Presidential Palace in Hanoi

Presidential Palace in Hanoi

The Presidential Palace is a typical & beautiful building of French colonial architecture worth for your visiting when doing a vacation to Hanoi, Vietnam

The Presidential Palace Hanoi -an impressive building of French architecture

The Presidential Palace is a part of Ho Chi Minh Complex and located next to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. When doing your  trip paying homage to our great leader Ho Chi Minh in his Mausoleum, getting an entrance ticket of 40.000 vnd, you can visit the places where President Ho Chi Minh used to live & work ( 1954-1969), together with a nice view of  this palace- a elegant building of French colonial architecture as well.The palace is a big contrast to a simple house on stilts,in which Uncle Ho lived and worked between 1958 and 1969, till his decease.

Presidential Palace HCMM

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The history of The Presidential Palace

The palace was built in 1900 and completed in 1906 by the French. At that time, it was used as the head office of the French Governer- General of Indochina.The building is of distinct colonial architectural style, with the massive iron gate, the bright yellowish façade with a grand staircase.The whole structure was designed by French architect Auguste Henri Vildieu. It is of an architectural style called Beaux-Arts, which was quite prevailing back that time.

After gaining a victory against the French in Dien Bien Phu battle, Ho Chi Minh President & Government came back to Hanoi on 10th October 1954 – the day of Hanoi capital liberation with big annual celebrations . The structure was supposed to be the headquarter of new-born government, but the leader, the great Ho Chi Minh, refused to live there for the worry about symbolic negative influences.In stead, he chose a humble house nearby to live and work there. The palace was only used for holding important diplomatic or governmental meetings or receiving significant foreign dignitaries, as like today

Presidential Palace Hanoi11

Elegant view of Presidental Palace

Therefore,now, the Presidential Palace is not opened to the general public to tour around, but the massive garden around it is. A lane, lined up by mango trees, is meandering through the garden, starting from the visitor’s entrance and leading up to the stilt house at the end. The Presidential Palace can be observed quite clearly from there, and wandering off the lane is strongly not recommended. The palace is opened from 7:30 to 11:00am, 1:30pm to 4:00pm every day.

The location of the Presidential Palace

In order to visit this palace, you can do it yourselves or  it is a better way to take part in our guided Hanoi city tour operated daily to explore different famous attractions in Hanoi, including a stop to the Presidential Palace .This Hanoi Tour surely provides you with valuable insights of Hanoi’s history, culture & people.For more information about Hanoi or Hanoi tours,you can visit our travel site or feel free to email us, we will feedback you with useful consultancy for your enjoyable vacation in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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