Highlighted attractions to visit in Ba Vi national park

Highlighted attractions to visit in Ba Vi national park

Are you searching for a tranquil escape for your weekends right in Hanoi? Ba Vi mountains could be a perfect retreat for you thanks to its proximity to Hanoi city, pleasant climate, the beautiful view of lush green mountains & jungles. Let's see what you can do and highlighted attractions to visit in Ba Vi national park in this detailed blog......

Highlighted attractions to visit & things to do in Ba Vi mountains

Ba Vi National Park is a famous tourist highlight in Hanoi city.Thanks to its evergreen tropical forest, three gorgeous mountain summits and year- around pleasant climate, Ba Vi mountains attract local Vietnamese families & students yearly for their picnic/ weekend breaks, especially in summer time.However, this park is still lesser known among foreign tourists doing trips to Vietnam.Trip to Ba Vi national park, you will be exposed to pristine landscapes of tropical forest, scenic waterfalls & magnificient mountains; inhale the fresh air; participate in healthy trekking routes; and learn more about Vietnamese culture & history.You can visit Ba Vi mountains on a day trip or 2 day/1 night program - overnight in local resorts.Below are things to do & top attractions to visit in Ba Vi national park, you can review for the details and plan for your trips to Ba Vi mountains.

Ba Vi national park - map

The list of sightseeing places along Ba Vi national park' s road.

1.Experience the cactus garden - the only place to view a huge collection of different cactus types in Vietnam.

After the park’s entrance, you will start the journey up on steep & curving roads up to Ba Vi peaks, the scenery is getting more & more beautiful with forest & flowers along the road.The first place you will see is Cactus Garden (on a towering glass house up hill - 1 km away from the park entrance).Pay for a fee of 10,000vnd/person and do some hike on the small trail, you will reach the glass house with hundred types of different cactus cultivated inside.A nice place you can experience a huge number of cactus & photo chances with some typical cactus plants here.

place to visit in Ba Vi national park

2.Walk to Ngoc Hoa cave.

Nesting under the mountain is a hidden cave where local people set up a small shrine to worship Ngoc Hoa princess.According to the legend, Ngoc Hoa was Hung King's second daughter & got married with Son Tinh ( the mountain saint) whose temple was erected in Tan Vien mount - the second highest peak in Ba Vi mountains

Just 3,5 km away from cactus garden, travel up a few curves, you will see the sign Ngoc Hoa cave on the right, walk down hills for a while, you can visit the cave & Ngoc Hoa temple.

3.Leisure around in the Pine Forest & Ba Vi resort.

Drive up in 1,5 km, you will be at height of 400 metters, there is a nice Ba Vi resort setting up admist a large Fine Forest - an idea place for picnic lunch & wonderful view down the scenic lake & surrounding lowlands.You can order the lunch or book your night here.At this point, you can do some hike along the Fine Forest to visit French Military Zone & National Historic Revolution Point 600 m.

The view from Ba Vi resort

The view from Ba Vi resort

4.Explore French Ruins of old church, villas & prison.

Besides the natural landscapes, you will get to know about Vietnam history during French colonial time by visiting the French Ruins which were built by the French in early 20th century such as French military base, French cathedral, villas at the point 600 m.In the past, Ba Vi mountains were developed as the hill station like Sapa or Da Lat so in the hot summer, the high -ranked  French officiers could have summer breaks to escape the heat down the lowlands.Here, the blue moss on the fallen walls with the beauty of ruins among the huge trees was worth to visit.Also, further to the top point, you can trek down the steps to visit a prison where some Vietnamese political prisoners were imprisoned because their struggles against the French

French Ruin - Place to visit in Ba Vi national park

French Ruins - church

5.Conquer Ba Vi summits for great captivation of Da river & Red River delta.

Hiking to conquer Ba Vi mountain range's mounts is great outdoor fun among nature lovers & trekkers.There are three summits worth your efforts to conquer : King peak ( at 1,296 m), Tan Vien peak (1,227 m) & Ngoc Hoa summit (1,131 m). You will hike thru the tropical forest, breath in the fresh air and captivate gorgeous landscapes down Red River delta & Da river snaking along the mountain range.Normally, those peaks are covered with clouds but chances for picturesque photos on clear days.

The view from King peak

6.Visit Uncle Ho temple on King peak - his chosen place to spay his ashes when passing away

As a renown leader in Vietnam who led Vietnamese in their long struggles fighting against the French, Janpanese & American, Ho Chi Minh is very much respected and considered as the father of Vietnamese.There are many places worshipping President Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and in Ba Vi mountains, you can find a simple temple built for him in 1999.There is a story why this temple was built.That is : "President Ho Chi Minh wrote his last will wishing his body to be burned, the ashes would be divided into three portions for three different regions of Vietnam ( the north, the center & the south).After that, people might spay it to the hillside or the sea, it was fine. Then whoever thought of him could come to the sites and pay homage to him.In the northern part, he loved his ash to be spayed out on King Peak".Actually, when he passed away, the government did not burn him and kept his body embalmed on the Mausoleum in Hanoi.Recently, the testament was declared in public, that is why Vietnamese government constructed a simple temple dedicated to him on King Peak.This temple annually attracts a big number of local Vietnamese as a sacred place to visit in Ba Vi national park.

Ho Chi Minh temple - places to visit in Ba Vi national park

Ho Chi Minh temple

7.Pay a visit to Tan Vien temple - worshipping an immortal saint in Vietnamese culture.

Trip to Ba Vi mountain is also a great journey getting to know about Vietnamese's ancient culture of Hung dynasty - the first dynasty in Vietnam located its capital in Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province.The legend said that Hung King had the princess Ngoc Hoa, she was beautiful and reached her age of getting married.Hung King would love to find a prince for his beloved daughter.One day, there were two talented princes asking the emperor to marry his daughter.The first one was Son Tinh ( mountain saint) coming from mountain region, the other one was Thuy Tinh (water saint) coming from the sea.They were both talented and hard for Hung King to choose so he ordered each of them to prepare his requested engagement gifts including a pair of elephants with nine horns, a pair of chickens with nine heels & a pair of horses with 9 horsehairs.Whoever came first would get chance to marry his daughter.Following Hung King's appointment, Son Tinh brought his gifts first and got married to the princess.Thuy Tinh was too late for the appointment, he was very angry and fought against Son Tinh.But whenever Thuy Tinh did the rains & typhoons to flood the main land, Son Tinh made the mountains higher.They did fighting like this yearly - symbol of the struggles between Vietnamese & natural disasters.Tan Vien mountain was regarded as the place of fighting between two saints.Son Tinh ( or Tan Vien) is considered as one of four immortal saints in Vietnamese mythology.

Conquer Tan Vien peak, you will have chance to visit the mountain saint temple built on mountain cliff to worship Tan Vien saint  - also a holly highlight to visit in Ba Vi national park.

The view from Tan Vien peak

8.Relaxed admiration of scenic waterfalls in the resorts hidden at the foot of Ba Vi mountains.

After healthy treks to conquer Ba Vi peaks, it will be great to play around with scenic waterfalls & water sports to refresh yourself, right? We must say that it will be good for that fun as well if you have one day more, then you can have leisure day for fresh swimming under the waterfalls, taking part in water sports and spending your nights available in typical eco-resorts on the foot of Ba Vi mountains such as Thien Son - Suoi Nga, Ao Vua, Thac Da.......Strolling around the natural landscapes of waterfalls, forest & streams is really an relaxed escape from the city's bustles & hustles.

Thien Son -places to visit in Ba Vi mountain

When is the ideal time to visit Ba Vi national park?

Ba Vi national park can be visited at any time of the year when you love to stay away from the city's noice for natural landscapes,fresh atmotphere as well as the cultural insights.When mentioning about the climate & visibility, Ba Vi mountains are clearly with sunlights & blue sky between April and October - beautiful time for capturing beautiful photos & having scenic parnorama down the lowlands.However, this time could be a bit busy when many local Vietnamese choose Ba Vi resorts for family breaks - a cool hideaway place from the summer heat down the lowland.Between November & March, the climate is colder and sometimes with the spring rains, Ba Vi mountains are normally covered with thick fogs, but pretty less touristic during this time.

Thien Son resort - Place to visit in Ba Vi mountain

Explore Ba Vi national park with Golden Holiday Travel.

We hope this share about things to do & attractions to visit in Ba Vi national park  as well as ideal time to visit this attraction can do some helps  for your planning trip to Ba Vi mountains.In a day, you can not cover all of those places, but it is relaxed and fine to explore Ba Vi mountain’s highlights in 2 day journey. In need of local travel support, Ba Vi mountain trekking tour or car rental to Ba Vi national park, please, email us to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com or contact us by whatsapp at +84.988451530 ( whatsapp), our travel experts will soon reply you back with useful support & consultancy.

Have a good trip in Ba Vi national park!

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