How to get to Hanoi center from the airport

How to get to Hanoi center from the airport

You are planning to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam and you wonder how to get to Hanoi center from the airports. These travel blog will suggest you with proper choices that you can choose to reach Hanoi city center when you arrive at Noibai airport.

Proper ways on how to get to Hanoi center from the airport

When it comes to us with the trip to Hanoi,Vietnam, we may wonder what is Hanoi airport’s name?How far is it from the airport to Hanoi center? And how to get to Hanoi center from the airport?Thanks to its beautiful landscapes, its stable politics & safe destination,Vietnam has recently attracted an increasing number of travelers worldwidely.More & more direct flights to Ho Chi Minh city & Hanoi make it easier to develop her trade in general and her tourism industry in particular.The name of airport in Hanoi is Noibai with T1 terminal for domestic flights & T2 for international flights.Noibai airport is located in Hanoi outskirt area and  roughly 28km far from Hanoi center ( Hoan Kiem lake or Hanoi Old Quarter).In this blog, we would like to support you with the information of how to get to Hanoi center from the airport?

How to get to Hanoi center from Noibai airport

Airport pick-ups with signed names

There are different options to get to Hanoi center from Noi Bai airport up to your travel interest & budgets.We will list you from cheapest way to the most comfortable way with their own conditions so you can easily to have an overview and make your own mind.

1.Hanoi airport public buses

The cheapest way to get to Hanoi center is catching a public bus at Noibai airport (depart every 15-20  minutes).When you arrive, take your way further out to the public bus station where you can get on the bus number 07 to last stop at Kim Ma bus station ( 2,5 kms far from center) or bus number 17 following another route to last Long Bien bus station ( adjacient to Hanoi old quarter).The cost for this bus ticket is about 0,6 usd.You can easily realise these buses with its typical colors of yellow & red.It is quite cheap to go by public buses but takes you at least 1,2 hours to get to the Hanoi center due to many stops between to drop & pick-up commuters.Take a notice of traveling by these buses that the bus seats are limited so that standing along the journey is quite normal.Also you are not allowed with big baggages due to limited spaces in buses.If you arrive at Noibai airport later than 21h00 pm, these buses are out of  working hours so you have to choose another options.

How to get to Hanoi center from Noibai airport

Public airport buses

2.Airliner buses or mini-buses

Better than public buses with fewer stops and faster to reach Hanoi center, you can do this choice of airliner buses with budget price of 2 usd-2.5 usd/pax.These airliner buses are operated by Vietnam airlines with last stop at number 01 Quang Trung street (walking distance to Hoan Kiem lake) or by Vietjet air with last stop at Tran Nhan Tong street ( 1 km far from Hoan Kiem lake) or by Jetstars with final stop at Tran Quang Khai street ( 0,5km from Hoan Kiem lake).Travelling by these buses, you need to wait for a while because they need to collect their passagers of the flights and when dropping you at their last stops, you need to take a taxi or walk to your pre-booked hotels.You will have some adventures in a city with a lot of motobikes

How to get to Hanoi center from Noibai airport2

Mini-bus of Vietnam airline

3.Taxis from airport to Hanoi

Another way to reach Hanoi center is catching taxis which are available right at the front door of Noibai airport.The cost for this taxi journey is roughly 15-20usd, you will follow the taxi meter and pay at the end basing on the meter count in VND.If you travel to Vietnam first time, not get used to travel route, you may easily get into troubles with taxi scams (more happen with fake or unregistered taxi firms) such unreliable taxi meter running so fast or many taxi drivers will take a round route instead of shortest one to reach to your booked hotel.In the end, we are not sure how much you will have to pay.In order to avoid these scams, choose good taxi brands ( Hanoi Taxi Groups, Mai Linh Taxi, Hanoi airport taxi).Or to make sure things on right track, in this case, you can show taxi driver your hotel in Hanoi and negociate the fixed price with him possible.On agreement, let’s go !

How to get to Hanoi center from Noibai airport3

Taxi service

Private car airport pick-ups with your signed names

This private car of airport pick-ups is a popular choice.The price is quite reasonable ranging from 15-18usd / 4 seaters or 7 seaters.You should book in advance with your hotels or travel agents.You just supply them with your flight number, arrival times, your names & your hotels in Hanoi.To make sure that you have someone pick up, you should write an email to reconfirm the booking and get the driver’s contact information.On your arrival time, driver with your signed names will pick you up at arrival hall, then take you to your booked hotel.This private car service is more professional and reliable with good service!

How to get to Hanoi center from Noibai airport8

Private pick-ups service

Those are some proper ways to reach Hanoi center from Noibai airport when you organise your travel plan to Vietnam yourselves. If you book Vietnam Holiday Packages, normally,travel companies normally operate their Vietnam tours included with their airport pick-up services already.For more information of Vietnam, its destinations or travel services, please, contact us at or viber us at +84.988451530.We wish you an enjoyable holiday in Vietnam!

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