Golden Holiday Travel, the tour operator of your choice to explore Vietnam in 2021

Golden Holiday Travel, the tour operator of your choice to explore Vietnam in 2021

Like most of tour operators worldwide, Golden Holiday Travel is also badly affected by Covid 19 with the question of "Closure or Survival". We have overcome 2020 with strong belief and new targets to achieve, and make our efforts to be the tour operator of your choice to explore Vietnam's amazing landscapes in years to come.....

Vietnam Tourism in 2020, a year of many challenges & hardship caused by Covid 19.

Entering 2020, Vietnam tourism has gained an impressive growth, welcoming roughly 2 million foreign visitors in January, up 32.8% over the same period in 2019. Everything suddenly changed when Vietnam reported the first cases of Covid 19 on 23th Jan 2020

Being threatened by the fast spreading outbreak, on 1st April 2020, Vietnam applied the lockdowns of the whole society, stopping all international air routes with other countries. Domestic tourism and attractions are closed, and residents are told not to leave their homes when there is no urgent need.

Golden Holiday Travel clients

Halong bay day cruise to visit Halong bay with client from Bangladesh

Tourism is the most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the government's strong measures & actions in fighting against the outbreaks time after time, Vietnam is one of the most successful countries that has been containing the pandemic very well, but the country has not re-opened for tourists yet. As a result, Vietnam travel industry is facing the most difficult time. Many tour operators suspended operations, hotels closed, airlines asked for government's rescue packages...

Golden Holiday Travel's solutions to Covid 19 in 2020 & years to come.

Golden Holiday Travel is a local inbound tour operator in Vietnam, founded since 2012, expert in organising private Vietnam tour packages for international tourists with the number of happy clients increasing yearly.However, when Covid 19 made its deadly impacts globally, we have no income and not possible to support all staff. Few left the companies to find a new job and Golden Holiday Travel suspended its operation for 2 months from April to May, 2020.

Hanoi Tour package for a family from Malaysia

Street food tour for a family from Malaysia

However, Golden Holiday Travel has come back, survived its business & conquered new objectives in the time to come

Our founder of Golden Holiday Travel - Mr Ban Vu Dinh is a responsible, quick-minded and active person. Thanks to Ban, we come back to office with new objectives to conquer. "It is time to change our mind & take stronger action to develop in the time to come" said Ban

From June, 2020, instead of being malfunctioned,Golden Holiday Travel has decided to renovate its management, sales & marketing technology, found our opportunities in domestic tourism (Vietnamese tourists), and gained some good results in this new product & market thanks to our hard work and "reliable brand of Golden Holiday Travel".

Together, we partly cooperated with local farmers in Central Vietnam & built our own organic farms to promote exportations of certain farming products as avocado & passion fruits to EU & US markets.

Also, we branched out to English training & education center for Vietnamese people who love to better their English fluency in communication & working in tourism fields.

Ban Gioc waterfall - Vietnam

Ban Gioc waterfall exploration with Thai Lan family

Golden Holiday Travel are confident & positive about the future ahead.

Vaccines are on the ways!

At the time of writing, more than 107 million people infected with Covid 19 in the world, of which more than 2.3 million people died, WHO expressed their concern when fast-spreading variants made its faster contagion globally.The great news is Vacccines are on the way and Vietnam also expect to have our own vacccines in 5-6 months.

The future of Vietnam tourism

Vietnam is still one of the hottest destination to visit when Covid is over. Vietnam is simply the safest and most beautiful countries. Howver, things have changed and Vietnam tourism needs renewing by updating the world travel trends, more interesting and suitable products to meet customers' needs.

Dong van Geopark - Ha Giang

Dong van Geopark from Don Cao fortress - Ha Giang

What will Golden Holiday Travel do?

1 - Golden Holiday Travel is specialized in personalized holidays in Vietnam. We will of course continue our super support to plan a great Vietnam holiday that suits our customers' personal interests, concerns and budget.

2 - Select "beautiful, green and least - visited destinations" to include in our Vietnam tour packages. Keep our customers safe, away from the crowds. Same idea with choosing hotels.

3 - Tour itinerary must be arranged as flexible as possible so that our customers can make changes and adjust it to enjoy specious time after Covid.

4 - Flexibility in Booking Policies, Last minutes booking, Cancellation and Refund: Golden Holiday Travel will accept smaller amount of deposit and fully refund if Golden Holiday Travel is not charged by the third parties such as hotels, airlines, etc.. Last minutes booking is warmly welcomed.

5 - Tour prices will be very affordable because Golden Holiday Travel is offered best prices of hotels, cruises, domestic air tickets. We also offer discounts on tour packages such as big group tour, family trips.

6 - Keep up with our excellent services, train our staff to a new level to better serve our customers.

Hanoi cyclo tour

Tour Hanoi package with a family from Belgium

Vietnam Exploration with Golden Holiday Travel in 2021

We are still here, not killed by Covid and always available at your requests.If you are planning your Vietnam Holiday in 2021- 2022, fill free to drop us our email to or whatsapp us at +84.988451530, our travel experts will soon reply your back & support you with your travel need & consultancy.

See you in Vietnam !

Golden Holiday Travel Team 

Need local support, please, let us know!

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