Pu Luong Nature Reserve in Vietnam- an ideal destination for eco-tourists

Pu Luong Nature Reserve in Vietnam- an ideal destination for eco-tourists

Pu Luong nature reserve is a naturally beautiful destination, off-beaten-path place with many exciting activities to relax and to be close to nature ! Let's expose yourselves to this nature and keep your stressful work away !

General information of Pu Luong nature reserve

In local Thai language, Phu Luong or Pu Luong means “the highest summit of the village”.Pu Luong nature reserve was established in 1999 with its location in Ba Thuoc District of Thanh Hoa Province, in the northwestern area of Vietnam and its whole area of 17,662 ha, encompassing by three districts of Hoa Binh Province including Mai Chau, Tan Lac, and Lac Son. The value of biodiversity in this park is wonderful with its rich flora and fauna system that has a close association with Cuc Phuong National Park.The reserve is situated along two parallel ranges of mountains running from the north-west to south-west, with its lush central valley scattered with many tradditional villages of Thai & Muong ethnic groups and the vast area of farming land. The landscape is truly beautiful & impressive.

Travelling to Pu Luong, the nature lovers and holidaymakers can see nature of the forested hills, the immense valleys of stunning terraced rice fields & poetic villages, the intact rivers & waterfalls, the imposing mountain ranges, and more. The destination owns high elevation and extensive ranges of the tropical evergreen forest-the peaceful home for many floral and faunal species. Besides,you will have chances of meeting kind-hearted & friendly local ethnics of Thai & Muong long-time living there, getting to know their authentic life style & interesting cultures.

Pu Luong nature reserve- rice field

Stunning view of rice terrace in Pu Luong reserve

Top things to do in Pu Luong nature reserve


A vast valleys are the home to many ethnic hill tribes, offering you  many scenic trekking routes to conquer. While trekking in the nature reserve,you just enjoy sightseeing pure natures spotlighted with the magic hill, colorful terraced rice field, and poetic hamlet with very friendly locals.Up to your interest & your health, you can choose a trekking route suitable for you such as easy trek to the nearby hamlets or the challenging one to the summit of Pu Luong and or the multiple-day trekking through several villages and the off-beaten path trails.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve - trekking

Trekking in Pu Luong reserve


Cycling is one of the most authentic ways to explore the breathtaking corners of Pu Luong. Here, the energetic bikers find the steep valleys and remote tracks to bike on the scenic route. Once they cycle along the picturesque terraced rice fields, the panoramic valley, and the mountain passes, they get a sense of victory and feel close to nature. It’s possible to select the adequate biking level from easy to moderate and advanced. Besides, take it easy to cycle across some local villages in the lowland of Pu Luong.

Pu Luong nature reserve - biking

Biking tour in Pu Luong park


It is popular for locals to use bamboo raft  for crossing the rivers or fishing.Rafting lets you become a fisherman for hours and sail the bamboo rafts on the friendly river. You’ll truly love the peaceful feeling when floating through the beautiful Cham River. Besides, images of the simple local farming life around help calm your mind well. If wanted, it’s inspirational to get hands-on experience in the day-to-day lives of the local fishermen. Take a new journey with your paddle if you’re active enough!

Pu Luong nature reserve- rafting

Rafting tour along river in Pu Luong nature


Easier way than rafting, you will surely love kayaking in Pu Luong’s river, especially during the rainy time. So, don’t be reluctant to use the paddle to find your ways through the beautiful riverscape, pass by the simple stilted houses, the eye-catching water wheels as well as the green farmland. Together with rafting, kayaking lets you fully touch and experience the water world of Pu Luong.

Pu Luong nature reserve kayaking

Kayaking in Pu Luong nature


As Pu Luong is beautifully natural with impressive outlook  to open valleys & surrounding mountains, you can simply choose to relax in a resort or bungalow .The pure and harmonious atmosphere will inspire you to enjoy the real relaxation. Here are some ideas to carry out: reading funny books, having a glass of wine at the pool, swimming, sunbathing, walking in harmony with nature, gardening or farming if you like, etc. As it’s your time to relax, do whatever you feel comfortable!

Where to stay in Pu Luong nature reserve?

Pu Luong Retreat resort

If you’re visiting Pu Luong Nature Reserve, the best choice is to stay in Pu Luong Retreat resort – a newly-built resort with 9 bungalows, 1 traditional stilted house with 16 comfortable beds, 1 alfresco restaurant, infinity pool, spa zone and rock garden. Each detail in this retreat aims to provide the customers with peace, comfort, and happiness Just driving 4 hours from Hanoi, you see the eco retreat nestled on a hillside, offering the stunning view of the whole area. It is worth to be a peaceful escape for you to surround yourself with the marvelous terraced rice fields, the charming rivers and waterfalls, the magnificent mountain passes and the traditional hamlets.

Pu Luong nature reserve- retreat resort

Resort of Pu Luong retreat

Ban Hieu Ecolodge owned by Mr Si's family

Located in a remote village of Ban Hieu, this bungalow offers you the feeling of conquering after a long trek to the top of the mountain slope with open view to the valleys dotted by immense rice tarraces and to Hieu waterfalls.Quite with private balcony & room in the middle of the reserve,operated by a friendly local family & delicious local foods you can expect to have here

Pu Luong nature reserve-bungalow

Bungalow in Hieu village

Homestay in local villages

Popular ethnics in Pu Luong Nature Reserve are Muong and Thai, who are very kind-hearted and friendly. They’re willing to invite you to their homes so that homestay experience is certainly fantastic. That helps you learn about the authentic local culture, the village community spirit, and the traditional stilted house. It is the homestay option that gives you opportunities to mingle with the villagers, enjoy meals together, and join dancing after dinner happily.You can choose to spend your nights in Don village, Kho Muong village or a remote one of Ban Hieu.This could be your unforgettable experience !


Homestay in Hieu village

When is the best time to visit Pu Luong nature reserve?

Terraced fields are quite beautiful and also popular in Pu Luong valley and to experience its best beauty, you should come in the harvest season of between September and November, also when the weather is cool with lush rice plantation from February to May as the best time to see Pu Luong Nature Reserve. At that time, Pu Luong is covered with the green carpets, multi-layer terraced fields that surely bring you a holiday of lifetime with breathtaking photos!

Pu Luong nature reserve-rice field

Rice field in Pu Luong nature reserve

How to get to Pu Luong Nature Reserve?

Pu Luong park is about 180km far from Hanoi capital and take you 4 hours to get there.It is a new travel destination so that it is not popular for toursists with shuttle buses in joined group tour to this nature reserve.To discover this interesting attraction, an easy way is booking a customized tour or pre-designed tour to Pu Luong garden offered by some typical travel agents with an included package of accomodation, guide, trekking routes, car transfer & meals.However, you may like to do it yourselves, you can do a motobike trip or just  get a private car rental with driver or tourguide along to any corner of this nature reserve. If you are in need of any travel support or our service offers to Pu Luong nature park, feel free to drop us an email to bluewaytourist@gmail.com or visit our site http://goldenholidaytravel.com  for more information.We wish you a memorable holiday in Pu Luong nature reserve, Vietnam

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Three weeks have passed since the day I did a trek to conquer the summit of Pu Luong nature reserve, I still feel emotional with the experiences now : both be amazed at its breathtaking beauty of mountain & forest, and be scared at things I encountered during the adventure. It was my most impressive trek ever, leaving me with so much impression. If you are interested in natural landscapes, adventure trek & exploring new destinations, trekking to conquer Pu Luong summit should be listed as one of your top things to do when travelling to Pu Luong Nature Reserve - Vietnam.
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As a nature lover & adventure trekker, I have visited Pu Luong nature reserve a few times before & experienced rafting on streams, trekking in Ban Don & Ban Hieu villages, and homestaying in local Thai's houses on stilt. I really love this destination for its untouched scenery of rice fields, green valleys, gorgeous mountains, which are dotted around authentic villages of friendly local Thai & Muong. This time I come back for a trek to discover Kho Muong village (the far- to - reached corner of Pu Luong mountain) & to conquer Pu Luong summit at 1700 m high compared to the sea level. In this blog, I will share you about my personal trek adventure to Kho Muong village, which could be great of use for your coming trip to Pu Luong nature reserve - Vietnam.
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