Mekong River Delta Tours

Mekong river with its nine main tributaries running to the sea (in Vietnam, its local name is Cuu Long or Nine Dragon River) did a great contribution to form fertile Mekong river delta - one of largest rice baskets in Vietnam for rice, fruit & vegetable cultivation.Trips to Mekong river delta, you can experience peaceful rural sceneries with green fruit & rice plantations and daily life of hospitable villagers living there.On those pre-designed Mekong river delta travel itineraries departing from Ho Chi Minh city, you will have chances to take part in boat rides or bike routes or Mekong river cruises exploring local villages & their orchard gardens or typical floating markets in the region.Let's have those trips of Mekong delta reviewed for the details and choose your journey of your preference to best discover Mekong river delta..........

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Mekong river delta tours Vietnam.

You can book Vietnam Holiday Packages including Mekong delta exploration or just register single Mekong river delta tours with us.As a local travel company in Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel have done regular inspection to Mekong river's attractions and to local suppliers of hotels & cruises to make sure of your good travel experiences when doing a visit to this land of nine dragons.

Mekong river delta tours will take travelers to the most beautiful places in Mekong River Delta, such as Chau Doc, Cai Be Floating Market, Traditional Craft Villages, river gateway to Vietnam and Cambodia, Phu Quoc Island, Can Tho, My Tho, Ben Tre, Can Gio eco-forest.

Cai Be -boat ride -Mekong delta

The view of local church & villagess from boat ride along Tien river

Customized Mekong river delta tours.

If those pre-designed trips of Mekong river delta do not meet your travel interest, you would like to have the tailor-made tours flexibly suiting you needs, please,detail us your hobby, travel activities or places of your choice, service level & trip duration to or whatsapp us at +84.988451530 (viber, whatsapp), our travel experts will promptly reply you back, suggest suitable trips or customize the travel itineraries with compettive qoutations for your Mekong river delta journey of big memory.

More photos of Mekong river delta journeys.

Mekong river exploration by boat

Day cruise to visit Mekong river delta

Cai Rang floating market

Local trader's boat selling fruits on Cai Rang market

Floating Cai Rang market

Experience Mekong river floating market

Boat ride to explore Cu Lao An Binh

Peaceful boat row to visit Cu Lao An Binh

Folk Songs Performances

Local folk song Dan Ca Tai Tu