Mui Ne - The most attractive beach destination for your Vietnam Holidays

Mui Ne - The most attractive beach destination for your Vietnam Holidays

Mui Ne is also endowed with sand dunes, a magnificent landscape which has become an endless source of inspiration for photographers due to constant wind-driven changes in its appearance.

Golden Holiday Travel : Stretching 192km along the coast, the southern province of Binh Thuan boasts great potential for tourism development, especially sea tourism - the most popular destination in Vietnam and perfect beach to end your Vietnam Tours, Vietnam Holidays before coming home.

Mui Ne - Vietnam tours, Vietnam Holidays


“Paradise” of health resorts

On October 24, 1995, a total solar eclipse occurred in Phan Thiet city of Binh Thuan province, attracting hundreds of thousands of domestic and international scientists and visitors. Since that day, the name Binh Thuan has become well established on the tourism map of Vietnam and the world, and October 24 has become the Province’s Tourism Day.

Regarding Binh Thuan’s tourism sector, it is impossible not to mention Mui Ne – Phan Thiet which is considered a paradise for health resorts. The image of Mui Ne with white sand dunes stretching out in the bright tropical sunshine, waves crashing into the calm fishing village, rows of coconut trees and stone steps, has long been familiar to visitors.

Mui Ne is also endowed with sand dunes, a magnificent landscape which has become an endless source of inspiration for photographers due to constant wind-driven changes in its appearance. It is also the capital of resorts in Vietnam, with over 100 eco-convalescence centres, resorts and villas, with natural, beautiful sites, modern architecture, a fresh sea environment, sunshine, wind and sand.

Binh Thuan province has Phan Thiet Bay which, rather shallow and very windy, is ideal for sea sports such as surfing, sailing and kite surfing. From October to April, when the wind gusts are at their highest, Binh Thuan is besieged by international friends who come to windsurf and kite surf.

Apart from sea related amusement activities, visitors can participate in other unique sports on land, such as conquering the sand dunes, paragliding in the brilliant sunshine, or golfing at Phan Thiet or Sea Link golf courses.

With these advantages, every year Mui Ne attracts over two million visitors, including over 220,000 foreign visitors, coming from Russia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Britain, South Korea, China, Japan, the US, Canada and Mexico.

Mui Ne, Vietnam Tours, Vietnam Holidays

Land of festivals

In addition to its sea tourism potential, Binh Thuan also has cultural and festival tourism strength because of its many cultural and architectural works, as well as unique festivals of the Viet, Cham and Hoa ethnic groups.

Binh Thuan is home to Po Klong Moh Nai Temple, a typical cultural work of the Cham people, where over 100 precious objects of Cham royalty are preserved, such as the crowns, robes, boots, shoes, rings and bracelets of the kings and queens. It also has Po Sah Inu Towers, dating from the 8th Century, devoted to the Shiva Genie and a sacred set of stone linga and yoni of the Cham people.

Binh Thuan also boasts many unique cultural works, such as the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia (built in 1899) at Ke Ga Cape, Vietnam’s biggest Buddha statue on Ta Cu Mountain, the biggest whale skeleton in Van Thuy Tu Communal House, the most colourful Co Thach stone ground in Tuy Phong District and the relic site of Duc Thanh School, built in 1907 in Phan Thiet City, where President Ho Chi Minh taught before he went abroad to seek ways to save the country. In particular, the project of Binh Thuan Water Tower, a unique architectural work designed by Lao Prince and architect Souphanouvong, was completed in 1934 and is considered a symbol of Phan Thiet City.

Apart from a system of tangible heritages, the community of ethnic groups living in Binh Thuan also has a rich system of festivals and rituals, such as Cau Ngu (fish worshipping) Festival of the Kinh ethnic group; Kate Festival of the Brahmin Cham ethnic group; Nghinh Ong Quan Thanh Festival of the Hoa community in Phan Thiet City; and Dinh Thay Thim Festival which bears the specific cultural features of Binh Thuan Province - it is one of few festivals in Southern Vietnam listed in the dictionary of Vietnamese Festivals.

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