Exploring Ba Kien House: A Glimpse into A Rich Cultural Heritage in Ha Nam

Exploring Ba Kien House: A Glimpse into A Rich Cultural Heritage in Ha Nam

Are you considering a journey to Northern Vietnam and eager to delve deeper into local cultures, ancient architecture, and tranquil villages in the Red River Delta? Join us on a trip to Ha Nam and discover the over 100-year-old home of Ba Kien, a character vividly brought to life by the late writer Nam Cao in his masterpiece "Chí Phèo"......

Ba Kien House, a Typical Traditional Dwelling Among Vietnamese in Red River Delta Region

Travelers heading to Ha Nam should make sure to include a visit to Ba Kien's house in their itinerary, as it serves as the real-life backdrop to a renowned literary work by Nam Cao. This dwelling is a great example for the traditional architecture of Vietnamese families in the Red River region, offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Northern Vietnam. Over time, the house has taken on an ancient, mysterious charm, yet it still holds many appealing "secrets" for visitors to uncover during their visit.

ba kien nha

1. Where is Ba Kien's House situated?

Ba Kien's House is located in Vu Dai village, now part of the area of Hamlet 11, Nhan Hau Commune, Hoa Hau Commune, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam. You can easily locate it on Google Maps. The house occupies a plot of land spanning 900m2.

Who is Ba Kien? This question often arises among those unfamiliar with the works of Vietnam's famous writer, Nam Cao. Ba Kien, a real-life figure, served as the inspiration for the character of the same name in Nam Cao's renowned short story, "Chi Pheo," which holds significant literary acclaim among generations of Vietnamese students. If you're curious about the location of Vu Dai village, it is essentially the prototype for Dai Hoang village, the birthplace of Nam Cao. Consequently, this village frequently features in his literary works.

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For those embarking on a one-day tour of Ha Nam, a visit to Ba Kien's Home is highly recommended. Here, you can experience firsthand the authentic setting and details depicted in the legendary literary works.

2. History of Ba Kien's Ancient House

The house of Ba Kien stands as a testament to traditional architecture of Northern Vietnamese Family, boasting three compartments crafted from ironwood, symbolizing its former grandeur in the region

This ancient dwelling has witnessed the passage of seven owners. Initially erected by Mr. Cuu Hanh, a prominent merchant of the area. Following his passing, ownership transitioned to Mr. Xam, also known as Tran Duy Xam, Cuu Hanh's son. Subsequently, the house passed to Cuu Cat, Mr. Xam's son. However, Cuu Cat was a gambling enthusiast and often borrowed money from Ba Binh (the original inspiration for the character of Ba Kien in Nam Cao's literature). At that time, Ba Binh was a well-known official in the region, and he eventually bought the house & converted it into a temple.

Nha ba kien

Upon Ba Binh's passing, the property fell into the hands of his son, Tran Duy Tao, known as Binh Tao. However, Binh Tao's reckless behavior and vices often led him to pawn off the house, eventually selling it to Mr. Cai Hau for 4,500 dong, a significant sum equivalent to about 20 gold bars at the time.

The lineage continued as Mr. Tran Huu Hoa, the grandson of Mr. Cai Hau, became the subsequent inheritor of the building. However, in 2007, recognizing its historical significance, the Provincial People's Committee of Ha Nam made the decision to acquire the house for 700 million VND, preserving it as a valuable historical relic.

house bakien

Despite changing hands over the years, Ba Kien cottage maintains its original ancient architecture, serving as a captivating attraction for tourists doing trips to Ha Nam.

3. The Enduring Values ​​of Ba Kien House

3.1. Reflect on Vietnam's History of the 1940s as Portrayed in Nam Cao's Story

Ba Kien's House, as vividly depicted in the works of Nam Cao, serves as a poignant reflection of Vietnam's tumultuous history during the 1940s as every detail of this house depicts a part of history.This era, marked by the struggles for independence from French colonial rule and the onset of significant socio-political upheavals, is reflected through Nam Cao's characters and settings, offering visitors, especially Vietnamese, an intimate feelings of the old times & its related history.

3.2. A Typical Heritage of Traditional Vietnamese House in Red River Region

Ba Kien home is an ancient house, showcasing the typical features of traditional Vietnamese houses in the Red River Delta region, including a garden, kitchen, well, and pond.

altar in Ba Kien home

This house consists of three compartments, with the central one serving as the ancestral altar. Inside, there are four rows of columns, totaling 16 precious ironwood columns. Each column's base is set on stone blocks - a detail that exhibits meticulous craftsmanship.The roof is covered with traditional ceramic tiles, with both ends of the ridge designed with intricate finials. As a result, despite being over 100 years old, the house shows no signs of decay

decoration Ba Kien

The primary material used in constructing this house is ironwood. Additionally, upon closer inspection, one can observe carvings of dragons and Confucian characters on the beams & rafters....

4. Travel Tips for Visiting Ba Kien ancient house in Ha Nam

Ba Kien dwelling is one of the fascinating attractions in Ha Nam. Therefore, when visiting here, tourists should take note of the following information:

  • Choose appropriate attire, neat and formal, for the visit. If visiting during noon, it's advisable to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.
  • Do not climb or move household items within the house without permission
  • If you enjoy literary or historical stories, you may bring a camera to capture the architectural details of this house
  • Surrounding this tourist spot, there are also places selling Ha Nam specialties such as Ngu bananas, mountain snails, Ca Kho Vu Dai ( a special fish dish in Vu Dai village...) You can check the prices beforehand and purchase them as souvenirs after your trip
  • In Ha Nam, tourists can also visit many famous destinations such as Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda, Tam Truc Pagoda, and Bat Canh Son Pagoda......, you can put them into your short list while travelling to Ha Nam, Vietnam

Ha Nam attraction customized trips

Hopefully, the insights shared in this blog about Ba Kien ancient house will enrich your understanding of Ha Nam's rural villages. At Golden Holiday Travel, a local tour operator, we specialize in crafting tailored trips to explore Vietnam's lesser-known destinations, including day trips to Ha Nam's attractions and private car rentals from Hanoi to Ha Nam. Over the years, we've had the pleasure of assisting countless travelers, ensuring their experiences in Ha Nam are truly memorable.

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