Quan Ba Heaven Gate & Quan Ba Twin Mountains- Stunning Ha Giang Highlights

Quan Ba Heaven Gate & Quan Ba Twin Mountains- Stunning Ha Giang Highlights

When travelling to Ha Giang, it will be a big miss if one does not conquer Quan Ba Pass- getting the feeling of touching the sky in Quan Ba Heaven Gate and admiring the special art of nature : Quan Ba Twin Mountains or Fairy Mountains

Quan Ba Heaven Gate & Twin Mountains (Fairy Mountain) - Ha Giang attractions to visit

46 km far from Ha Giang city following the National Road 4C, you will ascend with curving & winding Quan Ba pass and reach the highest point of Quan Ba district - Quan Ba Heaven Gate at the height of 1,500 metters above the sea level.This point is normally covered with clouds & mist when the weather is not good and you feel much cooler here.To extend your excursion further to explore Dong Van Rocky Pleataux, you must overcome this point of the pass - also the starting point of " legendary Road of Happiness" built in the 1960s.From the road, climb one hundred steps more to reach Quang Ba Heaven Gate for an impressive captivation of Dong Van Global Geo-Park,immense valleys of rice terraces,Tam Son town and many dotted surrounding local villages on clear days !

Quan Ba Heaven Gate- Hagiang

The view for top point of Quan Ba heaven gate

The highlight of the scenery is Quan Ba Twin Mountains ( also known as Fairy Mountains) - the special art created to this land by Mother of Nature. Between mountains & rice terraces are two twin mountain forms likening as two breasts of a fairy narrated by locals in this interesting fairy tale: “Long long ago, there was a handsome H’Mong young man who was very excellent at playing a flute.The sound of his flute attracted a fairy coming down to watch him playing.They later fell in love, got married and had a son with eachother.However,the King of Heaven requested the fairy to come back when he realised that his daughter had left the palace.With her love to her newly-born son, the fairy decided to leave her breasts on earth to feed up her son before flying back to heaven”

Twin Mountains

Twin Mountains - Fairy Mountains

Now you can still see her breasts here in Quan Ba, round-shaped as twin mountains standing next to each other.Though a legend, local people still believe in it with their thought that “the fairy’s milk from her breast has provided good weather and fruitful crops for this land since she left”.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate & Quan Ba Twin Mountains are among highlighted attractions in Ha Giang province that you must admire when travelling to Ha Giang!

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