Although the Vietnamese government has tried to promote Vietnam as a friendly and safe destination where visitors will have a full experience after the Covid-19 pandemic. Vietnam is very confident because everything has returned to normal with high vaccination rates.

The epidemic situation in the world is decreasing and well controlled. The EU Aviation Safety Agency and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention have also lifted the mandatory requirement of wearing medical masks in airports and on flights from May 16, 2022.

However, on travel forums, there are many questions such as how is the situation of covid-19 in Vietnam? Is Vietnam safe to travel? It seems that although tourists really want to visit Vietnam, they are still hesitant. According to Golden Holiday Travel, guests ask a lot of information about entry procedures such as visa to Vietnam, medical declaration, covid test, covid insurance and some risky cases such as how to handle if being infected with Covid-19 when traveling in Vietnam...

A good sign is that a lot of visitors have come to Vietnam since the first day Vietnam re-opened for tourism, some are planning to tour Vietnam in the near future.


To give visitors peace of mind when planning a trip to Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel would like to update some information as follows:

Updated Vietnam Travel Requirements

According to the Covid-19 situation in the country and the world, Vietnam will gradually loosen epidemic prevention measures. Currently, the entry procedures to Vietnam are much simpler.

- Vietnam officially removed the medical declaration for visitors to Vietnam as well as doing the private tour on April 27, 2022

- Vietnam officially removed the requirement to have a negative Covid-19 test for visitors to Vietnam from May 15, 2022.

- However, travelers to Vietnam are still required to have medical insurance or travel insurance with Covid-19 treatment content with a minimum coverage of 10,000 USD.

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Questions and Answers:

1. Do we need to wear mask all the time in Vietnam?

Masks are still recommended in public places, but many Vietnamese are giving up masks or just wearing them as a habit. For visitors, you do not need to wear masks when not needed or when in close contact with crowds.

2. What if I get covid-19 while on tour?

If you have mild symptoms, you can do a quick test yourself and self-isolate at the hotel. Limit contact with others. In the case of a tour with Golden Holiday Travel, we will talk to the traveler to come up with the best way to handle it, with the least impact on the tour process in Vietnam as well as any changes that must be made. If you experience severe symptoms, Golden Holiday Travel will take you to the nearest medical facility, preferably for a doctor's advice.

3. Can we travel freely in Vietnam?

Thanks to the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has been well controlled as well as the highest vaccination rate in the world, Vietnam has really been a safe destination. Tourists can go anywhere, use public transport, local restaurants or interact with many people without worry. Vietnamese people are no longer afraid to interact with tourists, so tourism in Vietnam at this time has really returned to normal as before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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