How to cross the streets in Hanoi, Vietnam

How to cross the streets in Hanoi, Vietnam

You are afraid of traffic problems in Hanoi,Vietnam? No problems, just follow our useful techniques on how to cross the streets, you could do the same as local people and make your trips as great fun as possible

Travel tips on how to cross streets in Hanoi, Vietnam

The traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is a developing country and it is very expensive for anyone to own a private car.Thus,the popular means of transport are motorbikes.We have a big population of 93 million people but roughly 40 million motorbikes.So wherever you travel to, you see motocycles, and much more in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Nha Trang…etc. However, the traffic laws seem like never working with traffic participants here because when lights are turning red, pedestrian crossings are clearly lined, many locals ignore those traffic signals and break the laws.Then in the rushed hours or crowded streets,traffic movements are in chaotic or disordered situations, totally different from your own countries that when someone crosses streets, all vehicles must stop completely, but not at all in Vietnam.What a big challenge to cross the streets when you travel to Vietnam, expecially in crowded cities of Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh, but it will be easier when you know the techniques.In this article, we will support you some tips on how to cross the streets in Hanoi, Vietnam.You can apply these travel tips on other cities when travelling throughout Vietnam as well.

how to cross the streets in hanoi

Red lights and pedestrian crossing scene

Guides on how to cross the streets in Hanoi, Vietnam

1.Follow the groups crossing the streets.

This is the best way to crossing the streets – you just follow the crowds at the same time crossing the roads.In this case, you are much  more likely to be seen by a motorist when walking with a group than venturing across the street solo.

2. Walking slowly in even paces and crossing the streets firmly so that oncoming drivers can anticipate your position and adjust their drive path accordingly.

3.Remember that do not run across busy streets.When you do it suddenly, traffic participants could be unlooked- for, then they can not do proper reactions and they may hit you down.

how to cross the streets in hanoi1

Traffic challenge while crossing the street

4 Never go back or hesitate while crossing the roads, the motorcyclists may misunderstand you and hit you suddenly.For example, you are crossing, they think that you keep going ahead, then they move behide you.But you are scaring on the way, you step back again, then they may hit you while your stepping back due to their wrong anticipation.

5.Raise your hands to signal the traffic participants

In this case, surely that your gestures tell oncoming drivers that you are firmly to cross, they will avoid the spaces or decrease speed limit  so that you can reach the other side safely and easier.

6.Look on the right and left of you before and while crossing the streets.

It is quite common thing that many locals try to do short-cuts by driving against one-way streets.Make sure to look around for safe crossings.

how to cross the streets in hanoi2

Break the traffic laws

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