Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

With its clear vision ahead & its core values as important guidelines to run the business, Golden Holiday Travel has its vital missions to promote a beautiful & friendly Vietnam to the world, to be our clients' best partner and to bring positive impacts of tourism development to the life of local community......

From our love of fatherland & our passion in sharing Vietnam's beautiful landscapes & its rich cultures to the world, Golden Holiday Travel was established on 14th June 2012 by an active & experienced team who have worked in the tourism industry for years as tourguides, sales executives, tour operators... We cooperated and started the company with our pride, confidence & belief motivated by our clear visions to go ahead, guided by our core values to inspire us everyday and reminded us the missions we need to fulfil as follow.

Co-founder meeting

Co-founder party after meeting

Our Visions & Goals.

- Vietnam is a trending tourist destination in Asia and beloved among visitors doing the trips to Vietnam for her beautiful landscapes, her rich cultural diversity, eventful history & friendly people.We are fascinated in our motherland's travel potentials and would love actively to promote it internationally as well as support foreign travellers well in exploring the best of Vietnam with our ground travel services.

- Develop Golden Holiday Travel to be a strong brandname in Vietnam Tourism in terms of customers' services (clients' best partner before, during & after their Vietnam vacation), uniquely interesting travel products and applying innovative technologies of marketting & sale automation.

- Travelling responsibly is our focus reflected in our slogan "Feeling Vietnamese Values & Cultures" & product design.We constantly inspect new tourist destinations, design the tour programs and use the local's supplied services ( homestay, bike rental, home-cooked meals, local guide....).In this way, we can bring our clients chances to visit new places & learn about authentic local culture as well as together contribute our small part in improving local people's incomes, preserving local cultural & traditional values and conserving their living environment.

Team Work GHT

The inspection trip of sale team to Hoang Su Phi rice terraces

Our Missions:

- Pay utmost attention to Customer Services : from the useful information before the trip ( marketting acticles, direct consultancy & trip suggestion), detailed cares to services during the trip operation, to the customer service after the trip.Those processes are well organized & systemized for each groups travelling with us to make sure our clients' satisfied experiences when booking their Vietnam Travel Service with us. 

- Build strong teamwork : we strongly emphasize the trust among our team – so that each member will help and support eachother to be better eachday to fulfil our visions & well support our clients.We cannot achieve our common goals if working individually, only as a team can we succeed. We know how to share the difficulties, enjoy success together, and always show up with a positive attitude.We seek to make our work inspirational and to establish an active company culture.

- Design uniquely interesting travel programs to available tourist attractions as well as new destinations in Vietnam for our clients' best exploration of Vietnam's beautiful landscapes, her rich cultures & customs as well as their interaction with friendly Vietnamese during their Vietnam trips with us.

- Apply the automation technologies positively in marketting & sales process, in customer care as well as in workflow management to make the bussiness run smoothy & save the cost of operation effectively.Thanks to this approach, we can therefore offer better prices to our clients.

Client meeting at the hotel

Customer greeting at Metropole Hotel

Our Core Values:

Authentic :

Our top goal is to make your trip to Vietnam a unique experience with much focus on the authentic values of local life and cultures
So if you are looking for really authentic experiences, you have come to the right place at Golden Holiday Travel.With this focus, our professional team will bring you lots of local insights and little surprises along the way and make you feel like part of local community not just a tourist, which cannot be provided by " mass travel" tour operators. You will surely get much more than you expect from selected destinations and the activities involved.You're guaranteed to get a sense of the culture and return home with unforgettable memories

Photo with local children

Flexible :

Our pre-designed itineraries which have been designed with much flexibility of some free days between so that you can do your own things as you wish. Beside that, you can also customize your itineraries based on your own interest of things to do and see.Moreover you will also get a lot of sincere advices and suggestions from our travel consultants before you book the tour. Changes up to your requests are seriously taken to ensure your satisfactions.

Responsible :

We run all our trips in as responsible manner as possible. Our preference is to employ local staffs, use "locally owned" and " locally run" travel services to maximize the positive impacts of tourism on local communities and contribute to their sustainable developments.

Photo along Nang river


We are a local travel agent having a long term partnership with hotels, restaurants, transfer service,cruises so that we can locally deal with and get very good rates, together with their good service guarenteed!Moreover,we put our service online,reducing much more the cost of advertisment and transactions.And our small-sized bussiness with an effective management of strong teamwork and active company culture surely maximize quality of travel products and therefore cut the cost of bussiness administration as well

With our missions & these core values in mind and our positive vision of Vietnam tourism development, Golden Holiday Travel Team will eagerly work with open heart and mind to be your friendly friend in Vietnam and partly contribute to the growth of national tourism in the year to come!

Need local support, please, let us know!