How to get to Tam Dao National Park

How to get to Tam Dao National Park

We can travel to Tam Dao by different ways such as public buses, motobikes, private cars upon your choices of conveniences and comfort

How to get to Tam Dao ?

While doing Vietnam Holidays, you can make your trip more authentic and memorable by visiting Tam Dao national park for beautiful natures and wonderful climates where are popular for locals but new for foreign tourists.You can spend a day or 2 day tour to discover Tam Dao national park.

Way to get to Tam dao

Tam Dao is 85km far from Hanoi center and will take us 2 hours to reach there conveniently by motobikes, private car, public buses or taxies…

  • The easiest way is joining us on our private tour to Tam Dao national park in a day or 2 day druration. Good tour with all services included are customized to suit your travel need.Flexible and interesting travel programs will make your trip enjoyable and memorable.
  • The majority of young people are interested in taking motorcycles to Tam Dao for relatively short distances and very convenient transportation.You can rent a motorbike in Hanoi old quarters and travel there. From Hanoi to follow Pham Hung Street, go straight to the town of Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc province then turn to road 28 about 25 km further reaching to Tam Dao national park.
  • For some of people, they prefer going by public bus for both safety and cost savings (mostly students). You ride on bus number 58  (offline Long Bien - Me Linh) at Long Bien bus terminal to Me Linh Plaza, and transfer to bus number 01 to the town of Vinh Phuc, then take bus 07 Vinh Yen - Tam Dao.
  • Or take a bus from Hanoi to Vinh Yen at My Dinh bus station. Arrive in Vinh Yen, you can catch a taxi or motorcycle taxi to Tam Dao. In addition, you can take the train from Hanoi - Lao Cai train station in Vinh Yen down, then take the bus 07 or catch a taxi or motorcycle taxi to the top of Tam Dao.
  • For ones in the Central and Southern Vietnam, you can go by bus, train or plane to Hanoi, then move to Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc according to the schedules above.

To help to catch taxis in Vinh Yen to Tam Dao, we would like to provide some contacts with taxis in Vinh Phuc:

  •     Mai Linh Taxi in Vinh Phuc - 0211.2.262626
  •     Thien Duc Taxi - 0211.3.565656
  •     Vinh Yen Taxi - 0211.3.656565
  •     Huy Hoang Taxi - 0211.3.868686
  •     Thinh Hung Taxi - 0211.6.292929
  •     Dong Tam Taxi  -0211.3.696969

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