traffic culture at first but no worry, it is fine & you will soon get used to it & find it interesting to stroll around Hanoi Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem lake & French Quarter. What exciting places to experience the mixture of ancient & modern achitectures; get to know locals' daily life, and taste countless yummy street foods.....

Tran Quoc pagoda - hanoi

When will be an ideal time to visit Hanoi? Like other destinations of Northern Vietnam, Hanoi experiences 4-season weather in a year as well.Each season in Hanoi has a unique beauty with characteristics, many specialties, and traditional festivals, so you can explore Hanoi any time of the year possible.However, the best time to visit Hanoi is said to be in the autumn (from August to October) when the weather is the most pleasant with temperature ranging from 25-28 degrees, cool climate, blue sky & rarely raining during this time.

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02.Halong bay - the Natural Wonder of the World

With-in 2.5 hour drive on Hanoi - Halong express, you can reach Halong bay, the land of decending dragons with thousands of limestone islands emerging gorgeously from emerald sea water - creating uniquely beautiful seascapes.Halong bay is a top must-see place in Vietnam, thus it is understandable that this bay witnesses an increasing number of travellers & becomes touristy year & year.We can not deny its wonderful beauty when spending nights on luxury cruise travelling deep inside the day with stops for sightseeings, kayaking, swimming & floating your wondeful nights admist the islands.There are 3 bays of the same seascapes in Halong bay's region : Halong bay, Bai Tu Long bay & Lan Ha bay that you can sort out & plan a great Halong bay journey for your family

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For your best exploration of Halong bay, it will be a must to plan the right time to go, right? If the weather is your major concern, then the best months to visit Halong Bay are March, April, September, and October.During these months, the pleasant temperature and low rainfall create favourable conditions to join a handful of water-based activities like kayaking, BBQ lunch, cruising, etc.

Halong bay - VN

03.Ninh Binh - the land of a UNESCO mixed cultural & natural heritage in Vietnam

Ninh Binh is only 100km from Hanoi and has become the most beloved place in Northern Vietnam thanks to its beautiful landscapes and historical value.If you are nature lovers interested in outdoor activities, Ninh Binh will surely delight your interest.You can take part in hiking & biking, homestaying & rowing boat rides along waterways to explore the hidden caves & admire verdant limestome outcrops in different sites in Ninh Binh such as Van Long nature reserve, Tam Coc rice fields, Thien Ha grottoes, Thung Nang valley....Among those, we recommend you a must-do boat ride in Trang An ecotourism complex, Vietnam's only cultural & natural world heritage recognized by UNESCO in 2014, where you can visit ancient pagodas, hidden caves, limestone mountains & King Kong village altogether.

Tam Coc rice field - Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh can be visited at any time of the year, however, for your best capture of scenic golden rice fields along waterways, surrounded by limestone mountains is between late April & early May.Tam Coc will be most beautiful with its floating rice fields on the poetic Ngo Dong river, stretching right under the limestone mountains. Plan your trip to Ninh Binh this time of year to feel like you’re floating through a paradise

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04.Sapa - the cloudy town of stunning scenery & rich local culture.

Would you love to experience the clouds fly around you? Let's plan your Northern Vietnam trip to Sapa, the most beautiful highland town in Northern Vietnam.As a hill station built in early 20th century for their hot summer escape, Sapa is really a tourist hub in Vietnam & a place can't be missed in your Vietnam travel plan. Most travellers love Sapa because of Sapa's pleasant climate; amazing trekking routes to captivate beautiful scenery of mountains, rice terraces, local villages & streams; and of course, Sapa's cultural diversity of ethnic groups.

With those strenths, Sapa also experience the big crowd normally, especially in hot summer time.Trip to Sapa, you should make sure to book the service of hotels & transportation in advance in case of no service availability.In the summer of high season ( between June & August),Sapa is a popular escape destination for domestic travellers, which may hamper the authentic and original experience of the town.

Sapa- o qui ho pass

For your more laid-back natural and rejuvenating holiday, March-May and September- November are the two recommended periods as the best time to visit Sapa.At these times, the weather is relatively stable with sunny days and cool nights.In the first period,the weather is very comfortable for outdoor trekking.It is dry, clear with warm sunshine. The view of Sapa’s terraces is at its best between September and October for your best Sapa experiences.

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05.Mu Cang Chai - the land of the most beautiful rice fields in the world.

Share the same mountain range with Sapa, Mu Cang Chai is located in the other side of Hoang Lien mountain & at the height of more than 1,000 metters above the sea level.Different from Sapa, Mu Cang Chai is an off-beaten-path destination featuring high mountains, deep valleys, rich cultures & its most outstanding rice terraces in the world that you can find here.Other than rice terraces, mountainscapes, trekking routes & local cultures have been beloved among the visitors when doing their trips to Mu Cang Chai with us in the last few years.

Mu Cang Chai landscapes

The villages & rice terraces are far up hills with treks

Mu Cang Chai sometimes experiences a number of constant landslides in rainy season between July & August, which may cause dangers & block the roads for a few days so it is good to plan your trip well with the right time & weather check. Best time for your stunning view of rice terraces in Mu cang Chai is late September & early October when the terraced rice fields change their colours from green to golden (harvest time) in their fullest beauty.What a better experience to join in a trekking tour which is well customized for your wonderful hikes along the hills filled with rice terraces, you can meet local tribes of H'mong doing farms or living in their remote hamlets scattered on far mountain sides.

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06.Ba Be lake - the largest natural lake in Vietnam

Ba Be lake
is an integral part of Ba Be national park, a top highlight in Bac Can province & a less touristic place in Northern Vietnam.Ba Be is the largest natural lake in Vietnam.At the height of 450m above the sea, covered in length of 8km with cave and underground stream system, Ba Be Lake has important values with distinctive geological landscapes, outstanding geomorphology, and wide range of biological diversity. A trip to Ba Be national park, you can cruise around the lake, enjoy tranquil landscapes, climb Dau Dang waterfall & Puong caves, trek in jungle routes & homestay in a local Tay family overviewing the lake.

Ba Be lake - Vietnam

Ba Be lake is an ideal place that you can enjoy different beauty at various times of the year. In the fall, from August to October, the weather is not too hot and the temperature falls between 25-27 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for trekking, bicycling and caving. This is also the time when the rice fields in Ba Be turn golden and are ready for harvest.You will be delighted watching this scene.Alternatively, you can visit Ba Be in the early months of the year to witness its unique, local traditional festive events like Long Tong festival, An Ma Temple festival, and Xuan Duong Love Market… Let’s join locals for a wonderful moment in Ba Be.

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07.Cao Bang - home to the most impressive waterfall & gorgeous mountainscapes in Vietnam.

You love to escape the crowd? Let's make an adventure to Cao Bang, a bordering province with China, 300 kms far from Hanoi.Cao Bang was ever a historical base of Vietnam's early revolution with high mountains, grottoes, lakes & hill tribes.Be the home to the most impressive waterfall in Vietnam ( Ban Gioc), Cao Bang is bursting with beautiful geo-cultural sites which are protected as UNESCO Global Geopark.With its extraordinary diversity, Cao Bang could be a spectacular place for you to explore in connection with Ba Be national park, Bac Son valley & Ha Giang...

Non Nuoc Cao Bang

Quay Son river & mountainscapes near Ban Gioc waterfall

It’s highly recommended to visit Cao Bang & Ban Gioc waterfall in the dry season, especially from September to October - the best time to visit Cao Bang. At this time, the waterfall is in more impressive beauty with the wonderful paddy fields in the golden harvest season.The picture of the powerful Ban Gioc Waterfall and the restful rice fields makes a perfect harmony nestled in the mountains.Conquering Ban Gioc Truc Lam pagoda surely worth your efforts and you can capture a wonderful captivation of Ban Gioc waterfall, emerald Quay Son river snaking along breathtaking mountains & golden rice terraces into your sight during the fall (September to October)

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08.Ha Giang - the "heaven on earth" in Vietnam

If anyone asks me where is the most beautiful in Vietnam, I will definitely reply Ha Giang, the northern most province in Vietnam.Far to reach from Hanoi in dangerous curving roads & high passes, Ha Giang is quite a less - touristy destination in Vietnam, where offers you spectacular views of marverlous Dong Van Geopark & stunning rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi.If you are skilful at driving motorbike, renting ones in Ha Giang city to conquer amazing high & winding passes & blow your minds with the heaven- on-earth beauty along Dong Van geopark.If you love adventure treks on the hidden trails along the forest, local hamlets & stepped rice fields, there are other places in Vietnam better than Hoang Su Phi and this adventure is not for anyone and should be well planned with a local travel expert so you can have a good support & lifetime experiences.

Ha Giang Pass

Ha Giang pass - Tham Ma

The time of dry season (between early October & April) is considered as the ideal & best time to visit Ha Giang destination.During these months, the weather is dry at moderate temperature ( October, November , March & April) but you may sometimes experience snowing in high mountains during January or February.

  • In early October, the most besutiful time for stunning landscapes stepped rice fields in their different golden layers down the valleys.
  • Between late October & early November, wonderful view of buckwheat flowers blooming everywhere in Ha Giang
  • December, the valleys & foot hills of Ha Giang are standing out with yellow carpets of the kale flowers blooming, so scenic for your wonderful pictures.
  • Between January & April”, Ha Giang landscapes are full of life with the sping’s flowers blooming & at its fullest beauty on March.

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09.Mai Chau - the land of scenic & rustic villages in Northwest Vietnam. 

You love to experience authentic & rural villages in Northern Vietnam? Let's dive into Mai Chau valley, a green flat land surrounded by mountains, where you can find many scenic villages of friendly local ethnics of Thai & Muong inhabit.Our guests shared their love to Mai Chau when hiking to remote hamlets, experiencing locals' simple life & taking part in traditional dances on certain Mai Chau trekking tours with us. Mai Chau is quite flat for biking if you are not interested in hiking.Besides homestaying options with local families, there are a few high-ending resorts for your leisure escapes if you love that way.

Mai Chau landscapes

Different with other mountainous regions, there are two rice crops ( March - May & September - November), also the ideal time to visit Mai Chau valley : the first one harvested in May & the second one cut in November. During those periods, the landscapes in Mai Chau become more vivid with golden rice fields backgrounded by high mountains - chances for wonderful photoes - especially captured from Thung Khe Pass or Chieu cave.

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10.Pu Luong Nature Reserve - the valley of pictureque waterwheels

In a 4 hour drive from Hanoi, Pu Luong is a spectacular nature reserve in Northern Vietnam with soaring limestone peaks, cascading waterfalls and deep green rice terraces dotted with ethnic Thai & Muong minority villages, who have inhabited in these parts for centuries. Pu Luong adventure in 2-3 days, it is interesting to join in scenic trekking routes along local villages to admire the mountainscapes and get to know local cultures.You can participate in rafting fun along streams & take pictures of waterwheels day & night feeding the water to the rice fields from the rivers.

Pu Luong nature reserve

Just be next to Mai Chau valley, local people in Pu Luong could plan two crops of rice in a year as well.Best times to visit are spring (March - May) or autumn (September to November), you can enjoy the pleasant time of good weather & best admiration of mountains, waterfalls, golden rice terraces & rustic villages in the region !

Northern Vietnam Exploration with Golden Holiday Travel

Hopefully, the above writting of BEST TIME TO VISIT TOP PLACES IN NORTHERN VIETNAM will be great of use for your references and plan well for your coming trip to explore the best of Northern Vietnam. Feel free to drop us emails if you need travel supports or local consultancy to or whatsapp us +84.988451530 (whatsapp, viber), our travel experts will soon support you back with useful suggestions & consultancy.

See you in Hanoi, Vietnam !

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