Don Cao Fortress - the ideal hiking spot for breathtaking landscapes of  Dong Van Geopark

Don Cao Fortress - the ideal hiking spot for breathtaking landscapes of Dong Van Geopark

Are you planning a trip to Ha Giang? For a healthy trek and a great parnorama of Dong Van Geopark, Don Cao French Fortress should be in your top list of things to do in Ha Giang.Let's come and admire this beautyspot with us to Ha Giang.......

Don Cao Fortress- the ideal viewpoint for a great parnorama of mountain & valley landscapes in Dong Van Geopark.

A remote Ha Giang province awakens the traveler’s sense by her untouched landscapes of rocky mountains & deep valleys, and by her friendly local ethnics.Travel to Dong Van district in Ha Giang, it is a must to admire the gorgeous Ma Pi Leng Pass, H'Mong King’s ancient Palace, Lung Cu flag tower, but it will be a big miss if you do not conquer & explore Don Cao French Fortress for the a great parnoramic view & historical insights of this region.

Fortress of Don Cao - Dong Van

The top point of Don Cao Obervation tower

The fortress was named Don Cao ( high fortress) because it is located in the top point of a high mountain in Dong Van town.After the complete occupation of Ha Giang in 1887,the French built up this fortress with two storeys in 1925 as the observation tower to the surrounding region and as a strong fortress to defense their safety when facing any military challenges. (From 1903 - 1905, the French army has been repeatedly attacked by the local forces under the leadership of H'Mongese ethnics in Dong Van region)

Don Cao Trenches

Inner Don Cao bunker

The bunker is wide with many niches, the upper floor has a large yard and view points. The wall was built of stones with the average height of 6-10m and thickness of 80cm with many loopholes covered by reddish limestone roofs.

There are 97 stone steps constructed along the wall. The two southern corners have two block houses.Due to the war & time past, the walls have been damaged and the fortress was completely broken down, just left ruined walls. In 2013, this French bunker has been restored on its original shape, but mainly at the basement and communication trenches.

Don Cao view -

Don Cao Fortress- a nice spot for beautiful photos

At the height of 1,200 metters compared to the sea level, when being in Dong Van ancient town, travellers can easily conquer this army base for a healthy hike and wonderful captivation of spectacular mountains, rice field valleys & Dong Van town. The trail is quite steep with some steps but no safety fence along so you should slowly hike up & down and be careful.Choose the time of clear weather, it will be worth doing this trek in your trip to Ha Giang.

Trails up to Don Cao army base

Winding & steep trail up to Don Cao military base

More photos of Don Cao fortress exploration from our recent Ha Giang adventure

Mountain view

Mountain landscape on the way to the fortress

mountain view from Don Cao

Mountain views on a blue sky day at the fortress

Dong Van Geopark

Global Dong Van Geopark - rocky mountains

the view of Dong Van town

Rice filed valley & Dong Van town

Don Cao photo in a recent inspection trip

Recent Inspection trip to Dong Van Geopark

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