Entrance Tickets to sightsee Ninh Binh attractions

Entrance Tickets to sightsee Ninh Binh attractions

Are you planning a trip to Ninh Binh? You would love to visit some of Ninh Binh sightseeing places & its entrance tickets to enter? Have this article read for the details and plan well for your Ninh Binh trip ahead.....

Sightseeing entrance fees to visit Ninh Binh's attractions : the newest updates in 2020.

Ninh Binh is one of a must-visited destination in the north of Vietnam.This land has been bestowed with a lot of potentials to develop its tourist industry and attracted an increasing number of travellers in recent years. Ninh Binh has its beautiful limestone mountains setting on land, it is good to take part in boat rides or biking trips to admire these mountainscapes.If you love the history or religion, you are doing the right choice to visit Ninh Binh as well.

As a tour operator, we did share a lot about this land : its details about different sightseeing places, how to get to Ninh Binh, top places to sightsee in Ninh Binh....Many travellers sometimes ask us about entrance sightseeing fees to visit some of Ninh Binh attractions.In this blog, we will update you the newest information of entrance tickets to visit Ninh Binh's attractions in details, hopefully, it can be supportive for your self-planning trip & budget preparation before travelling to Ninh Binh.

1.Hoa Lu ancient capital  :

  •  20,000 vnd (equal 1 USD)/one adult/one time.

2.Trang An Ecotourism Complex.

Entrance & boat ride fees altogether :

  • 200,000vnd ( equal 10usd)/ one adult ( 4 people/ 1 boat).
  • 100,000vnd ( equal 5usd)/ a child under 1 metter tall.

Notes : If you have 2 people and would love to get a private boat, then you need to pay for 4 tickets (800,00 vnd/ 1 boat).

3. Bai Dinh Pagoda.

The entrance sightseeing fee is free to Bai Dinh pagoda. You need to walk from the gate to Pagoda (1,5km).However, if you love to get to the pagoda faster, you can catch the electrical car service.

  • The electrical car ticket  : 30,000vnd (equal 1,5usd)/person/one way & 60,000vnd ( equal 3usd/person/two ways.

In Pagoda complex, there is a very high tower, you can reach its top by a lift for a great panoramic view of surrounding landscapes & you need to pay some fees for this service.

  • Entrance to get to Bai Dinh tower (good view of surrounding region) : 50,000vnd (equal 2.5usd) / person.

4. Van Long nature reserve.

  • Boat fees & entrance ticket together :  80,000vnd ( equal 4usd)/person ( at least 2 people/1 boat).

5. Sightseeing fees to Mua cave.

  • 100,000vnd ( equal 5usd)/ person/one time.

6. Tam Coc boat ride & its entrance fees.

  • Altogether : 195,000vnd ( equal 10usd)/ person ( two adults/ on boat)

7.Thung Nang boat ride & its sightseeing tickets.

  • Altogether : 70,000 vnd ( equal 3.5usd)/person ( two adults/one boat)

8. Bich Dong Pagoda.

  • Free of charge.

9. Thien Ha boat trip & entrance fees.

  • Altogether : 120,000vnd (equal 6usd)/ person ( 4 people/ 1 boat).

10. Thung Nham's bird garden : entrance ticket & boat rides :

  • Entrance sightseeing fee : 100,000vnd ( equal 5usd)/ person.

Extra payment if you love to do boat ride to explore But cave or Pagoda cave.

  • Pagoda cave boat ride fee : 30,000vnd ( equal 1.5usd)/person ( 4 people/ one boat)

For Bird Garden, you can do walking to the hidden corner inside the garden & admire the birds ( already charged in the entrance tickets).However, you may love to do the boat ride to reach the Bird Garden, then the fees will be applied as follow.

  • 30,000 vdn (equal 1.5usd/person ( 4-6 people/one boat)

11. Phat Diem Cathedral.

  • Free of charge.

12. Entrance tickets to Cuc Phuong national park.

  • 60,000vnd ( equal 3usd)/person

Above are popular places in Ninh Binh, travellers often hang on when paying a visit to Ninh Binh. In Ninh Binh, you can do a day trip from Hanoi and visit 2-3 places above. If you love to cover all of those tourist sites, it can take you 3- 4 day exploration.Arm yourselves with the updated entrance tickets to visit Ninh's attractions, you can make the plan to do trip on your own or join in daily Ninh Binh Tours popularly operated from Hanoi. If you love to do it on your own and would love to get a car rental with driver Hanoi to Ninh Binh, feel free to ask us for useful suggestion of travel itinerary or qoutation !

Enjoy your trip in Ninh Binh !

Golden Holiday Travel team

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