Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour

Are you ready to taste the best street food in Hanoi? Get your taste buds dancing during the most delicious Hanoi food tour! Together with your foodie insider, enjoy 10 delicious tastings, and food memories to last you a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Tasty local food awaits!
From: 22 $ 4 hours - private tour

Hanoi Street Food Tour - tasting authentic local dishes & exploring Hanoi old quarter

With the balance between fresh herbs, meats and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, Vietnamese cuisine is variously delicious in the taste & smell, and can be considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in over the world.Some of the best Vietnamese delicacies are actually found at roadsides, vibrant street markets or in humble-looking restaurants.

On this Hanoi Food Walking Tour, we will take you around the hidden corners of Hanoi old quarter, giving you chances to interact with locals, feel the ancient architecture and taste the best street food dishes in local food stalls or restaurants where are mostly chosen by Vietnamese.

Hanoi street food tour

The special experiences you can expect to get in this Hanoi street food walking tour

  • Enjoy the top must -tried street food dishes in Hanoi’s famous food stalls & restaurants ( 10 different tastings - food & drinks)
  • While tasting the food, you will get to know about Vietnamese food culture & different dishes’ background history by the guide’s informative stories.
  • Wonderful stroll around the hidden corners of busy Hanoi old quarter for your good insights of Hanoian’s daily life, their cultures as well as ancient architectures reflected in old houses & temples scattered around Hanoi old quarter.
  • Travel authentically & responsibly while tasting delicious food & supporting local family’s businesses.

Hanoi street food -tour Bun Cha

Bun Cha - Grilled pork with rice noodle

Famous street food dishes you will taste in this Hanoi food walking tour

  • Bun Cha & Nem Ran (Grilled pork with noodle & spring rolls).
  • Pho ( Noodle with beef or chicken).
  • Bun Oc (Snail noodle soup).
  • Banh Cuon (Steamed rice cake).
  • Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich).
  • Chè ( Sweet sticky soup).
  • Xôi Yến ( Yen Sticky Rice).
  • Hoa quả dầm ( Mixture fresh-fruit).
  • Bia hơi Hanoi (Draught beer).
  • Cafe trứng (Egg coffee) 

Hanoi draught beer

Cool Hanoi draught beer

Noodle soup with chiecken

Yummy Rice noodle with chicken

Hanoi street food - Hoa qua dam

Mixture of fresh fruits

Hanoi street food tour

The detailed travel itinerary of Hanoi street food walking tour

Our foodie tour guide will pick you up at your hotel at your prefered time and start our Hanoi street food walking tour.You will explore the hidden alleys & ancient streets of Hanoi old quarter and getting to know about the historical & architectural values of this thousand-year-old land, local daily life as well as Vietnamese food culture including details on ingredients and historical backgrounds of famous Hanoi street food dishes.

We eat as we go and you will enjoy authentic local bites, traditional drinks and some of the best street food in famous food stalls or restaurants which are really welknown & popularly chosen by local Vietnamese.

Hanoi street food tour

Cheer -up with fresh Bia Hoi Hanoi

Follow your foodie guide to one of the locals's favorite Pho establistment, try a famous Bun Cha ( Grilled pork with noodle - the dish gained worldwide acclaim when it was selected by President Obama for his dinner on his Vietnam trip), head to a green market to taste Hoa quả dầm ( Mixture fresh fruit), Chè ( Sweet sticky soup); view Joseph's cathedral & sip local Trà chanh ( Lemon tea).And that’s just the beginning; there’s more food to come! Enjoy the locals’ favorite Bánh Mì ( Vietnamese sandwich), try out the unique Vietnamese egg coffee ( Cafe trứng) and cheer with a cold glass of Bia hơi Hà Nội ( Draught beer)....

What a nice experience to explore Hanoi's ancient streets & enjoy a selection of 10 tastings hand-picked by your foodie guide while chatting with street vendors - really a good way for your rich insight of local culture & their daily life !

After the trip, you can continue exploring the area on your own or our guide will assist you with directions or a taxi back to your hotel.

Notes : Vegetarian option is available upon request 

Price: Call.
Single supplement: usd.

The cost of this private Hanoi Street Food Tour 

The price of this trip varies depending on the number of people in your party, dates of departure, and availability of ground services. Please click on this contact form and supply the required information, enabling us to send you your personalized quote within 24 hours!

No of travellers

2 paxs

3-5 pax

6-8 paxs

9 paxs up

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Not fit your requirement? Feel free to contact us to plan this trip and get the best possible price 

The trip includes :

  • From 5- 8 suggested dishes + 1-2 drinks as mentioned in the program
  • Enthusiastic and skilled English speaking guide.
  • Pick-up & drop-off service at your hotel in Hanoi old quarter

The trip excludes :

  • Tips for tour guide.
  • Personal expenses: Shopping, buying souvenir.

Price policy for children:

  • Free of charge for children under 4 years old.
  • 50 % rate of adult for children from 4-6 years old.
  • 75% rate of adult for children from 7-9 years old.
  • 100 % charge for children from 10 years old and over
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