Lac Village- an interesting destination for your Vietnam homestay tour

Lac Village- an interesting destination for your Vietnam homestay tour

Lac village is located in Mai Chau valley,by bright-green paddies, making it a sight to behold; the beauty of the place is enough reason for many tourists to stay longer than expected.

Would you like to get a homestay tour with Thai locals?Lac village in Mai Chau is your ideal destinaion for your Vietnam vacations to be with rural scenery such as rice fields,farming activities;with view of mountains and valleys where are dotted with locals'home.Your vietnam holidays will be a fresh experience to do trekking,biking through villages to have a great sense of locals'lifestyle, homestaying with their family,having delicious meals cooked by the host.

A 150km drive from Hanoi to the northwest taking us to Mai Chau Valley-the residential area of Thai, Black Mong & Muong ethnic groups.You can take part in our Vietnam tours or rent a private car from Hanoi  to go there.The view is rural,green and peaceful with friendly Thai people.The most popular choice is homstaying in stilt house in Lac village

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At sunset, it was slightly cold and tourists took a stroll on the path in the hamlet to enjoy the sweet scent from the paddy fields and buy some goods from the Thai people. In front of each stilt house, people put some small tables for displaying their brocaded products, such as purses, handbags and Pieu scarves (a traditional scarf of the Thai people).

They also hang an abundance of long cloth rolls and Ao com (a short traditional shirt of the Thai People) with distinctive patterns. In addition, unique products like wooden bells for buffalos, bamboo flutes, bows and cross-bows and knives were also displayed for sale. All the products were hand made by the Thai people.

Drumbeats can be heard during the night as the hamlet’s band and many families organise a bamboo pole-dance performance. A dancing team often includes beautiful girls who have learned dancing, singing and even a foreign language to receive tourists. Each performance often ends with a bamboo dance. The girls often invite guests to drink ruou can (wine drunk from a jar through pipes)

After the party ends, tourists curl up in a sui blanket made from the bark of an Antiarias tree to have a good sleep on the floor of the stilt house.

Currently, Lac Hamlet has 25 stilt houses for tourism that are built in a chessboard architectural style. An overnight stay in a stilt house costs VND50,000-70,000 per person.

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If you are interested in traveling Vietnam, don't hesitate to contact us at have designed a lot of Vietnam tour packages to suit your requirements or if you are interested in visiting Lac Village in Mai Chau, you can join us in Mai Chau Tours , homestaying with Thai locals.

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