Golden Holiday Travel Solutions to Covid 19 in 2020 & years to come

Golden Holiday Travel Solutions to Covid 19 in 2020 & years to come

The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the globe has caused significant damage to several industries, including tourism, which has been one of the hardest hit.Many travel firms closed their business, people in travel industry had to change their career.....Really hard we must say for us as well.Below are the measures Golden Holiday Travel are doing to survive our business in 2020 & years to come....

Covid 19 Pandemic, a deadly threat to the global health & economy

Outburst in China in early 2020,the COVID-19 pandemic has hit all corners of the world, challenged governments to act promptly in controlling the spread of the pandemic.Like most countries, Vietnam has also been suffering the devastating impacts on health, economy and society over the months and years to come.

Vietnam's solutions to fight against the pandemic

Health declaration in Hanoi airport

In order to fight against the outbreak, Vietnamese government have strongly put many effective measures into operation since the first cases were detected in Vietnam in Jan 2020, during 2020 & up to now.Such solutions including enforcing border closure, entry ban, isolation and quarantine; improving health care capacity; information campaigns to increase the public awearness of the epidemic... are systematically put into effects during 2020 to achieve Vietnam's twin goals of containing the Covid-19 pandemic and reviving the economy.Thanks to those drastical measures, Vietnam could therefore reduce the adverse impacts of the pandemic and still get its GDP growth at 2.91% in 2020.Though the lowest growth rate in the past decade, it was considered a success since it was among the world’s highest.

Golden Holiday Travel's response to Covid 19 in 2020, a year of struggles to survive.

The first wave of pandemic on 23th Jan 2020 & under the control on 25th Feb 2020 with 16 cases, no death.

At this time of last year (January 2020), we were quite hectec with travel business operating trips for foreign clients doing trips to Vietnam, we could not even arrange time for Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration with family.Suddenly, some new cases of Covid 19 infected from China were reported in Hanoi, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh city on 23th Jan 20.

Isolation camp in Vietnam

With experiences in fighting against SARS disease in 2003, Vietnam enforced at once many synchronous solutions such as strict contact tracing of infections ( Fo to F3), self- isolations at home or medical quarantines of 14 days at camps, restrictions on mass gatherings & festivals; social distancing, lockdowns of affected areas; the closure on non-essential business, school/workplace & public transport; compulsory mask wearings; hand wash, health status declaration.....Additionally, penalties of violations of COVID-19 prevention and control policies were imposed including not wearing masks in public places, concealing health status, opening non-essential businesses, gathering of more than 10 people, spreading ‘fake news’ and others.Together, provide free treatments for the Covid 19 patients & financial support for the people in quarantine camps...

Recovered patients from Covid 19

Recovered patients after treatment

After a month, the first wave were successfully controlled and Vietnam was totally back to its normal state again.At this stage, the global outbreak was taken place mainly in China, Korea, Thai Lan so Vietnam made its decision not to get flights from those countries, which meant clients from other nations would be normally operated to Vietnam.

We continued updating the news and informed our clients about Vietnam's situation.If they would love to continue their trips, we will operate the service as their booked Vietnam travel itineraries.If not, we would transfer their deposit for their future trips to Vietnam; or we could refund their deposit if they requested for.This principle has become an additional part of our terms & conditions applied for any travellers booking Vietnam travel service with us now.For us, clients' safety & their enjoyment is our top care & attention.

Some families from Asia cancelled their trips and had their deposit refunded, other groups from Europe continued their booked journeys till 6th March 20 when the second wave was reported in Vietnam.

Mu Cang Chai tour

Trips to Mu Cang Chai with a family from Italy

The second wave of Covid 19 in Vietnam from 6th March to 21th April 2020 : 252 active cases & no death recorded.

The pandemic made its viral spead to different continents and caused many deaths globally.Many countries closed their borders and suspended their tourism industry.

Not long was the normal state applied in Vietnam, the second wave of Covid 19 came back on 6th March 2020 with more & more new cases, whose reason was said to be infected by international travel activity.Together with other mentioned solutions done before, Vietnam decided to apply its border closure & entry ban - suspending international travel operations temporarily to prevent the disease from spreading.

Travel ban in March 2020 in Vietnam

Border closure applied in Vietnam in March 2020

Like other travel companies, Golden Holiday Travel could not do anything but obey the government's rules.We updated our clients about Vietnam's new policies on tourism, refunded them, transfered their trips to another time frames as well as supported the customers who were doing their vacations with us in Vietnam to change their flight schedules back to their own countries as soon as possible.

The second wave took us more than a month to control and Vietnam was back to normal state on 21th April 2020.Businesses, schools & domestic travel were allowed to operate as usual again except for international tour operation.

As an inbound travel company, Golden Holiday Travel mainly focus on tour operation for foreign travellers doing their trips to Vietnam ( not domestic tour operation) so when the government suspended the international travel restrictions, our business fell into sleep immediately without any service operation : drivers & their cars had no clients to serve so they were parked lines in the car parks, tourguides & other office staffs were facing the same state as well....The company got no income at all but tons of expences needed covering daily.

meeting to decide how to continue with the comapny

Meeting to decide how to run the company in Covid 19

An important meeting was organized among the core founders to decide how our business will be going on, the future situations of Covid 19 and our short/long-termed solutions.

We all came to an agreement that Covid 19 would last long and make the devastating impacts to the global health & economy, international travel could not be reopened in a near future, we consider this time as a good pause to replan the company's future with new objectives & things to do in 2020-2021

Targets to achieve

Golden Holiday Travel solutions to Covid 19 in 2020 & years to come

1.Sort out the potentials we have strengths for and could develop in the future, set them up & take actions to make it happen.

- Operate tours for Vietnamese to visit Vietnam's popular destinations with promotion packages, marketing & sales strategies for their coming summer holidays ( in June, July & August)

- Promote Vietnam's key farming products such as passion fruits & avocados for exportation to Europe & United States in cooperation with our local farmers in Central Vietnam..Together, choose a good place between Halong Bay & Ninh Binh for setting up an organic farm to produce clean & fresh vegetables for Hanoi market.Possibly use this location for the future to build up an eco-tourism site with farming & local culture experiences as well as overnights for coming travellers who would love to have a travel break between Ninh Binh & Halong bay.

Ecotourism Farm VN

Organic farms & farming travle experiences for travellers

- Jump into English Training & Education field and provide the solutions for Vietnamese who would love to improve their English leanrning skills ( English for communication in tourism field with real life tours)

2. Survive the company & jump over the pandemic by cutting down the expences & making use of investment effectiveness.

- Sell a number of properties which could not operate due to the pandemic to cut down at once the expences of maintainance, wages, tax, interest rates.

- Close the branched offices in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa & Siem Riep.

- Keep the core team of management, marketing, sale, IT & some drivers with 20% - 40 % salary reductions ( up to the positions)  while we made hard decisions to terminate the labor contracts with other staffs ( drivers, guides, office staffs...) if they do not love to go along with our new objectives & salary policy.

Staff reudtions

3. Renovate the company's operation by applying new automation technology in management, marketing & sales.

We have been motivated with the operation of automation software and chosen it for our bussiness in 2019 for a few months though not being well operated as our intention.Covid 19 gave us the time to make it more effective with checked steps to run according to our process firstly applied for tourism fields, then will be broadened to other fields ( domestic travel, argriculture & education for marketing & sales).

- Set up different landing pages for various products with lead magnets for catching leads, front products, main products & back- ending products.

- Prepare available marketing materials for different maketting & sales processes ( loi, cuon, hut, bien, toa).

- Advertise the landing pages to the targetted traffic on facebook, youtube & google; and get the right leads in intended marketing & sales steps ( remember, money is on your list)

- Get our owned leads for our future marketting & sales campages by email, sms or messinger markettings.

- In all, make the marketing, sales & management process run automatically basing on our wished purposes.

Marketing & sale automation

The achievements Golden Holiday Travel got in 2020.

In 2020, Vietnam was happy to contain the pandemic successfully eventhough a few waves of Covid 19 came back in late July, December 2020.In this normal state, Golden Holiday Travel could partly carry out its mentioned targets : signing some contracts from EU for the fruit exportations, effectively cutting down the cost of the company's operation, trial steps for marketting & sales automation process, operating with English training center, certifying the farming area for organic farms, operating a number of trips for Vietnamese & foreign expats living in Vietnam.

Passion fruits farms

Passion fruit farms in Central Vietnam

2020 was considered as the transition & learning experience year with investments in new fields, we positively confirmed our survival despite no profits and enlighted us up with our inspring missions in coming years to conquer & accomplish.

A new year is coming in a few hours, I have some moments to look at all the challenges we faced and decisions we made for our coming years.The year 2021 will be another year of hardship for people & business because the epidemic is still not in control, therefore, Golden Holiday Travel team will have to try its best, take its continuous actions & unite ourselves to jump over the challenges with long- termed vision & belief that we could do it for better year 2021.

Happy New Year 2021

On behalf of Golden Holiday Travel, I would love to wish you all : our clients, our partners & our dedicated team A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 with GOOD HEALTH, GOOD WEALTH & HAPPINESS !

Stay in safe & hope to see you soon on your trips exploring Vietnam

Ban Vu Dinh

Need local support, please, let us know!

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