Post Covid 19 - fees of quarantine, testing and treatment for people entering Vietnam

Post Covid 19 - fees of quarantine, testing and treatment for people entering Vietnam

Current information about entering Vietnam during Covid 19 pandemic : quarantine, negative Covid 19 confirmation from local authorities & treatment for people entering Vietnam....

Entering Vietnam post Covid 19 with international health insurance, negative Covid 19 confirmation & quarantine.

The Prime Minister asked all foreigners entering Vietnam to buy international health insurance with the scope of payment for medical examination and treatment in Vietnam in accordance with the length of stay in Vietnam.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc agreed with the Ministry of Finance's proposal to apply concentrated medical isolation fees for entry into Vietnam.

Accordingly, in case a person who enters Vietnam and wish to perform isolation at a hotel, resort or other places that selected as a isolation place and approved by the competent authority, the individual will have to pay for it. Expenses for meals, accommodation and living in the period of isolation for hotels, resorts or others are at the prices set by hotels, resorts...

In case persons who enter Vietnam and perform concentrated isolation at military barracks, military schools, other places designated by the competent state agency as a concentrated isolation place, must pay for themselves. meal expenses are at 80,000 VND / day (about $3.5); the cost of serving daily living needs during medical isolation days is 40,000 VND / day (about $2).

Noi cách ly

All cases of entry to Vietnam must comply with the test order for SARS-CoV-2 and pay the medical facility test cost at the current rates of medical services.

Regarding the cost of examination and treatment for COVID-19, for Vietnamese people, the state budget shall cover.

For foreigners, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Health to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries and agencies to work on, but must suit actual situation.

How much is the COVID-19 test in Vietnam?

Service No. 1735: Real-time PCR for bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites is 734,000 VND ($32) / sample for real-time PCR testing.
Service No. 1736: rapid test for bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites is 238,000 VND ($10) / sample for fast testing.

Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet re-operate international routes.

On September 17, Vietjet airline announced that it would re-operate regular flights to Japan, Korea and Taiwan (China) to meet the needs of safe travel, study and travel.

Vietjet representative affirmed that the airline is urgently reopening international flights to Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea) and Taipei (Taiwan, China) from September 29.


Frequency of operation 1 trip per week at some routes such as: Ho Chi Minh City - Tokyo (Narita, Japan), Ho Chi Minh City - Seoul (Incheon, South Korea), Hanoi - Taipei (Taoyuan, Taiwan) .

Passengers exiting Vietnam are required to have a negative certificate for COVID-19 issued within 3 days before the flight as well as comply with the mandatory medical quarantine requirements of the host country.

Meanwhile, Vietnam Airlines said that from September 18, it would officially re-operate the first regular international flights after the time affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, by starting with single flights from Vietnam to Japan.

Flights from Hanoi to Narita Airport (Tokyo) departing at 11:45 am on September 18, September 25, and September 30; From Ho Chi Minh City to Narita, departing at 0:00 on September 30 by Boeing 787.

In the opposite direction, the airline has not been able to sell tickets to customers from Japan to Vietnam because it has to wait for specific regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines said that with the afternoon passenger flights from Japan to Vietnam, it will be done after the official decision of the aviation authorities. Currently Vietnam Airlines is working with the Aviation Department to have a specific plan.

For the flight to Korea, Vietnam Airlines is flying to Seoul once a week and the return is only carrying cargo, no passenger. As for routes to Taiwan and Guangzhou (China), Vietnam Airlines is waiting for specific regulations from the airline authorities to make specific flight plans.

The Ministry of Transport requires the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam to be responsible for informing the requirements of Vietnam to the airlines and passengers on flights regarding entry regulations, immigration procedures and conditions of Vietnam for those wishing to enter the country before boarding the plane.

Accordingly, the airline only sells tickets to those who have an entry visa and a specific place of stay in Vietnam. When selling tickets, airlines are responsible for checking the negative COVID-19 confirmation issued by the local authorities.

The airline must send the airport authority a list of passengers expected to take the flight 12 hours prior to departure time and a detailed list of passengers 30 minutes prior to the actual flight departure time.

Vietnam's immigration procedures and conditions for those who want to enter before boarding the plane are temperature check, install electronic medical declaration application (NCOVI), negative RT-PCR certificate with COVID-19 issued by the competent health authority of the host country within 3 days prior to boarding (except for some areas that do not issue this document).

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