Mai Chau, a beautiful valley for your exploration

Mai Chau, a beautiful valley for your exploration

Mai Chau, an interesting place for your escaping from city noice and enjoying peaceful and natural beauty of mountains & valleys

Mai Chau, an ideal destination for your holiday retreat

Mai Chau belongs to Hoa Binh province, just 150 km far from Hanoi.You can join a shared- group tour, book a private tour or just rent a private car with driver in 3.5 hour drive to reach this valley from Hanoi.Mai Chau is a large & flat valley with towering mountains surrounded, has long been the home to seven ethnic minority groups to name as white Thai, black Thai (two biggest groups in population in this region), Black H'mong, Muong, Tay, Zao & Viet.Thanks to its majestic mountainsacpes, its friendly locals and nice budget homestays, Mai Chau has attracted a lot of visitors each year for peaceful & relaxed vacation, for cultural exchanges and for adventure interest of trekking to off-beaten-path villages. For a nice tour to Mai Chau, please, contact us for free consultancy of  Mai Chau travel routes that fit you the most!

Mai Chau valley

When is the best time to visit Mai Chau?

The same as Hanoi, the summer & the autumn in Mai Chau ( from May to September) are quite hot, humid and rainy.The best time to visit Mai Chau is from October to April when the weather is pleasant and not rainy. You can do most of outdoor activities to discover natural beauty of Mai Chau pleasantly & conveniently!

Mai Chau valley view

Mai Chau attractions to visit?

1. Poom Com, Lac & Van villages

Travelling to Mai Chau, most of tourists pay their visit to and spend their overnight  on one of these villages : Lac , Poom Com & Van villages where white Thai people live.They are just small villages so you can take a walk along their villages to see their daily life, interact with friendly local Thai, watch how Thai ladies weave to make their own dresses and have a vivid view of farming activities such as ploughing with water buffaloes, planting rice or fertilizing the rice fields.

Mai Chau valley-mountain view

In these villages, most of  houses on stilts are partly used as homestays for visitors.You will spend our night in those homestays and eat local meals cooked by the host. If you would like to stay in private room in nice resorts or hotels with airconditioning, it is possible with professional service in Mai Chau as well. At night, you can enjoy interesting cultural exchanges with Thai people by joining their traditional dances & songs performed by Thai boys & girls.In this show, performers put on their colourful traditional dresses of different ethnic groups, together with their songs to welcome you,to show you their distinct cultures by dances.You can dance & sing along with them in a bamboo stick dances or drink local wines by tube (Ruou Can in Vietnamese) with them. How interesting & meaningful this show is for Mai Chau!   

Mai Chau’s surrounding villages & areas.

Mai Chau valley buffalo

From Lac ,Van & Poom Coom villages, you can walk  through or do biking tour along Mai Chau valley to visit some nearby villages where are still primitively rural & not at all with tourist influence and no travel services such as homestay, restaurant, souvernirs. You can have talks with friendly locals, have photos with them, their villages & their nice areas.You may like to do some excercises,Chieu cave could be your good choice trekking thousand steps up to conquer the peak  where you can explore the beauty of Chieu Cave with stalamites & stalatites.Or you may like shopping or see how locals exchange with their goods, Mai Chau market is just in short distance to approach.You can view the stream of local ethnics happily heading to markets to trade local products or just to meet their friends because it takes place only one day in a week.It is nice to attend their colorful market reflected by goods items or dresses of different ethnics themselves.You can buy some local products of your interest for souvernirs home.

Moc Chau Pleataux

Mai Chau valley- Moc Chau

If you have some days visting Mai Chau valley, you can extend your tour routes to Moc Chau pleataux .Moc Chau town and its surroundings are located approximately 40 km from Mai Chau and just one hour drive to get there. In this area you will see a large tea plantations in the hillsides.Moc Chau is also well known for growing area of plums, apricots and other fruits so that nice photos of blooming flowers you will see especially in spring time.

Pu Luong nature reserve.

Mai Chau valley- Pu Luong

About 30km far from Mai Chau valley, Pu Luong nature reserve is an ideal destination to get stunning view of tarraced rice fields, forests, mountains & beautiful waterfall in a long stretching valleys where are also the home of many ethnic villages.You can do trekking tours to remote villages ( off-beaten-path villages).You will follow dirt trails conecting this villages to another ones to see daily local life of Black Thai & Muong ethnics in Pu Luong nature reserve.You can do homestay with locals in some typical villages which were newly operated in Pu Luong nature reserve such as Don Village, Kho Muong village & Hieu village. It is good to experience early stage of travel service with frendly locals and authentic local foods here.

Mai Chau valley exploration with Golden Holiday Travel

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