Halong Bay Cruises

Halong bay is the best attraction in Vietnam, famous for its beautiful setting of thousands of limestone islands on emerald sea water. The best way to enjoy this bay's natural scenery is to spend your nights on Halong Bay Cruises.

Cruise in Halong bay

Boarding an overnight Halong bay cruise, you will travel intensively into the bay for more immensely stunning view of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay & Cat Ba island.Moreover, on overnight cruises,you can enjoy many interesting activities such as relaxing, sunbathing on the cruise's spacious sundeck, kayaking to discover the hidden caves or along isolated islands on the bay, swimming on pristine beaches, jumping from the boat to sea water to refesh yourselves, visiting remote floating villages to understand about the fisherman's cultures & their hard life on sea, hiking to conquer the peaks or explore the caves on certain spots of the bay. Besides, you will taste delicious meals of fresh sea foods along your Halong bay journey ( from the set menu to the a-la-carte options depending on the star level of Halong bay cruises).

Aspira Cruise Halong bay

Rooms or cabins on the cruise are nicely designed with private bathrooms and air-conditioning like a floating hotel, the cabin's prices are ranging from budget, deluxe to very luxury ones up to your choices.

Travelling to Halong bay, it is popular that travellers do 2 day/1 night or 3 day/ 2 night programs or even more nights on board carefully designed with exciting travel routes each day to explore Halong bay, Bai Tu Long bay or Catba island....for your unique experiences of Halong bay exploration.

Best Selected Cruises for our Halong Bay Tours

Bhaya Classic Cruise 3 Days
3 days/ 2nights on 5 star luxury Bhaya Classic Cruise offers you great chances to explore impressive seascapes of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay with stunning view of limestone islands, white sand beaches & remote floating villages; to take part in such interesting activities as kayaking, swimming, trekking to discover the caves....
Book Now From: Call 3 days / 2 nights On 5 star luxury cruise
Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong Bay 2 Days
Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong bay 2 days/ 1 night offers you the comfortable,luxury and hospitable service with interesting activites to explore the unique landscapes of Halong Bay.
Book Now From: Call 2 day/1 night on 5 star luxury cruise
Victory Cruise 3 Days
Halong Bay 3 day trip on Victory Cruise offers you more exposure to impressive nature of Bai Tu Long Bay by rowing boat to visiting Vung Vieng remote floating village, swimming on derserted beaches or kayaking to explore tunels or caves where we could not reach by cruise.Let's come and experience
Book Now From: Call 3 days / 2 nights on 4 star luxury cruise
Victory Cruise 2 Days
Victory Cruise 2 days offer us with professional & luxury 4 star service to less crowded area of Bai Tu Long Bay where we can enjoy wild natures of limestone islands, beaches & floating villages on emerald sea water. Surely it will be your lifetime experiences on our new world wonder Halong Bay
Book Now From: Call 2 days /1 night on 4 star cruise
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 Halong bay cruises with Malaysia Group

Halong photos with family from Singapore

Halong bay exploration with Golden Holiday Travel.

Spending nights on a cruise is the best way to discover beautiful landscapes of Halong bay, Bai Tu Long Bay & Lan Ha Bay. As a local licensed tour operator in Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel has a strong partnership with different cruise companies, the good contracted rates we can get and we are confident to provide you with the best deals for Halong bay cruises.There are different cruise standards, you can choose for your wonderful Halong bay journey, from superior cruises, deluxe cruises to luxury cruises.While on a superior cruise ( 2-3 *** one) with budget price and standard service, you are supposed to visit more popularly touristic routes in Halong Bay.The deluxe or luxury cruises ( 4-5***** one) are more boutique & beautiful in designs, the travel routes are typically selected to explore the less frequently visited area with untouched natural seascapes of Bai Tu Long bay or Lan Ha bay with more interesting activities, the rates are surely higher but promise your Halong bay journey of unforgetable impression.

Halong Bay Cruises1

Halong bay landscapes from the cruise

Golden Holiday Travel do careful inspections regularly to select the best cruises Halong bay ever with excellent services and good values to bring their beloved clients.Our utmost expectation is that you, our customers will have your wonderful holidays, enjoy the best of Halong bay beauty and come back home with unforgetable memory of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Please, take a view of our Halong bay cruises that we offer in our websites.If you have any questions about any cruise services, about Halong bay or other cruises which are not listed here,please drop us an email to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com or viber us at +84.988451530, we will process your resquest and feedback you as soon as possible. We wish you an enjoyable trip in Halong bay, Vietnam.

More photos of Halong bay's beauty

Halong bay cruise -the view from the cave

Halong bay cruise-the view from the cave

Halong bay beauty

Kayaking n Halong bay cruise

Halong bay cruises to admire its scenic landscapes

Halong bay view from Halong bay cruise

Halong bay cruise - Vietnam

Swimming & playing on beach of Halong bay

Halong bay sunset

The view of Halong bay from Ti Top islands