How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi

How to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi

Are you planning a trip to Ha Giang province? You are wondering travel routes to reach this highland and means of transport to get there. You will have the right answers in this blog with us !!!

Travel routes to Ha Giang and how to get to Ha Giang province from Hanoi

Ha Giang is a far-north province in the northeast of Vietnam and an untouched destination of beatiful primitive natures & interestingly authentic cultures of local ethnics living there.Travelling to Ha Giang, you would like to know how to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi in your budget & proper ways to connect your visit to Ha Giang and other Vietnam destinations.We will steps by steps guide you in this useful article.

Look at the map of Ha Giang and its geographical location, we can tell that she shares her northern border with China, her western border with Lao Cai & Yen Bai province, with Cao Bang province in the east; and with Tuyen Quang in the south.Then to reach Ha Giang province, we can choose different travel routes from Hanoi by road transfer ( no railway or airway directly connecting to this province yet).You can approach the land of Ha Giang by motobike, public transport,private car or mixture of those transfers depending on your budget & comfort.Below are different travel routes that you can choose to reach Ha Giang from Hanoi

1.Hanoi- Tuyen Quang- Ha Giang city on NR02, then follow NR4C travelling to up-northern districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Dong Van & Hoang Su Phi, then back to Hanoi.

From Hanoi city to Ha Giang city, the distance is 320km & 160km more to reach Dong Van district from Ha Giang city on hilly roads.

For budget cost & adventure feeling, many young travellers explore Ha Giang by motorbike in a long distance from Hanoi.By this mean of transport, it will take you time to drive but flexibly to stop in the place that you like for photos, especially on the narrow & winding passes of up-northern districts of Ha Giang.Moreover, you must be skilful at driving on mountainous terrains which are normally up & down on winding & narrow roads.Also, you should know how to repair the basic problems of motorbikes such as flat tyre, brake matter and remember to constantly check your fuel level on your motobike & fill it on the town that you reach because it is hard to find motorbike repairing shops along the hilly road except in certain towns on the highland regions.

how to get to Ha Giang - motorbike

Motorbike adventure how to get to Hagang from hanoi

Another budget way is to reach Ha Giang city from Hanoi by day or overnight buses. You can buy your bus ticket at local bus stations of My Dinh, Nuoc Ngam, Gia Lam, Giap Bat in Hanoi or book the tickets through a travel agent.It takes you around 7-8 hour transfer to Ha Giang bus station from Hanoi.You can check the bus tickets and conveniently book thru - a secure online booking system, you can pay online and get the tickets from your mobile for checking in the bus !

In Ha Giang city, you can choose to reach Ha Giang’s northern districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac & Dong Van by catching a local bus or renting a motorbike.If you can’t drive motorbike but would like to have an adventure on it, just hire a motorbike with driver or book a Ha Giang motorbike tour to Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac & Dong Van in a 2 day or 3 day journey.

For a comfortable & safe journey,you can just have a private car rental with driver from Hanoi to Ha Giang, following your booking itinerary to explore Ha Giang attractions, then back to Hanoi.You can book & pay online after the contract agreement of travel route, its cost, clear exclusions & inclusions inside the cost, type of car & driver….

For a relaxed & free-worried journey, you can think of booking a Ha Giang tour package with a experienced travel agent to organise your trip with tourguide,private transfer with driver, accomodation, meals…..This is a popular choice among travellers because the tour company prebook everything for them, they just enjoy the landscapes & the comfort of the journey.

how to get to Ha Giang - mapileng pass

Ha Giang landscapes

2.Hanoi – Ba Be lake (Bac Kan province)- Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave, Bao Lac district( Cao Bang Province)- Meo Vac ( Ha Gang province), exploring Ha Giang highlights and back to Hanoi from Ha Giang city. This is how to get to Ha Giang from Cao Bang

This travel route, you can connect your visit to Bac Son valley ( Lang Son province), Ba Be lake & national park ( Bac Kan province), Ban Gioc waterfall & Nguom Ngao cave (Cao Bang province) then to Dong Van Karst Geopark ( Ha Giang province) – Hanoi like a round trip to explore the Northeast area of Vietnam. You can do this route by motorbike (adventure & long driving time), public bus ( take a lot of time to arrange and fit the schedule), private car or private tour package ( suggested choices) to explore the region.

how to get to Ha Giang - Ba Be lake

 how to get to Ha Giang from Hanoi (en route to Ba Be lake)

3. Hanoi – Mu cang Chai ( Yen Bai province) – Sapa, Bac Ha ( Lao Cai province) – Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang province), exploring Ha Giang attractions and back to Hanoi from Ha Giang city.This route is how to travel to Ha Giang from Lao Cai.

In this route, travelling by motorbike is adventurous & long journey for you with much driving on hills & passes, travelling by bus, you must do a lot of arrangement to fit the bus schedule & take time as well.It is good & relaxed with private car rental or a private tour package exploring breathtaking Mu Cang Chai rice terraces in Yen Bai province, Sapa hill station & Bac Ha market in Lao Cai province, then beautiful rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi & Ha Giang attractions ( Ha Giang province).After that, back to Hanoi from Ha Giang city

how to get to Ha Giang-MCC

Mu Cang Chai en route to Ha Giang

4.Hanoi – Sapa, Bac Ha visit ( Lao Cai Province) – Hoang Su Phi ( Ha Giang Province), exploring Ha Giang highlights and back to Hanoi from Ha Giang city

In this route,it is also a long route & adventure to travel by motorbike with much driving on hills & passes.While traveling by bus,to fit the bus schedules, you must do some local bus arrangement & time to wait as well.Or in this route, you can choose an overnight train Hanoi to Lao Cai, then take a bus for Lao Cai bus station to Hoang Su Phi district.Doing this long route connecting different  mountainous provinces, our suggestion is renting a private car with driver or booking a private tour package to explore Sapa hill station & Bac Ha market in Lao Cai province, then beautiful rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi & Ha Giang attractions ( Ha Giang province).After that, back to Hanoi from Ha Giang city

sapa town

Sapa town en route to Ha Giang

Ha Giang adventure with Golden Holiday Travel

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