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Halong Bay - Legendary Descending Dragon Bay

Situated on the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay - one of the World's New7Wonders of Nature is the perfect blend of aesthetic, geological and geomorphologic values. Experienced at least 500 million years in many different geological states, Halong Bay now is well-known as the paradise of sea and islands with thousand of lime-stone mountains and islets in various sizes and shapes. Furthermore, this is also a wonderful destination for cruising, kayaking and enjoying tropical charming beaches.

Coming to Halong Bay, one of the world's natural heritages and also among seven natural wonders, soon you will notice taking part in a Halong Bay cruise is the best way to completely explore the stunning beauty of this destination. The feeling of cruising through around 3,000 thousand islets of Halong Bay is definitely a fantastic experience to every tourist.

Aspira Cruise Halong bay

Let's smooth your full-of-stress mind by letting the business days behind with the best services in our most luxurious cruises in the World Heritage site of Halong Bay. Stepping foot on one of the most exquisite vessels your vacation truly starts with world-class services, extraordinary travel itineraries, state-of-the-art amenities and high-end dishes, all of its finest. Take a look at best luxury cruises list below and relish the holiday of a lifetime with luxurious vacations.

Best Selected Halong Bay Cruises for your Halong Bay Exploration

La Regina Royal Cruise - a journey to explore the world-famed Halong bay
Are you planning a trip to our world-famed Halong bay? You love to explore the top attractions of Halong bay : Sung Sot cave, Ti Top Island, Luon cave... , and have a wonderful time in Halong bay? Let's review La Regina Royal Cruise's travel itinerary, its luxury service & choose it for your unforgetable journey to explore Halong bay's beauty......
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Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong Bay 2 Days
Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong bay 2 days/ 1 night offers you the comfortable,luxury and hospitable service with interesting activites to explore the unique landscapes of Halong Bay.
Book Now From: Call 2 day/1 night on 5 star luxury cruise
Victory Star Cruise - Embrace the Beauty of Halong Bay on a Traditional & Luxury Junk
Are you planning a trip to Halong bay ? You would love to explore Halong bay's beauty in a luxury & traditional cruise? Let's go ahead with 5* Victory Star Cruise & discover the essence of Halong Bay with our curated itineraries and personalized services for your great time in Halong bay - Vietnam....
Book Now From: Call 2-3 days - Boarding at Sunworld International Harbour (Halong city) on 5* luxury cruise
Victory Cruise - the Ultimate Journey to Uncover the Beauty of Halong Bay
Embark on a journey of luxury and discovery with Victory Cruise in Halong Bay. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, explore hidden caves, and indulge in unparalleled comfort aboard our traditional Vietnamese junks. Discover the essence of Halong Bay with our curated itineraries and personalized service. Book your unforgettable cruise experience today!
Book Now From: Call 2-3 days - Boarding at Ha Long International Harbour on 4* luxury cruise
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Halong Travel Guide Information

Location: Halong Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin belonged in Quang Ninh Province to the Northeast of Vietnam, which is around 165 km from Ha Noi.

One of UNESCO World Heritages in Vietnam.

One of the World’s New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Area: approximately 1,553 km2 (600.00 sq miles) including 1969 islets and islands which is diversed in shape and size, while the central area of World Heritage Site stretches for around 334 km2 (167 sq miles).

Annual Average Temperature varies from 15 °C- 28 °C, depending on each season all year round, warmer in winter and cooler in summer when compared with the mainland.

There are around 1,500 people living in Halong Bay, mainly in four fishing villages as fishermen on floating houses.

Oustanding features: spectacular seascape, diverse karst formation, Halong Bay Cruises, natural caves, seafood, floating fishing villages.

Top Things To Do In Halong bay, Vietnam

1. Halong bay Sightseeing

Halong Bay is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam due to its distinctive natural beauty of mighty limestone islets floating in the middle of the sea, which imposingly stretches until the skyline. Your Halong Bay trip will be incomplete if you don’t have any sightseeing experience here. Halong Bay’s scenery itself has been very special, but it would be much more special if you have a chance to witness stunning sunrise/sunset amid magnificent seascape. Regardless of which location you choose to admire Halong Bay’s beauty: from a mountain peak, from a hotel balcony, from the overseas cable car, from the beach or even from the cruise, Halong Bay definitely blows your mind away with its spectacular scenery.

Halong bay sightseeing

2. Take a cruise, the best way to admire Halong bay's beauty.

Halong's sea & limestone pillars includes three adjacent bays : Halong bay, Bai Tu Long bay and Lan Ha bay.In general, these three bays all share the same geographical and geomorphological features. They all have limestone pillars, karst caves and grottos, and turquoise water.With its off-shored landscapes, the best way to immense the bay's beauty is from the water on a day cruise or overnight Halong bay junks, gliding along the tiny islands and towering limestone cliffs scattered on the ocean, stopping between for the cave exploration, kayaking to the hidden corner of the bay, swimming on the pristine beaches.For more sightseeing & activities to take on the bay, it is highly recommended that you should go on a 2 day Halong bay cruise, spend your ultimate night on a luxury cruise, taste mouth - watering dishes of local sea foods, and feel truly beauty of Halong bay. That is surely the best things to do in Halong bay

Halong bay cruise

3. Join interesting outdoor activities and enjoy Halong Bay Seafood

Anyone looking for an adventure at Halong Bay might consider joining outdoor fascinating activities such as kayaking, swimming, hiking and cycling on islands, etc. Overnight cruises in Halong Bay could offer you almost all, depending on which package with the itinerary you choose. After full of energetic recreation, you must be very hungry, aren’t you? It’s time to enjoy nutritious seafood which can make up your lost energy. With an abundant source of fresh seafood, Halong Bay specialities which come from the sea could well-treat your empty stomach for sure. Travelling to Halong Bay without feasting seafood would be a huge regret. Don’t miss out!

Halong bay kayaking

4. Explore beautiful caves in Halong Bay

Want to explore the cave in Halong Bay? Halong bay is home to plentiful stunning caves & grottos hidden among Halong's limstone mountains. The must-see caves in Halong bay can't be missed in Halong bay are Thien Cung Cave – one of the most massive in Ha Long’s cave systems with three ponds offering in-depth adventures, Sung Sot Cave – a highlight of Halong Bay sightseeing with a steep pathway to hike up for spectacular views, Dau Go Grotto – a beautiful cave with a maximum height of 25 meters, Virgin Cave – a mysterious cave with the legend of a young woman trapped in an unhappy marriage, and Hospital Cave – an underground cave once used as a secret hospital during the Vietnam War. On a cruise excursion to Halong bay, you can visit among these grottos and feast your eye on the magnificent gifts of Mother Nature

cave exploration in Halong bay

5. Visit Halong City – an emerging tourist attraction

If Halong Bay has become well-known so far, Halong City, the whole mainland to the west of Halong Bay, where Halong Bay is belonged to, is an emerging tourist attraction to many foreign tourists in recent years. Basically depended on coal mining and domestic tourist before, Halong City now is turning out to be one of the symbol cities of tourism development in the North of Vietnam. Making use of the huge advantage from nature and domestic tourism industry before, Halong City now is more well-known too for foreign visitors for great accommodations and various kind of recreation here. Nowadays people visit Halong for not only Halong Bay and overnight cruises but also appealing city as well.

Halong city view & things to do

6. Behold Halong bay's aerial view from a sea plane or helicopter.

A not-to-be-missed experience to do in Halong bay is beholding Halong bay's aerial views from a sea plane or helicopter.You can do this fast transfer service by flight with Hai Au carrier from Hanoi, it is great to get access to Halong bay faster & feast your eyes on facstinating captivation of Red River Delta & Halong bay.

Provided exclusively by Hai Au Aviation, the cost of a scenic flight in Halong is 99 USD per person (15 minutes) while a round trip between Hanoi and Halong costs from 400 USD. Despite the high fare, many travelers desire to try out the Halong seaplane ride at least once due to its unique experiences, professional services, and magnificent views.

 Halong bay view from a seaplane

Best Time To Visit Halong Bay, Vietnam

The best time to visit Halong Bay is from February to May or from mid-September to December, the weather during these times is pretty pleasant and dry, not too hot and not too cold. The clear sky makes it very easy to witness the beauty of Halong Bay from a far distance. Sunshine duration per day is relatively long and it enables you to enjoy all activities while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be, regardless of you’re on land or on a Halong Bay cruise.

Halong bay Cruise with Golden Holiday Travel.

As a local licensed tour operator in Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel has a strong partnership with different cruise companies, the good contracted rates we can get and we are confident to provide you with the best deals for Halong bay cruises.There are different cruise standards, you can choose for your wonderful Halong bay journey, from superior cruises, deluxe cruises to luxury cruises.While on a superior cruise ( 2-3 *** one) with budget price and standard service, you are supposed to visit more popularly touristic routes in Halong Bay.The deluxe or luxury cruises ( 4-5***** one) are more boutique & beautiful in designs, the travel routes are typically selected to explore the less frequently visited area with untouched natural seascapes of Bai Tu Long bay or Lan Ha bay with more interesting activities, the rates are surely higher but promise your Halong bay journey of unforgetable impression.

Customize Vietnam Tour

Golden Holiday Travel do careful inspections regularly to select the best cruises Halong bay ever with excellent services and good values to bring their beloved clients.Our utmost expectation is that you, our customers will have your wonderful holidays, enjoy the best of Halong bay beauty and come back home with unforgetable memory of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Please, take a view of our Halong bay cruises that we offer in our websites.If you have any questions about any cruise services, about Halong bay or other cruises which are not listed here,please drop us an email to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com or viber us at +84.988451530, we will process your resquest and feedback you as soon as possible. We wish you an enjoyable trip in Halong bay, Vietnam.