Great impression on the beauty of Northern Mountain Vietnam

Great impression on the beauty of Northern Mountain Vietnam

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? You would love to explore the off-the-beaten & beautiful places in Vietnam? Northwest & Northeast Loops Vietnam are the regions you should think about and well plan in advance for your real trip of great adventure & memory. Let's have this blog of our real adventures read for the details : travel itinerary, travel time & fun activities you may love to experience..........

Northeast & Northwest Vietnam Mountain : my life-time of memorable adventure

Northeast & Northwest Vietnam Vietnam are featured by high mountains & deep valleys,and the living places of many ethnic groups in Vietnam.Far to reach from Hanoi and in hard road condition with countless winding & steep passes, so these regions are less frequently visited among travellers. Travelling to Northern Mountain Vietnam, you can expect to explore untouchedly natural landscapes of magnificient mountains, stunning rice terraces & beautiful waterfalls; also to get chances to interact with friendly local ethnics of rich culture & customs for your best photography & memorable travel experiences.

Sapa adventure to Tram Ton Pass

The beautiful landscape of Tram Ton Heaven Gate in Hoang Lien mountain ranges

We have just come back from 14 day exploration to Northwest & Northeast Mountain Vietnam.We chose to do this expedition at the end of September because the climate is cooler in the fall and it is also the time we could get the best view of rice terraces in Vietnam’s northern highlands.Indeed, we had a lucky adventure with beautiful weather, therefore had a great time exploring Northeast & Northwest Loop Vietnam.Feeling so impressed with beautiful landscapes & rich cultures of these regions, we would love to share you in this writting day by day travel experiences & demonstrated photos so you can have a great outlook of these off-the-beaten tracks that Vietnam can offer you.

View from Ban Luoc homestay

Morning sunrise in Ban Luoc bangalow

Day by day travel experiences in our recent adventure to Northeast & Northwest Mountain Vietnam.

Day 1.Hanoi - Pu Luong nature reserve, hiking in Ban Cong commune.Overnight in Pu Luong retreat.

Driving journey :200km in 5,5 hour drive.

Travel funs & activities :

  • Beautiful view of mountain background in Ba Vi & Cuc Phuong national park while driving.
  • Trek in Ban Cong commune, experience Black Thai’s daily life and captivate uniquely awesome waterwheels which have been used by Black Thai to get the river water to feed up their rice fields or for the family’s daily usage.
  • Retreat ourselves with a tranquil night in Pu Luong retreat which offer an open panorama to the rice-terraced fields & mountains.

Pu Luong waterwheels i Ban Cong village

System of waterwheels in Ban Cong villages

Pu Luong retreat

The view from Pu Luong retreat bungalow

Day 2.Trek down Ban Don village - drive to Mai Hich commune (Mai Chau).Overnight in Mai Chau villa.

Driving journey Pu Luong - Mai Chau valley : 70km in 1,5 hour drive.

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Experience the pristinely green rice terraces with a morning trek down Don village, then up to the mountain where we can captivate the parnoramic view of surrounding villages, green valleys & gorgeous mountains.
  • Lunch of local dishes prepared by local Thai family in less touristic Mai Hich commune of Mai Chau valley.
  • Another hike in Mai Hich village in the hidden corner of Mai Chau valley : so peaceful & pristine with the green landscapes of mountains, forest & ricefields.A really good chance to interact with local white Thai and get to know more about their daily life.
  • Overnight in a quiet resort - Mai Chau villa setting near the big lake & local village.

Rice terraces in Ban Don - Pu Luong

 Don village rice terraces - Pu Luong nature reserve

Mountain view from the trek

Trek across the mountain & have a great view of the valley in Ban Don village

For the short vacation to visit only Mai Chau & Pu Luong nature reserve, you can have the following trips reviewed for reference:

1. Mai Chau valley - Pu Luong nature reserve Escape 4 days.

2. Mai Chau Valley - Pu Luong nature reserve Trekking Tour 3 days.

3. Pu Luong nature reserve trekking tour 2 days

Day 3.Scenic drive Mai Chau valley acrossing Son La province to Mu Cang Chai.Overnight in Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge.

Driving journey Mai Chau valley to Mu Cang Chai : 320km in 8 hour drive.

Travel funs & experiences:

  • A long drive past the spectacular mountainscapes of Northwest Mountain up & down Mai Chau valley passing Son La city to Mu Cang Chai.
  • Beautiful capture of stunning rice terraces & lake view in Ngoc Chien area.
  • Overnight in a quiet resort - Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge setting on the hill top viewing down the stream & rice terraces.

Mai Hich village - Mai Chau

Pristine Mai Chau valley

Sun setting in Mai Chau valley

Sun setting down on Northwest Mountain

Day 4. Mu Cang Chai trek to visit La Pan Tan, Mam Xoi & Cu Che Nha rice terraces.Overnight in Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge.

Driving journey within Mu Cang Chai area : 100km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Being immensed to the most amazing rice terraces in Vietnam, especially its great beauty of Mu Cang Chai’s rice terraces when it changes the colors from the green to the yellow showing its fullest beauty.
  • Long treks on non- touristy routes to have great shots of rice terraces in La Pan Tan, Mam Xoi & Cu Che Nha communes.
  • Also chances to interact with H'Mong & Thai doing the farmwork or living scatteredly in the mountainsides.
  • Overnight in a quiet resort - Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge setting on the hill top viewing down the stream & rice terraces.

Rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai

Layers of rice terraces in La Pan Tan village - Mu Canng Chai

Black Hmong in La Pan Tan

Local Balck Hmong in Mu Cang Chai

Please, read the best time to visit Mu Cang Chai before making a trip there.

Day 5. Mu Cang Chai - Ban Bo waterwheels- Tram Ton Pass- Silver Waterfall - Fansipan mount - Sapa.Overnight in Aira Boutique Sapa.

Driving journey Mu Cang Chai - Sapa : 180km in 4.5 hour drive.

Travel funs & experiences:

  • More exposal to the stunning Hoang Lien mountain ranges : picturesque photos in Tram Ton Heaven Gate & conquering Fansipan peak- the roof of Indochina by cable car : clear & blue sky so really nice pictures we had.
  • Experience massive system of water wheels in Ban Bo village ( Tam Duong, Lai Chau) en route.
  • Overnight in a beautiful hotel - Aira Boutique Hotel, overviewing to Fansipan mountain & Muong Hoa valley.

Rice harvest in Lai Chau

Local H'Mong harvest the rice in group

Ban Bo waterwheels

Picturesque waterwheel in Ban Bo - Lai Chau

For the shorter trips to explore Mu Cang Chai or Sapa - Mu Cang Chau area from Hanoi, you can put the following trips into consideration :

1. Mu Cang Chai Trekking Tour 3 days.

2. Intensive Mu Cang Chai trekking tour 4 days

3. Sapa - Mu Cang Chai Exploration 4 days

Day 6. Sapa- Can Cau market- Luoc village.Homestay in Ban Luoc village (Hoang Su Phi)

Driving journey Sapa - Can Cau market - Luoc village in Hoang Su Phi - 230km.

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Attending a remote & authentic hilltribe market in Si Ma Cai district - Lao Cai ( Can Cau market) : really good experience of local cultures & exciting captures of different ethic groups in their uniquely colorful dresses.
  • Travel along Chinese border road route viewing magnificient mountains Si Ma Cai - Hoang Su Phi.
  • Overnight in a family homestay by Black Dzao Ethnic, a really special location on the high mountains in Ban Luoc commune - beautiful capture of sunrise & sunsetting with clouds flying around the mountains & valleys - so impressive & nice travel experiences.
  • Local food prepared by local family is also another experience : drinking rice wine & talk with them.

Tram Ton heaven gate

Tram Ton heaven gate - Sapa

Can Cau market - sapa

Authentic Can Cau market

Day 7.Trekking in Luoc village - Nam Hong hamlet.Overnight in Hoang Su Phi bungalow.

Driving journey within Hoang Su Phi : 100km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Compared with Mu Cang Chai, rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi are also so beautiful & legendary.Treks in Luoc commune along buffalo trails on mountainsides are great journey to admire the impressive beauty of Hoang Su Phi rice terraces.
  • Overnight in a picturesque bungalow- Hoang Su Phi bungalows setting on the hill top viewing down the rice terraces.
  • Really a good chance to interact with local Red Dzao family, drinking with them in dinner time.

beautiful view from Ban Luoc homestay

The view from Ban Luoc homestay

Ban Luoc rice terraces

Ban Luoc rice terraces

For the single trips to explore Bac Ha region & Hoang Su Phi area, you can put those adventures into account :

1.Sapa-Bac Ha market - Hoang Su Phi Trek 4 days.

2.Hoang Su Phi Adventure Trek 4 days

3.Thac Ba lake - Hoang Su Phi Trek 4 days

4.Impressive Ha Giang Adventure to Dong Van Geopark & Hoang Su Phi rice terraces

Day 8.Trekking in Nam Hong & Nam Ai commune - drive to Ha Giang city.Overnight in Truong Xuan Resort.

Driving journey Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang City : 120km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Awesome views of rice terraces & mountains while doing morning treks in Nam Hong & Nam Ai commune.
  • Also chances to interact with Red Dzao Ethnic doing the farmwork or living scatteredly in the mountain slopes
  • Overnight in a quiet resort - Truong Xuan resort, overviewing a tranquil lake in Ha Giang city

nam Ai rice terraces

Rice terraces in Nam Hong commune

Truong Xuan resort

Mountain & lake view in Truong Xuan resort

Day 9.Dong Van Geopark exploration to Quan Ba heaven gate, Yen Minh Pine forest, Lung Cam village, Vuong house.Overnight in Dong Van Resort.

Driving journey Ha Giang along Dong Van Geopark : 160km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Scenic drive along gorgeous Dong Van Geopark of outstanding limestone mountains with stops to visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Quan Ba Twin Mountain, Yen Minh Pine Forest, Lung Cam village of H'Mong & Vuong Palace of special achitecture ( exploring Top attractions in Ha Giang)
  • Experience the most winding & steep loop in Northeast Vietnam
  • Overnight in a tranquil resort - Dong Van resort on back corner, near the rice field in Dong Van town.

Quan Ba heaven gate

Heaven gate Quan Ba - Ha Giang

Dong Van geopark

Dong Van Geopark - Ha Giang

Day 10.Dong Van town visit to Don Cao peak, Ma Pi Leng Pass.Overnight in Meo Vac town.

Driving journey within Dong Van Geopark : visit Dong van ancient town, Don Cao Bunker, Ma Pi Leng Pass & Nho Que river  : 100km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • A nice walk along Dong Van ancient town to experience many old-architectured house of Black Hmong.
  • A panoramic view of Dong Van town & its green valley when trekking up to Don Cao French Bunker.
  • Breathtaking view of Ma Pi Leng Pass - one of the most imposing & challenging pass in Vietnam.The place offers you outstanding mountainscapes & peaceful Nho Que river.

Ma Pi Leng Pass- ha Giang

Ma Pi Leng Pass - Ha Giang

Please, read Best Time to visit Ha Giang and get those trips referenced for your coming Ha Giang adventure :

1. Essential Ha Giang Adventure 5 days

Day 11.Meo Vac driving pass Cao Bang city to Ban Gioc waterfall.Overnight in Sai Gon- Ban Gioc waterfall.

Driving journey Meo Vac to Ban Gioc waterfall : 280km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Today is another day travelling along Dong Van Geopark to reach Cao Bang province - the land of Vietnam’s starting point revolution for fighting against the French in the 1940s.
  • Admire Ban Gioc waterfall- the most beautiful one in Vietnam at sunsetting time for your great shots of your life.
  • Overnight in a quiet resort - Sai Gon Ban Gioc resort setting at the entrance of the fall.

The view from Don cao

The view from Don Cao bunker - Dong Van town

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass view

Day 12.Ban Goc waterfall visit, Ban Gioc Truc Lam Pagoda & Nguom Ngao grotto - Lang Son city.Overnight in Muong Thanh hotel.

Driving journey Ban Gioc - Lang Son city: 200km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Beautiful to catch the sight of Ban Goc waterfall in the sunrising time.
  • Parnoramic capture of Ban Gioc waterfall when hiking up to Ban Gioc - Truc Lam Pagoda
  • Explore beautiful grotto of Nguom Ngao near Ban Gioc waterall.
  • Driving past historic places of Dong Khe - That Khe during French war to Lang Son city - near Chinese border.

Mountain landscapes in Cao Bang

Cao Bang - Ban Gioc mountain view

Ban Gioc waterfall

Sun setting & view of Ban Gioc waterfall

You can have these following short trip to explore Northeast Mountain Vietnam read for the details if you only want to cover this part :

1.Highlighted Northeast Vietnam Adventure 8 days

2.Northeast Vietnam Tour to Bac Son Valley, Ba Be lake & Ban Gioc waterfall 5 days

3.Unvail the hidden gems of Bac Son valley - Ba Be lake 3 days

Day 13.Lang Son - Bai Tu Long bay.Overnight in 5***** Victory Star Cruise.

Driving journey Lang Son city - Bai Tu Long bay: 200km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • Down the scenic mountains to the sea and have a beautiful visit to Bai Tu Long bay - the UNESCO heritage on a 5***** Victory Star Cruise.
  • Immense ourselves to less touristic Bai Tu Long bay of scenic limestone pillars on emerald sea waters, take part in rowing boat ride in Vung Vieng village to experience the life of local fishermen in Bai Tu Long bay.
  • Taste delicious meals of sea food dishes on cruise & have a unforgetable night on cruise in the middle of exotic Bai Tu Long bay.

bai Tu Long bay - Vietnam

Bai Tu Long Bay

Day 14.Bai Tu Long bay exploration - Hanoi city

Driving journey Bai Tu Long bay - Hanoi: 170km

Travel funs & experiences:

  • More cruising along Bai Tu Long bay & explore Thien Canh Son cave on mountain top which offered us a beautiful captivation of Bai Tu Long bay.
  • Journey back to Hanoi along the Red River Delta

Beach  in Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long bay beach

Explore Northern Mountain Vietnam with Golden Holiday Travel.

As a local tour operator, we constantly do the inspection trip to make sure the beautiful sceneries & good services that we are going to supply to our clients.Above is 14 day trip inspection we did in recent September to Northeast & Northwest Mountain Vietnam, we did share our day by day travel activities with illustrated photos so you can have some ideas of those off-the- beaten regions. Hope that it could be a good reference in your coming trip to Vietnam. In need of travel support : local consultancy, travel service of Vietnam adventure tours or private car hire to visit those areas of Vietnam, feel free to drop us an email to or contact us at +84.988451530 (whatsapp), our travel experts will soon reply you back with useful suggestions & consultancy for your trip of memorable travel experiences.

See you in your coming vacations to Vietnam

Golden Holiday Travel Team

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