Quan Lan Island - the land of most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam

Quan Lan Island - the land of most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam

You would like to spend your holidays on a remote & less tourist island with naturally white sand beaches and stay away from the crowd? Let's highlight Quan Lan island for your choice in Vietnam holiday ! Trips to Quan Lan island offer you a wonderful captivation of untouched Bai Tu Long bay and pleasant relaxation on the most pristinely white sand beaches in the north of Vietnam

Quan Lan island's generral information

Quan Lan is a remote island on Bai Tu Long bay, a part of Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.Quan Lan island has an area of 11 square kilometers stretching from Van Don mountain range to Got mountain with several towering mountains on its eastern side, creating a natural protection against winds and waves from the sea.

The island is situated on an important international navigation and trade route connecting Vietnam with other countries in the region such as Japan, Thailand, China, and the Philippines…. That is why Quan Lan island was ever a busy port for international trade in 11th century and also the place where local people ogainized strategic battles against Mogolian's invasion on this sea route,contributing a vital part for the country’s complete independence & freedom of Tran dynasty in 1288.

The view of Bai Tu Long bay en route to Quan Lan island

The view of Bai Tu Long bay en route to Quan Land island

What to visit in Quan Lan island?

Spreading along the coast of the island is a number of beautiful beaches and the sea where local fishermen can catch high quality of such seafoods as squids, prawn, shrimps, butterfish…..Travelling to Quan Lan island, you can expect to experience less touristic, peaceful & beautiful island with pristinely white sand beaches – the most beautiful beaches in the north of Vietnam : white sand & slopping beaches with clear water & gentle waves – great for swimming and vacationing with your family.There are three beautiful white sand beaches that you can swim : Quan Lan beach in Quan Lan commune, near the pier, also the most beautiful beach in the island; Son Hao beaches where is located with a nice resort 4km far from the first one, and Minh Chau beach in Minh Chau commune at the end of the island.

Beaches in Quan lan island

Pristine white sand Son Hao beach

Besides swimming, trips to Quan Lan, you can enjoy fresh & delicious seafoods catched by local fishermen.Moreover, you can join in heathy activities of biking or motorbiking or tuktuking (local transport for big groups, easily rent from your guest house) to wander around the island for nice photos of local fishery, sunrise or sunset on the islands or stops to visit local market or beautiful old temples such as Quan Lan pagoda ( worshipping Buddha & Goddess of Mercy), Quan Lan communal house of beautiful old architecture, Tran Khanh Du temple

Quan Lan temples

Quan Lan temple

How to get to Quan Lan island?

From Hanoi, you can get the bus from My Dinh bus station to Halong city, then take a speed boat (1,5 hours) or wooden boat ( 4 hours) from Hon Gai pier cruising past beautiful Bai Tu Long bay to reach the land of Quan Lan.Or you can get the bus from My Dinh bus station to Cua Ong town,getting a taxi in 6km to reach Cai Rong pier where you can take a speed boat ( 45’) or wooden boat (2 hours) across Bai Tu Long bay to approach the island of Quan Lan.

Speed boat from Cai Rong to Quan Lan

Speed boat from Cai Rong pier to Quan Lan

If you would like to rent a private car with driver from Hanoi to Hon Gai pier or to Cai Rong pier or easier book our Quan Lan package tour for a wonderful exploration of Quan Lan island. In need of this services, feel fee to email us at bluewaytourist@gmail.com or call us at +84.988 45 15 30, our travel team will promptly process your resquest and soon come back with the right qoutation as well as useful consultancy for your Quan Lan trip of great memory !

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More photos of Quan Lan :

Fishery in Quan lan

Fishing in Quan Lan sea.

Bus from Hanoi to Cai Rong port

Bus from Hanoi to Cai Rong pier

Minh Chau beach

Minh Chau beach

Quan Lan pagoda

Quan Lan Pagoda

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You love natural beaches & are planning for a trip to Quan Lan Island, Vietnam? You would like to know how to get Quan Lan island from Hanoi capital? Please, have this useful article reviewed and plan your enjoyable trip to Quan Lan island.... Cheers & have nice time there !!!!
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