Hanoi to Halong Bay Transfers : 6 optional ways to get

Hanoi to Halong Bay Transfers : 6 optional ways to get

You are planning a trip to Halong bay? You are booking a Halong bay cruise online & wonder how to get from Hanoi to Halong bay? It will be more convenient to book the cruise cabin with its return Hanoi-Halong bay - Hanoi transfer service included, otherwise, you need to book separately transfer service to Halong bay from Hanoi.This following blog will provide you with useful information of proper ways to travel Hanoi to Halong bay, you can get it reviewed & choose suitable option for your journey....

Hanoi - Halong bay Distance & Travel Time

Halong bay is the best-known & most-visited tourist attraction in Vietnam, which you should never miss while visiting the North of Vietnam.With a distance of 160km far from Hanoi, you can easily reach Halong bay by different transfer options such as shuttle bus, train, motorbike, seaplane, private car with driver......Let's see the following 6 optional ways to travel Hanoi to Halong bay, their price ranges & services, and find out the best one to meet your demands.

Halong bay higway Hanoi

Recently, travelling Hanoi to Halong bay has become really convenient thanks to the operation of new Hanoi - Halong Highway 5B. Just in 2.5 hour drive, in a private car, you will approach Halong bay from Hanoi city more comfortably & time-saving for your Halong bay day cruise or other sightseeing plans.If money isn't your concern, it's highly recommended that you should choose a luxury and private car transfer with driver
Notes :
  • New Hanoi- Halong highway only allows 4-wheel vehicles.If you travel by motorbike, you have to take another route on NR5A - NR1A - NR18 & in 3.5 - 4 hour drive to get Halong bay.
  • The toll fees of this high way are quite high (15-40usd/one way depending on car size) so when you book a private car with driver or shuttle bus, you should make it clealy whether they will go on this highway or normal roads, and If highways, then whether the cost includes the highway toll fees or not? so that you can plan your travel schedule properly with the cruise's departure....

How to travel from Hanoi to Halong bay?

As a world-famous tourist hub in Northern Vietnam, Halong bay has attracted an increasing number of tourists ( around 6 millons in 2019).While the need of transportation is increasing, transportation systems has also been upgraded with various options to choose in recent years.So needless to worry on how to get to Halong Bay, you just plan your trip in advance & select among these ways :  by road, by air, by railway, and by waterways in case you want to visit the islands. 
Below are the 6 most popular means of transportations, including the shuttle bus, luxury bus, private car, seaplane, motorbike, and train with the estimated prices, advantages & disavantages, time consumption... for your good reference & choose the right one to get to Halong bay from Hanoi.

Hanoi to Halong bay- how to get


1. Hanoi to Halong bay by public bus - ideal for eager backpackers

Hanoi to Halong Bay by public bus is popular ways among local Vietnamese.Depending on their living location, so locals choose the bus station to catch the bus from.The buses will depart form their appointed bus station with their daily bus schedules & their regulated routes to follow.In Hanoi, you can catch a local bus to Halong bay from these bus stations.

Bus stations in Hanoi city

- My Dinh Bus Station, phone number (024) 376 855 49, in 20 Pham Hung Str, My Dinh Ward, Nam Tu Niem Dist, Hanoi

- Nuoc Ngam Station, phone number (024) 386 121 58, at Km8, Giai Phong Str, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi
- Giap Bat Station, phone number (024) 386 414 67, at Km6, Giai Phong Str, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi
- Yen Nghia Station, phone number (024) 335 712 85 at Highway 6, Yen Nghia Ward, Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi
- Gia Lam Station, phone contact (02) 438 271 529 No.9, Ngo Gia Kham Str, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi
If you are in Hanoi Old Quarter, it will be closest to Gia Lam bus station. You can get a motorbike grap from your hotel & in 15', you will be in Gia Lam bus station.
Public Bus Hanoi - Halong bay

How to buy a bus ticket to Halong bay?

You can book the ticket online on this website vexere.com, enter your departure and arrival city and your desired day of departure and you will find a fully detailed schedule of the day from all providers.

Don’t let the wide range of choices overwhelm you. Take time to research the quality of the coach as well as the coach provider’s credibility and reputation.
A useful tip is reading the reviews of previous travelers and looking at the satisfaction ratings for each provider. Look for providers with active licenses in local coach stations. Once you find a suitable coach, you can call them to make a reservation.
Alternatively, you can buy your ticket directly at their offices or at local coach stations. Booking in advance, especially during holiday or other peak travel periods, will ensure a smooth, hassle-free journey.

Hanoi- Halong Bus Providers

There are many local bus operation between Hanoi- Hai Duong - Bai Chay (Ha Long), some run on high-ways but almost on normal roads which will take at least 4 hour drive to reach Bai Chai area, you will get down at Bai Chai bus station or on roads near Halong harbour, then catch a taxi/ motorbike to the pier of your booked Halong bay cruise.

- Dai Phat Coach, contact (+84) 983 472 299, depart at Giap Bat Station, Km6 Giai Phong Str, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi
- Duc Phuc Coach (+84) 979 065 168, (+84) 912 474 408, depart at Tien Lang New Bridge, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
- Kumho Viet Thanh, contact 1900 7075, depart at My Dinh Bus station - 20 Pham Hung Str, Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi
- Phuc Xuyen Coach (+84) 912 069 739, start at My Dinh Bus station -  20 Pham Hung, Hanoi
Gia Lam bus station

Advantages of travelling by public bus to Halong bay

- It is cheaper than other means of transportation,the price for a one-way ticket can vary from 7-12$ depending on coach’s quality and size. For coaches travelling via the new expressway, the ticket price can be higher as the toll fee is also higher

- It is a good chance to interact with local Vietnamese on bus journey

Disadvantages when taking travelling by local bus to Halong bay

- No service of pick-up at your hotel or drop-off at your Halong bay harbour. You need to go on your own means to their parking bus station.

- Sales & their staff on bus could not speak English so it will hard for you to communicate properly or in case to get support.

- Many stops between to pick up & drop -off their clients en route so your journey to Halong bay may end up more time than expected.

2. Hanoi to Halong bay by shuttle bus - the popular & convenient choice among tourists.

Traveling by shuttle bus from Hanoi to Halong Bay is now one of the most common ways to transfer. For the best, we recommend you choose the shuttle bus ( luxury & standard one), also known as the “tourist bus”.

  • Duration: It takes only 2.5 hours to travel by shuttle bus via the new highway.If normal roads, it will end up with 3.5-4 hour drive (check in advance when booking)

  • The price : The travel cost of a shuttle bus ticket is around 10-20 USD/one-way/person ( depend on standard or luxury one) with free pick-up and drop-off in the Hanoi Old Quarter. If you stay far away, there will be a surcharge for picking up outside the quarter.
  • The service is quite good & sometimes with English speaking staffs along to pick you up at the hotel
The shuttle bus services are provided by plenty of tourist bus companies and cruise lines. If you are planning to join a Halong Bay cruise from Hanoi, it is highly recommended you should book the transfer together with a cruise package for smoothly pick up and drop off.
Hanoi- Halong bay transfer
Shuttle bus Hanoi to Halong bay

Shuttle Bus Operators : you can search for the information of below providers

What makes a shuttle bus the popular & convenient choice among tourists?

  • Convenient pick-up & drop-off service at the right time for Halong bay cruise
  • Well-equipped amenities combined with good services
  • New car & professional service
  • Short travel time and direct transfer with a short break for toilet en route

Hanoi Halong bay shuttle bus

3. Hanoi to Halong bay by motorbike - the great feeling of adventure

If you are seeking for an adventurous experience during your vacation, rent a motorbike and drive on your own form Hanoi to Halong bay could be an interesting adventure. Make sure that you are good at driving motorbikes with motorbike license, especially with the traffic in Vietnam  beacuse a motorbike trip to Halong Bay from Hanoi can involve some possible risks and undesired situations, so be well-prepared before you go

  • Duration: It takes you about 3.5 hours or more to transport on a motorcycle, which is quite flexible and up to you.
  • Cost: Going by motorbike will cost you not much as all you need is a motorbike.The rental cost is about 4.5 – 6.5 USD/day/ Japanese Gear Motorbike (without fuel). Before you go, make sure to fill up the gas and bring along other essential facilities
  • Hire a motorbike :If you are in Hanoi, there are some motorbike rental centers such as 13535 Motorbike Rental Hanoi, Motogo, Nguyen Tu Motorbike, BonBon Motorbike, etc. that you can consider to have yourself a rental one.

Hanoi - Halong bay motorbike

Recommended motorbike routes Hanoi- Halong bay

Route 1: Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Ha Long: This route is only 155km and takes you around 3 hours to travel to Halong Bay by motorbike. If you choose to follow the route, from Hanoi, get to Sai Dong crossroad Highway No.5 (for about 10km), then via 23 km on Highway No.1, arrive at Bac Ninh province. After that, follow Highway No.18 for about 122 km to respectively reach Pha Lai, Sao Do, Dong Trieu, Uong Bi, and eventually Ha Long.

Route 2: Hanoi – Hai Duong – Ha Long: Compared to the former one, this route is much longer (about 170 km), but more convenient. From Hanoi, you can get to the county of Nam Sach, Hai Duong through Highway No.5B, then follow Highway No.183, to reach Ha Long.

Why does traveling by motorbike dangerous but worth-trying?

  • An unforgettable adventure especially for those who love nature and real-life experiences
  • Great chance to behold the stunning mountains, captivating beaches, and other beautiful sightseeing on the way
  • The low-cost & flexible ways to travel on your own pace with stops on any place that your love to do

Hanoi- halong bay motorbike

Things to know before traveling by motorbike

  • When renting a bike, you will have to deposit an amount of money and hand in a copy of your passport (sometimes your flight information). If you are required to provide your original one, try to negotiate as you may need your passport sometime. Contact the center through a hotline or website to directly get the bike at your place. After taking the motorcycle, remember to ask for its insurance and ownership paper (copied version).
  • Make sure that your motorbike is in good condition. As this is the crucial step in preparation, fill up the gas, carefully check your bike whether there is any problem, then quickly fix it.
  • Remember to bring along the essential kit that includes a map, water, some clothes, extra gas, a raincoat, etc. as you will need it sometimes.
  • It is highly recommended that you go with friends (4 - 10 people) to avoid getting lost and to help each other in case some problems occur during the trip.

4. Hanoi to Halong bay by train - the cheapest & authentic ways

The slowest and safest way to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi is travelling by train, whicih is seldom chosen by limited time travellers.But if you have time,it could be good for a try as the authentic experience you will get & chances to enjoy the stunning scenery on both sides of the railway.

  • Duration: The train journey usually lasts for nearly 7 hours
  • Cost: Traveling by train must be the most budget way as the ticket fare is almost 4 USD/one-way/person. However, you have to pay for transportation between your hotel and the railway station ( 15km far from Hanoi old quarter)
  • Train schedule : leaves once a day at 4:55 am Yen Vien station ( Dong Anh - Hanoi) to Bai Chay Station at 12:00 pm (Halong city).The journey back from Bai Chay Station at 1:45 pm to arrive in Hanoi at 8:30 pm.

Train Hanoi to Halong bay

Why to choose the train to reach Halong bay from Hanoi?

  • An ideal chance to admire the scenic views and take some excellent photos along the train journey.
  • Travel authentically with Vietnamese Train on the laid-back atmosphere
  • The cheapest and safest means of transportation compared to the roadway

5. Hanoi to Halong bay by seaplane - the fastest & new way to explore Halong bay

Hanoi to Halong bay by seaplane is a new experience & the fastest way to reach Halong bay operated by Hai Au Aviation.If you are looking for a remarkable way to explore Halong Bay from Hanoi, seaplane could be a life-time travel experience
  • Duration: A Hanoi - Halong seaplane takes only 45 minutes to transfer and an additional 15 minutes for sightseeing to admire the breathtaking aerial view of the bay.
  • Cost: Generally, a seaplane ticket costs you around 350 – 450 USD/one-way/person. Typically, the airfare can vary depending on the season and time of day. 
The cost will includes : pick-up & drop-off Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Airport, then take a 45-minute scheduled flight from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and a 15-minute scenic flight for sightseeing over thousands of awe-inspiring islets and rock formations. The seaplane will land at Tuan Chau Marina, which is close to the cruise port in Ha Long Bay.You can request cruise package with Hanoi- Halong bay transfer by sea plane with Golden Holiday Travel, then have unforgetable exploration of Halong bay's beauty on seaplane & cruise together.
Hanoi to Halong bay by seaplane

Why travelling Hanoi to Halong bay by seaplane?

  • Fast & high-ending way to reach Halong bay from Hanoi.

  • A unique way to captivate Halong bay's panorama in 15-minute flight around the bay

  • Enjoy the feeling of success & valuable experiences

Things to know before taking a seaplane

  • A seaplane ride to Halong Bay allows a maximum capacity of 12 passengers and each of them is allowed only 7 kg of luggage.
  • Before choosing a seaplane, make sure that you have good health conditions without heart attack and acrophobia since there can be some thrilling and uncomfortable feelings caused by the movements of the small aircraft during a flight.

6. Hanoi to Halong bay by private car - the best choice among families or private groups.

When you love to travel among your group or your own family, not sharing service with other travellers, hiring a private car with driver Hanoi to Halong bay is the best option

  • Duration: Usually, it takes a private car around 2 – 2.5 hours to transfer from Hanoi Old Quarter and Halong City via the new highway, which is not so long and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable during the trip.
  • Cost: The price of a private car varies from 100 USD to 150 USD for a return trip. It depends on the types of car and whether the return trip is on the same day or not. The fee may be higher if you want to be picked up outside the Old Quarter or dropped off at the locations far from Tuan Chau or Halong International Cruise Port.

Hanoi to Halong bay by private car

Why is a private car good for your family?

  • Flexible schedule with professional driver
  • Great comfort & private space among your group
  • The reasonable price when the cost is sharing between your group members

Hanoi-Halong bay Exploration with Golden Holiday Travel

Above are our share about 6 optional ways to get to Halong bay from Hanoi city, we hope that it will be useful for you to plan your coming trip to Halong bay.As a local tour operator, we have strong partnerships with Halong bay cruise liners to sell combo cruise packages with transfer service at competitive prices.If you need a private car rental Hanoi to Halong bay, don't hesitate to contact us at +84.988451530 ( whatsapp) or email us to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com, our travel experts will soon reply you back with useful suggestions & updated consultancy.

Hanoi - Halong bay transfers

Need local support, please, let us know!

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