Kho Muong village - what a nice trek to feel the beautiful scenery & hospitable Thai ethnic

Kho Muong village - what a nice trek to feel the beautiful scenery & hospitable Thai ethnic

As a nature lover & adventure trekker, I have visited Pu Luong nature reserve a few times before & experienced rafting on streams, trekking in Ban Don & Ban Hieu villages, and homestaying in local Thai's houses on stilt. I really love this destination for its untouched scenery of rice fields, green valleys, gorgeous mountains, which are dotted around authentic villages of friendly local Thai & Muong. This time I come back for a trek to discover Kho Muong village (the far- to - reached corner of Pu Luong mountain) & to conquer Pu Luong summit at 1700 m high compared to the sea level. In this blog, I will share you about my personal trek adventure to Kho Muong village, which could be great of use for your coming trip to Pu Luong nature reserve - Vietnam.

Kho Muong - the hidden village deep in Pu Luong Nature Reserve

10km far from Pho Doan town, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, Kho Muong is a remote village nested in the wild valley in the core zone of Pu Luong nature reserve. The hamlet is all surrounded by mountains of green primeval jungles and the home to 60 households with three hundred inhabitants of white Thai hilltribe. Nowadays, you can easily approach this village by car or motorbike from the main road but for your wonderful adventure, I highly recommend you a 3-4 hour treks across the mountains on the buffalo trails starting whether from Hieu or Don villages - really ideal trekking routes for hiking lovers.

Trek Ban Don - Kho Muong

Trekking down Ban Don with the view of golden rice fields

For me, I didn't know anything about the hidden trails for trekking route Ban Don to Kho Muong villages before so for the safe side and wonderful experiences of landscapes & region, I decided to get a local tourguide arranged for this journey and started my adventure trek to Kho Muong village from Ban Don hamlet two weeks ago ( mid June - the best time for golden rice fields in Pu Luong Nature Reserve).

With a night rain, the morning was so fresh & clear up with white clouds flying in far mountains - which promised a nice day for my adventure. After breakfast, I prepared some fast food & a few bottles of water packed in my bagpack, met my tourguide- Mr Sung at 7h00 a.m and journeyed to Kho Muong hamlet ( a full day hike of 18-20km like a circle down & up the valley).

Trek Ban Don - Kho Muong valley

The view down Ban Don in the morning

We hiked down the valley of Ban Don village, where we could have a nice capture of rice terraces in its fullest beauty during the harvest season (Sung said Ban Don was the best spot for terraced rice fields in Pu Luong nature reserve & the best time for golden rice field was in June & September), then climbed up the mountainside to Uoi village (it was fine to go up & slipery to go down so we suggested you to take a walking stick along to keep your balance in some cases).

Sliperry trekking trail - uoi village

The slipery trail aross the mountains Don to Uoi hamlet

After 1 hour hiking, we arrived at Uoi village, where local Thai have just harvested & begun their new rice crop so we could witness the beauty of rice terraces in falling-water time (the surfaces of rice terraces are now like sparkling mirrors reflecting the blue sky & clouds - especially when we view the fields from the mountain down).

Passing the scenic hamlets & nicely talking with locals who was planting rice in the fields, we continued hiking up on trails along mountain sides, captivated the valley & far mountains.The trails were with dirts & slipery, sometimes hidden by the forest without trace of the trails at all, but I felt relieved when travelling with Sung & kept chatting with him about local life here.

Trekking Uoi- Kho Muong village

The scenery of rice terraces & mountains while trekking Uoi to Kho Muong 

Though the trek was cool under the trees, the trails were up & up so it needed my constant effort to go ahead, surely I drank most of water packing  for this long trek.

Trek Uoi to Kho Muong

In more than 2.5 hour treks on buffalo trails from Uoi hamlet, we finally reached Kho Muong village, which surprised me with the preserved beauty of a peaceful and picturesque rural landscapes. Seen from above, the village amazed us with its pristine hilly scenery. Down the valley, the hamlet is the home of local white Thai ethnic, who still live the life of their ancestors in traditional wooden houses on stilts with thatched roofs, make their living by planting rice or corn in the farm. Between the village, we could find a gentle stream running day & night supplying water for their farm & daily life. All of those rural settings make Kho Muong an absolute tranquility or a haven of peace to release any fatigue of our journey.

Kho Muong village - view from the top

Kho Muong - the hidden village surrounded by mountains

Things to do in Kho Muong village

Experience local culture & daily life of white Thai people.

As a small village with an easy road to navigate around, we could easily walk around Kho Muong village to experience the local Thai's daily life, who make their living mostly by growing rice, corn and cassava.Until recently, thanks to the village's natural beauty, there are some homestays setting up to provide accommodation & meals of local dishes for visitors so this could bring a new source of earnings for locals. A visit to Kho Muong village can be done with trek on a day tour from nearby villages, however, overnight trip could be a good option as well, you will homestay in a local family, have meals of typical specialties such as rice cooked in bamboo tubes, mountainous banana flower salads, bitter soup, corn wine, spoiled duck meat.... - better chances to interact with Thai ethnic.....

Kho Muong village & its gentle stream

The gentle stream running along the hamlet

Explore Doi cave ( Kho Muong cave)

Doi Cave is a must- see place for anyone paying a visit to Kho Muong village - Pu Luong Nature Reserve, an attractive destination of peace and mystery which has been discovered recently.

To reach this attraction, we just walked along the stream & rice fields to the end of the village and saw a small roadway to the cave, which is challenging with old trees covering. The cavern was created with thousands of great blocks of limestone pillars, which may have existed for 250 million years.

Kho Muong cave

The view of Kho Muong cave with stalagmites

We did hike further into the cave, but it was a bit dark, quite slopping and slippery. Some bats flew around, water dropped down from the ceiling meticulously forming beautiful stalactites & stalagmites. We could view thousands of them in strange shapes showing how magic nature is.

Lunch of local dishes & continue hiking to NR 15C

After Kho Muong cave & we went back to the village, had a quick lunch of local dishes with a can of beer in Mr Nam's homestay, rested for a while, then hike up to the main road, where we would trek in 4 km more to reach NR15C to the center of Thanh Lam commune, then walked back to Ban Don village.

trekking Kho Muong village

I was myself after a long trek & socked with sweating clothes

In a nutshell, I really love this hiking experience Ban Don - Kho Muong : the distance of 18-20km like a circle is long enough for a full day trip, mixed between hard treks & soft ones, the scenery is beautiful with opportunities to visit some charming villages : Ban Don, Ban Uoi, Ban Kho Muong...and to interact with friendly local Thai ethnic. Highly recommend this adventure to any trekkers doing their trip to Pu Luong nature reserve.

Best time to visit Kho Muong hamlet - Pu Luong nature reserve

Like Pu Luong nature reserve, you can expect to visit Kho Muong village at any time of the year.

  • In rainy season (between May & October), it may rain & doesn't last long or make much troubles for your trekking trip.Travelling to Pu Luong in rainny season, you can enjoy pristine beauty of rice terraces : green, then golden rice color between May and June or between August and September when two harvests of the year happen - the best time to admire beauty of rice fields in Kho Muong village - Pu Luong. During the rainy season, storms in the lowland may make influences with big shower & strong wind, leading to some landslides in mountainous Pu Luong area, you should check the weather forcast in advance when planning your trekking adventure to Pu Luong mountains.

  • In dry season (between November & April), the weather is dry, cool & clear - ideal condition for your trekking journey to explore Kho Muong village or other hamlets in Pu Luong region.

customized Pu Luong trekking tour

Explore Kho Muong area on a Pu Luong trekking tour with Golden Holiday Travel

Above is our share of my recent adventure trek to Kho Muong village - Pu Luong nature reserve, also with suggested ideas for the best time to visit the region. Planning your trip to Pu Luong, in need of local travel support, hiking adventure in Pu Luong, travel service of private car transfer Hanoi to Pu Luong or experienced tourguide, feel free to drop us an email to or whatsapp us to +84.988451530 ( whatsapp), we are pleased to support you !

See you in Kho Muong - Pu Luong nature reserve - Vietnam !

Golden Holiday Travel Team !

Need local support, please, let us know!

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