Delving into Vietnamese Military History: A Half-Day Hanoi Exploration

Are you curious about the tales of Vietnam's recent wars and eager to delve deeper into its history during your upcoming trip to Hanoi? Join us on a half-day trip through Hanoi to visit the war relics, delve into stories of resilience, and get to know more about the historical significance that defines this remarkable country - Vietnam.
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Half- Day Hanoi For Your Great Insight of Vietnam's Military Heritage

Vietnam, often known as the land of wars, holds a rich and heroic history that has left an indelible mark on the nation. Despite its heart-broken past, Vietnam defeated all invading wars victoriously, a testament to the bravery of its people and the power of its military. This half-day tour is meticulously crafted for those eager to delve into the depths of Vietnam's military history.

Throughout the journey, you will gain insights into important moments of resilience, listening to the narratives of notable battles against the enemies. The tour will enrich you more about Vietnam's military heritage, the brilliant minds of Vietnamese leaders, their army strategies & arts reflected throughout history.

Bullets & weapons to fight against B52

By delving into military strategy, arts & the brave spirit of patriots, you will have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese pride toward their military history. This experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with the nation's past, appreciating the bravery and intellectual that shaped Vietnam.

Take part in this interesting half-day Hanoi tour to uncover the layers of Vietnam's military heritage, celebrating the victories that have contributed to the country's enduring pride.

Hanoi Museum of Army

Special Highlights of this Half Day Hanoi Trip

  • Immerse yourself in the interesting exhibits at the Military History Museum, featuring compelling photos and war remnants that provide a profound insight into Vietnam's history, particularly its conflicts.
  • Visit the iconic Hanoi Flag Tower adjacent to the Military History Museum, discovering the significance of this revered symbol and its role in the country's heritage
  • Uncover Hoa Lo prison's poignant history, famously known as the "Hanoi Hilton," which once held American prisoners including Senator John McCain and Pete Peterson
  • Explore the B-52 Victory Museum, showcasing relics of the B-52 and highlighting its pivotal role in the American war
  • Witness the remnants of a B-52 bomber in the serene B-52 Lake, a poignant reminder of historical events in 1972
  • Take a relaxed walking tour to delve into Long Bien bridge's wartime significance, gaining insights into its historical role

Long Bien French Bridge Hanoi

French Long bien bridge over Red River

B52 Lake Hanoi

Huu Tiep lake of B52 aircraft

B52 Museum Hanoi

B52 Victory Museum Hanoi

Travel Itinerary : Half-Day Exploration of Vietnam's Military History in Hanoi

Trip duration: 4-5 hours

Available in both morning and afternoon sessions.

This tour is not available on Mondays and Fridays due to the closure of the Military History and B-52 Victory Museums

8:00 AM/ 13:30 PM - Hotel Pickup

Your exploration begins with a convenient pickup from your hotel, setting the stage for an interesting delve into the historical chapters of Vietnam.

Start your journey by visiting the Military History Museum, a collection of stunning photos and war remnants that provide an initial glimpse into Vietnam's rich military history. Adjacent to this, explore the Hanoi Flag Tower, discovering why it stands as one of the most revered symbols in the country.

military museum Hanoi

Venture to the B-52 Victory Museum, showcasing relics of the formidable B-52s, a pivotal aircraft in the American war. En route, witness the remnants of a B-52 bomber in a small lake, which contains the wreckage of a B52 shot down over Hanoi in 1972, now fondly known as B-52 Lake

Proceed to Hoa Lo Prison, historically utilized by French rulers for political detainees and later by the North Vietnamese government for war prisoners. Known as the "Hanoi Hilton," this site held prominent figures such as Senator John McCain and Pete Peterson......

Hoa Lo prison Hanoi

Conclude your journey with a visit to the Long Bien Bridge (originally Doumer Bridge), constructed in 1902 by Gustave Eiffel's company. Uncover the bridge's wartime significance through a leisurely walking tour, gaining insights into its role during periods of conflict.

After the trip, you can stay around Hanoi Old Quarter or our guide will drop you back to your hotel.

Price: Call.
Single supplement: usd.

The cost of your journey is subject to change based on the number of individuals in your group, departure dates, and the availability of ground services. Kindly complete the contact form linked below, providing the necessary details, and allow us to furnish you with a personalized quote within 24 hours!

Number of Travelers & Price Qoutation

  • 2 persons: $55 per person
  • 3-5 persons: $42 per person
  • 6-8 persons: $ 36 per person
  • 9 persons up: $30 per person

If these options do not align with your preferences, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are ready to assist you in tailoring this trip to meet your specific requirements and ensuring you receive the most competitive pricing, considering your travel dates and unique touring preferences.

The trip includes :

  • Private car with driver as per program, pick up and drop off at hotel
  • Entrance sightseeing fees of mentioned visiting places
  • English speaking guide
  • A bottle of water/ pax/ journey (on car)

The trip excludes :

  • Tips to tourguide & driver ( suggesting 5-7usd/ trip, 8-10usd/trip)
  • Travel Insuarance
  • Drinks, personal expenses and other not mentioned above..............
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