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Ha Giang - The Land of Breathtaking Landscapes

Ha Giang is a remote province in the northern mountain region of Vietnam, offers her spectacular landscapes of rocky mountains & deep valleys along UNESCO Dong Van Geopark stretching between Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Dong Van & Lung Cu districts ; her alluring rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi district; and her interesting & rich cultures of local hill tribes living scatteredly in the region.Until now, trips to Ha Giang are still lesser known among international tourists travelling to Vietnam due to its far location to reach from Hanoi in steep & winding road condition.Therefore, it is a less frequent travel destination in Vietnam and good for the ones who would like to explore untouched natural scenery, take part in non-touristic treks and experience authentic local cultures when hiking past their villages or homestaying in their home.

Ma Pi Leng Pass - ha Giang

Are you finding the best tour for you through Ha Giang in Northern Vietnam?.These Ha Giang tour packages are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel to the northeastern provinces of Vietnam. Discover more of the local culture on an in-depth experience that can show you every aspect of the countryside, its beautiful rice terraced fields of Hoang Su Phi, spectacular Ma Pi Leng Pass, friendly indigenous tribe, from food, lifestyle, to hidden trekking routes. All of our Ha Giang & Vietnam guided tours are completely customizable and you can ask your travel consultant to change anything on the schedule if you have a particular preference!

Get inspired with our Best Tailor-Made Private Ha Giang Tours below. Don't forget we can tailor-make itineraries or design new Ha Giang tour package to suit your travel interest

Best Ha Giang Tour Package to uncover the beauty of Ha Giang province

Dong Van Geopark Exploration Tour
Ready to experience the beauty of Ha Giang without the hassle of motorbike travel? Golden Holiday Travel invites you to explore the renowned Ha Giang Loop in comfort and style. Travel by private car with a knowledgeable tour guide for an unforgettable journey through the wonders of Dong Van Global Geopark....
Book Now From: Call 4 days/3 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Impressive Ha Giang Adventure : gorgeous landscapes of mountains & rice terraces
Planning a getaway to Vietnam and eager to stay away from touristic places? If you’re drawn to breathtaking natural landscapes and have a passion for trekking or hiking, we’ve got the perfect adventure for you.Consider escaping to the remote Ha Giang province with our Impressive Ha Giang Adventure—a 6-day/5-night journey starting from Hanoi city. Let's dive into the details...
Book Now From: Call 6 days/5 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Thac Ba lake - Hoang Su Phi Trekking Tour
Are you nature lovers & photo enthusiast? Boat ride in Thac Ba lake & Hoang Su Phi Treks will be your right choice to capture Thac Ba lake's scenic landscapes & breathtaking Hoang Su Phi mountainscapes & its famous stepped rice fields. Let's join us in Thac Ba lake - Hoang Su Phi Trek for memorable travel experiences.
Book Now From: Call 4 days/3 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Hoang Su Phi Adventure with off-beaten-path treks & homestay
Are you interested in natural landscapes & outdoor activities of long treks on off-the-beaten-track trails? Would you like to experience the local hilltribes' daily life & their unique cultures in the rustic & rural villages? This 4 day Hoang Su Phi adventure trek could awaken your travel sense & conquer yourselves on amazing treks to explore Hoang Su Phi's outstanding beauty & peaceful local hamlets.......
Book Now From: Call 4 days/3 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Hoang Su Phi - Bac Ha Market- Sapa trekking tour package 4 days
You are planning an adventure trip to Vietnam? You would like to have real touch of local cultures and explore primitive landscapes of great beauty? This adventure trek with homestay in local families may interest you to explore untouched Hoang Su Phi areas, authentic local tribal Bac Ha market & welknown Sapa.Let's have this " 4 day Hoang Su Phi- Bac Ha market - Sapa Trekking Trip reviewed for the details and plan your special adventure with us ..... !!!
Book Now From: Call 4 days/ 3 nights - private tour from Hanoi
Essential Ha Giang Tour
Would you like the sense of adventure with beautiful landscape exploration? Ha Giang with its mountainous topography & many high passes promises you with many great adventure experiences to explore the highlighted attractions of this highlands. Let's come to explore Ha Giang's beauty with 5 day Essential Ha Giang Tour !!!
Book Now From: Call 5 days / 4 nights - private tour
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Ha Giang Travel Guide Information

Ha Giang's location is in the far north and contains the northernmost point of Vietnam

In 2018, Ha Giang has a population of nearly 853,000 and ethnic minority groups made up 90% of the total figure

Ha Giang shares over the 270km long border with Yunnan province of China so as a traveller, you will need to buy a permit which costs $10 for travelling the remote areas

Dry Season (October to April) and Wet season (May to September)

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geo-Park of Ha Giang has been recognized as a member of the Global Network of National Geoparks. Cultural richness has been reflected through the culture of 17 ethnic minority groups: Mong, Dao, Lo Lo, Tay, Nung, etc

Top things to do in Ha Giang, Vietnam

1. Mind-blowing with so many winding passes & spectacular landscapes in Gong Van Geopark

If you are nature-lovers and have the soul of adventurers, you will definitely fall in love with the outstanding natural beauty of Ha Giang which has been stood out thanks to plenty of breathtaking winding mighty mountain roads. Travelling roads in Ha Giang will be one of your unforgettable moments especially Tham Ma Pass and the winding Happiness Road. In the case you're an inexperienced driver, you might want to consider travelling Ha Giang on a private car or simply getting a driver to be on the safe side.

2.Visit Mansion of Vuong Family

The Vuong Family Palace (another name: The H'Mong King's Palace) is well known as a gem and an important historical palace of northern mountainous Vietnam. Standing at the front door, this property seems like a masterpiece of special architecture style which took nearly 10 years of construction to finish. This special style is blended harmony between China reign of Thanh and essence of the H'Mong since it was built by the best workers of H'Mong ethnic group along with some skilful craftsmen from China (Yunnan city).

Vuong House

3. Conquer The Northernmost Point of Vietnam - Lung Cu Flagpole

If you are going to travel Ha Giang, Lung Cu flagpole is an attraction that you should not miss to immerse in the remarkable landscapes and also catch a glimpse of the diverse groups of an ethnic community. This flag tower is also an important destination which inspires a deep sense of pride in Vietnamese as it marks the country's extreme north. From a distance, Lung Cu looks like a small point with the large red flag flying above Dragon Mountain surrounding by the imposing view, and when approaching, its beauty is even more vivid. 

Lung Cu Flag pole

4. Soak Up The Culture In Dong Van Sunday Market

One of the must-do things to do in Dong Van is to visit the fair market that is held on every Sunday. Occupied at Dong Van Old Quarter, the market is a delightful highlight which turn the highland town vibrant and exciting from 5am to 10am every Sunday morning.
The ethnic people, including Hmong, Tay, Nung and Hoa ethnic minorities stay true to their identity and tradition by dressing with their finest costumes to attend the weekly fair market. The event is a chance for local people to purchase their tribal goods, self-grown li, socialize, and eat good foods. It’s a very local, friendly atmosphere and you’ll find yourself enjoying the market in no time. So why not set your alarm and wake up earlier to join the one of the most important fair markets in North Vietnam? You won’t be disappointed.

Dong Van Market

5. Admire Outstanding Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the 4 greats passes in Northern Mountainous Vietnam which is famous for its breathtaking beauty (some travellers have called it as the King of the Vietnamese mountain passes). It is also one of the most difficult passes to build with nearly 11 years by many workers who worked truly hard to finish. In a sunny day, you will witness the stunning scenery along the mountainside which will be one of your unforgettable moment and even in the windy and misty day, you still feel its beauty with the mysterious flavour by plenty of mighty mountains.

6. Boat on Nho Que River - Tu San Canyon

If you haven't heard of Tu San yet, it is regarded as the deepest Canyon in Southeast Asia which is located in Meo Vac (a part of Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark) along the Nho Que River. Standing at the viewpoint on the Ma Pi Leng Pass, you will see Tu San is the most sought canyon in Ha Giang by travellers to photograph. Taking a boat along the emerald and pristine Nho Que River which is an ideal for the once-in-a-lifetime boating trip will bewitch you from the very first sight by its magnificent landscape.

Tu San - Ha Giang

Best Time To Visit Ha Giang, Vietnam

The perfect time to travel Ha Giang is the dry season which lasts from October till April (especially the April month has a traditional Love Market which you will definitely love to see). Please be aware during the rainy season, landslides on the roads frequently happen and easily lead to accidents so May to September might not the best season to travel there. Read more......

Ha Giang landscapes

Ha Giang Tour Packages with Golden Holiday Travel.

Ha Giang tour packages are our collection of typical customized travel itineraries to explore Ha Giang's top attractions.The trips are departing from Hanoi in 3 - 8 day duration to off-beaten-path Hoang Su Phi or in connection to admire magnificient rocky landscapes in UNESCO Dong Van Geopark, also in connected travel itineraries to visit Sapa- Bac Ha region or Ban Gioc waterfall (the most impressive one in Vietnam) in Cao Bang province or Ba Be lake ( the biggest fresh water one in Vietnam's mountainous region).

Those pre-designed packages are only operated in private tours.The price depends on the group size, travel service of overnighting in local families or in hotels.Please, have our Ha Giang adventure packages reviewed for the details, choose the one of your interest and submit your request to our website.Our travel experts will soon reply you back and make the right qoutation for your chosen journey.

Customized Vietnam trip

In case, those travel packages do not meet your expectation and you would like to have a customized travel journey suitable to your group, feel free to drop us an email ( to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com) telling us your travel needs, the activities you'd love to participate in, we will tailor-made your expected travel program for your best exploration of the region.

See you in a trip to Ha Giang from Hanoi with us !

Golden Holiday Travel Team !