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Hoi An - Yellow Ancient City of Vietnam

Located along the coast in the central region, Hoi An ancient town always ranks first in the list of must-visit destinations in Vietnam. This small town is the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures as it used to be an important trading port for many centuries. And until now, the quintessential combination of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and French cultures are shown out clearly through most of charming ancient houses and streets in the town, which makes this unique World Heritage Site become increasingly attractive to tourists.

Hoi An ancient town

Are you looking for things to do in Hoi An? Take a look at our sample Hoi An tours below. Our sample tour ideas include top attractions to visit as well as less visited places in Hoi An. These sample Hoi An tours are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in Hoi An.

Get inspired with our Best Tailor-Made Private Hoi An Tours below. Don’t forget we can tailor-make itineraries or design new Hoi An tours to suit your travel interest.

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Cham Island Day Tour
Are you in Hoi An ancient town & thrilled to explore pristine nature reserve on sea with sandy beaches & blue sea water? Let's consider this Cham island day tour for your special moments with your beloved ones......
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Hoi An Sunset Food Tour
Not only famous for its heritage values recognized by UNESCO, Hoi An is known as a heaven for food lovers to enjoy Vietnamese traditional dishes and discover its sophisticated culinary art.Join us in this Hoi An food tour to discover what happens when the sun sets - a great way to cool off and enjoy all of the delicacies Hoi An has to offer.
Book Now From: Call 3 -4 hours
Hoi An Ancient Town Day Tour
Are you travelling to Hoi An ancient town & would love to explore.about Hoi An's ancient architectures & cultures as well as local village nearby the town?. Let's have this Hoi An day trip review for the details & experience Hoi An's beauty with us......
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Hoi An Cycling Tour To Rural Villages
Experience an unconventional 'close-up' cycling adventure around Hoi An., exploring real Vietnam to local family farms, fishing villages, hidden sights and tasty treats in this Hoi An cycling day tour......
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Hoi An Travel Guide Information

Location: Quang Nam Province

Natural area: 6,027.25 ha

Population (2018): 152,160 people

Hoi An used to be the most important trading port among countries of Southeast and East Asia and with the rest of the world from the 15th to the 19th century. It was known with many names such as Lam Ap, Faifo, Hoai Pho and Hoi An

In December 1999, Hoi An was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its beauty of cultural fusion and ancient architectures in an incredible state of preservation

The authentic & unique experiences in Hoi An you can expect

1. Take a day being a Vietnamese farmer and get numerous awesome experiences with farming and fishing tour in Hoi An

Our FARMING & FISHING LIFE provides you with a close-up and intimate exposure to both the local farming and fishing communities. Accompanied by your tour guide, you commence the day leisurely cycling along country roads witnessing local Vietnamese rural life first hand, discovering all manner of photo opportunities - coming and visiting a beautiful organic vegetable village, watering and planting vegetable, hoeing a soil with local farmer, riding a water buffalo in a rice paddy field; seeing ducks swimming along the rice farm or farmers tending their crops. The photo opportunities are endless. As well you will experience the friendliness of the local people greeting you along the way. Later you will board on our boat for a river cruise to meet and engage with local fishermen and enjoy a hands-on experience of traditional net fishing. You will also experience paddling the unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat while the waterways of coconut palm paradise. This tour provides you with a cultural window into the ways of life of both our farming and fishing communities.

Farmers in Hoi An

2. Walking Tour in Hoi An Ancient Town

In the past, Hoi An Ancient Town was famous for the reputation as a busy commercial port where worldwide businessmen arrived and carried out transaction with numororus types of goods. Nowadays, in the holiday, you can walk around the narrow streets, observing the old houses from the ancient time with typical Chinese, Japanese, French and European architectures.Besides the sightseeing spots, when wandering around the town, you can easily fall in love with numerous lovely workshops and stores

3. Exciting Biking Trip to Rural villages

Besides the reputation as a busy commercial port in the past with the unique architecture of numerous ancient house, Hoi An brings visitors the images of peaceful countryside with green field and friendly locals. A biking trip to rural villages (Tra Que, Bay Mau...) will give you a precious chance to interact with the farmers, live their lives in one day, experience the fresh air and delicious cuisine.

Biking Hoi An tour

4. Joining cooking class in Hoi An and learn how to make some traditional dishes

If you are a food lover, when in Hoi An, there will be a precious chance to learn how to cook traditional delicious Vietnamese food. Preparing lunch with a local family and you will learn how to make “Tam Huu” spring roll, “Xeo” pancake, Pork & shrimp spring roll with peanut dipping sauce... of people in Centre of Viet Nam. Morover, don't forget to visit Hoi An’s colourful market, and experience the amazing sights, sounds and aromas of this busy market to interact with the local sellers and learn about all the ingredients to be used in the cooking session. This cooking class is suitable for all dietary preferences, all ages, and all cooking levels.

5. Breath-taking view from Magnificent Hai Van Pass

On the way Hue - Hoi An, the winding road begins as we make our way up the Hai Van pass. The breath -taking view from the top of the pass is one of Vietnam’s most impressive panoramic scenes. Don't forget to prepare the camera in hand to capture all the views in one of the most stunning pass in Vietnam.

Hai Van Pass - Hoi An

6. Collect memorable experience making lantern by yourself

You will have big chance to make a lantern by yourself during this tour. Lanterns are made of Vietnamese silk, which is made from silk worms famous in Asia. The silk has beautiful colors and meaningful patterns. You can choose lanterns with wooden frames, some made from very precious wood, with a painting of a legend on each side of the lantern. They are all hand made from bamboo, silk, and wood. Once lighted, lanterns will illuminate with marvelous, mysterious light which will take you hundreds of years back, to times of tales and mystery.

Best time to visit Hoi An, Vietnam

Typical for the tropical climate, Hoi An enjoys a warm temperature throughout the year (29°C), but it still has two distinct seasons: the dry season (February to September) and the rainy season (October to January). The best time to visit the town is from February to May when the weather is mild with moderate temperature, less rain and low humidity. For beach and diving vacationers, June to August is the recommended period to soak up.

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