Lac village, a place worth to visit in Mai Chau valley

Lac village, a place worth to visit in Mai Chau valley

Are you fed up with the city's bustle & hustle? You would love to surround yourselves in pristine mountainscapes & authentic rural life? ... Let's review about Lac village in this article and well plan your journey to Mai Chau valley for your great travel experiences.....

Lac village, a famous site of community tourism in Mai Chau valley

Located in the hidden corner of Mai Chau valley, Ban Lac ( Lac village) is beautifully surrounded by gorgeous mountains, pleasant streams & green paddy fields which create a pristinely rustic scenery -  an ideal place for any visitors who love natural landscapes & nice escape from the city life.

Lac village - Mai Chau

Lac village in Mai Chau valley

The hamlet is the living place of about 150 families of local White Thai who came orginally from China direction and have settled up their life in this region for ages.The local Thai ethnic group speak Thai language, dress traditional custumes and live on stilted houses.Rice cultivation & livestock culture are popularly practised among locals for their daily income.Thai people are largely known in Vietnam for their friendliness & their hospitality.They warmly welcome you to their village and are happy share about their brocade weaving technique as well as their distingtive cultures.

Homestay - Ban lac

Homestay on traditional stilted house

Be loved among local & international tourists, locals in Ban Lac did developed the type of community tourism to better their income : they improved their house condition with western toilet & hygiene; created their special menu of local dishes to serve their beloved clients, bikes for rental as well as organized performance team of local girls & boys to share tourists Mai Chau landscapes & local culture through their lovely dances & interesting songs.That's why Lac village is one of Mai Chau valley's top things for tourists to do when planning their journey to Mai Chau.

What to do in Lac village, Mai Chau valley?

A visit to Lac village will bring you chances to experience scenic mountainscapes & authentic rural life.The hamlet overviews to magnificient forested mountains & green paddy fields - pictureque landscapes for your nice retreat. You can homestay on a traditional stilted house of White Thai family or overnight on a high-ending bungalow (some of them are recently built to meet the demands of tourism development).Homestaying with local Thai & tasting their home - cooked dishes are nice opportunities to interact with them & live their daily ways - surely will enrich your holiday with local cultural insights and valuable experiences.

Home cooked meals in Mai Chau

Home - cooked lunch in Mai Hich homestay

During the day, you can take part in healthy outdoor activities such as hiking with local guides or biking around the village or to surrounding neighboorhoods in Mai Chau valley such as Van, Pom Coong village or Mai Hich village in Sam Khoe commune for more admiration of pristine landscapes and non-touristic villages in the region.

Mai Chau biking exploration

Cylcing to visit Mai Chau valley

If you love cave exploration, there are two typical caves near Lac village for you to explore such as Chieu cave & Mo Luong one. Make sure to put the shoes on and bring a few bottles of water along.The first cave is dark & deep including four hidden parts - quite slipery & rocky to reach those parts but a great feeling of conqueration.The second one is on the high mountainside which can only be reached by climbing over 1,200 steps - a worth journey to have a stunning captivation of Mai Chau valley & its town.

View to Mai Chau valley from Chieu cave

The view from Chieu cave down Mai Chau valley

At sunset, it is really beautiful with mountain views, you can take a stroll on the path of the hamlet to enjoy the sweet scent from the paddy fields and buy some hand-made products by Thai people.In each family in Mai Chau,there is a loom where a women works on her fabrics for all her life. Thai brocade fabrics has been known for the rich colors, raised patterns and recent years, very stylish and fashionable. Silk brocade and hemp brocade are made and dyed meticulously and entirely from natural elements.In front of each stilt house, people put some small tables for displaying their brocades, such as purses, handbags and Pieu scarves (a traditional scarf of the Thai people).In addition, unique products like wooden bells for buffalos, bamboo flutes, bows and cross-bows and knives were also displayed for sale.Buying their handicraft is not only worth your money but also helps the local community prosper without abandoning their traditional practice.

Ban Lac Mai Chau weaving

Weaving loom & brocades

At night, it will be a big thrill to join in a special performance of dances & songs performed by local boys & girls.Drumbeats can be heard during the night as the hamlet’s band and many families organise bamboo pole-dance performances. A dancing team often includes beautiful girls who have learned dancing, singing and even a foreign language to receive tourists.By the show, they happily share you stories about local ethnics, their life, love & beautiful landscapes in the region thru their songs and dances.Each performance often ends with a bamboo dance. The girls often invite guest to take part in bamboo dance along with local songs and drink Can wine ( a fermented local alcohol on a jar with a tube to suck) -  a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and end a beautiful day in a friendly atmosphere.

Traditional performance by locals

Bamboo stick dance in Ban Lac - Mai Chau

After the party ends, it is cosy to curl you up in a sui blanket made from the bark of an Antiarias tree for a good sleep on the floor of the stilt house.

Suggested day trips from Lac village.

1. Sam Khoe commune of less touristic trekking route & authentic rural villages

If you are interested in the less-touristic area of Mai Chau valley, we recommend a full day hike in Sam Khoe commune, trekking along Mai Hich & Te villages.This hiking route is on the valley viewing mountains, passing a few local Thai hamlets, scenic streams & pristine farms of corns & rice.Along the dirt trails, you will really experience authentic village life with mostly traditional houses on stilts, chicken, pigs, dogs running around the villages; farmers still use the buffalos for their farming. You can tell the guide to arrange the lunch on a homestay for you in advance.

Mai Chau trekking to Hich & Buoc village

2. Pa Co market - chances to meet different local ethnics in the regions

Pa Co market is 20km far frm Mai Chau town, a typical trade fair among local ethnics in Mai Chau & Moc Chau region and only takes place on Sunday.A visit to Pa Co market, you can meet such typical ethnic groups as Black Hmong, Muong, White Thai, Back Thai & Viet in their colorful dresses coming exchange their self-made or self-grown products or just to meet eachother.Pa Co market attracts visitors by providing them with an introduction to the daily life of some typical ethnic groups in Mai Chau, Vietnam.

Pa Co market

A visit to this market could be extended with some hiking to Hang Kia & Xa Linh villages to get rich insights of Black Hmong ethnics' daily life. We suggest to do on a day trip with a local tourguide.

3. Pu Luong nature reserve.

Pu Luong is a protected nature reserve, 50km from Lac hamlet, characterized by parrallel forested mountain ranges and deep valley at the bottom - the residential & cultivating sites of Black Thai & Muong ethnics.A day trip to Pu Luong nature reserve, you can do some hiking down the valley admiring scenic rice terraces, mountainscapes, rustic hamlets of Black Thai people, waterfalls & typical waterwheels in Ban Cong, Kho Muong or Hieu villages.If more time you can spend a few days trekking & homestaying in local villages as well....

View down the rice terraces

4. Kayaking in Hoa Binh lake.

Kayaking Hoa Binh reservoir (lake) can be your journey of interesting experiences.The gorgeous beauty of the reservoir can be fully reflected whilst paddling among evergreen tropical forest, karst mountains and numerous hill tribe villages. Nature and human intermingled within tranquility, just as calm as the slow moving water of Vietnam’s largest man-made reservoir.A day trip is fine from Lac village to explore Hoa Binh lake's scenery on paddles and can be added with a trek to visit a hamlet of Muong ethnics living by the reservoir

kayaking in Hoa Binh lake - mai chau

How to get to Lac village , Mai Chau?

Lac village is located in Mai Chau valley, 150 km far from Hanoi on a good road condition. If you are intersted in adventure & skilful in motorbike driving, this could be a flexible choice to explore this magnificient & rural mountainous region on motorbike.Safer & cheaper way, you can catch local buses daily from Yen Nghia or My Dinh bus stations to Mai Chau town, then some more walk to Ban Lac.Another option is hiring a private car Hanoi to Mai Chau valley, you will get picked up from your hotel & have comfortable journey (no need to wait for the others) to Mai Chau basing on your booked travel itineraries.For the customized trip of special experiences to explore Lac village- Mai Chau valley, you can book Mai Chau tour packages of your interest.The trip includes with private car transfer with tourguide, driver, hotel rooms, meals, trekking & biking activities. You just relaxe & enjoy the sightseeing journey. In need of travel consultants, travel services to Ban Lac - Mai Chau, feel free to email us at or whatsapp us +84.988451530 ( whatsapp & viber)

See you in Ban Lac - Mai Chau valley

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