Quan Son Lake of untouched beauty - an ideal place for your escape on weekend

Quan Son Lake of untouched beauty - an ideal place for your escape on weekend

Are you fed up with the city's hustle & bustle? Stressful with your daily routines? And you really need a break away to relax during the weekend. Let's do a day trip to Quan Son lake - a hidden gem of beautiful scenery with mountains, lakes & countryside right inside Hanoi capital.....

Where is Quan Son lake located?

60km far from Hanoi city, Quan Son lake is an ecotourism destination located in Hop Tien commune, My Duc district - an outskirt area in the southwest of Hanoi capital. Covering an area of 860 ha in the territory of five communes of My Duc, Quan Son Ecotourism Complex consists an amazing range of rugged towering mountains stretching & embracing the lake, which create jaw-dropping landscapes, somewhat similar to the beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh province.Therefore, Quan Son lake is often dubbed by visitors as "a miniature Halong bay on land" of Hanoi capital.

Quan Son lake view

Amazing landscapes of Quan Son lake from the dock

Due to the complex's early state of tourism development, the scenery of Quan Son Eccotourism Site is naturally untouched & little known among local & international travellers. That is surely an ideal option for nature lovers or the city's residents to relax on their weekend.

Things to do in & near Quan Son lake

When arrive at Quan Son lake, you see the entrance where you can get the tickets to enter ( 15,000vnd/ person, motorbike sending fees - 5.000vnd, car sending fees - 20,000vnd). The scenery looks so stunning from here, with the whole lake, the dock, the restaurant & guess house in side the island, where you need to cross an iron bridge to reach.Following are our suggested things to do when you pay a visit to Quan Son lake.

Iron bridge Quan Son lake

Crossing the bridge to the island with restaurant & the dock for the boat ride

1. Take the boat ride to marvel scenic landscapes.

With the view from the dock, it is already stunning. But you will miss most of the things if you don't take a boat ride deep inside the bay.The cost is 180.000vnd for a boat trip of maximum 4 peoples in 2-3 hour journey.The rower will slowly row her sampan further into the lake, near mountains & along different islets for your good sense of the lake's tranquility & charming beauty of mountains & valleys on the lake.You will feel the peace of mind, find real escape of your daily routines & recharge your energy while admiring this pristine nature.

Boat ride in Quan Son lake

boat ride around the lake with rower

2. Hike to mountain for a wonderful panorama of the region

The rower is happy to tell you different islands named after their shapes such as Su Tu (“Lion”) Island, Voi Phuc (“Kneeling Elephant”) Mountain and Hoa Qua Son (“Fruit”) Mountain. She will stop in Su Tu island & Hoa Qua Son mountain, where you can have a short hike up the summit. From this summit in the middle of the bay, you can have an amazing capture of the whole lake & scenic mountains nearby. It is also a good location for your most beautiful photos of this memorable journey.

Lion Island - Quan Son lake

The island looks like the head of a lion & it is the spot you can hike to the summit

3. Camping at the lake

The lake is so tranquil with a few tourists so it is a good place to do camping, especially when you travel with your family. For your day break, you can prepare in advance the food, fruits & drinks along, also bring your own camp, which you can set whether on the road of the island - at the far corner of the dock & the restaurant, or on Hoa Qua Son ( fruit mountain) during the boat ride.It is much better to do camping on Hoa Qua Son while the boat ride.While camping here, your family can enjoy the cool air of fruit garden of oranges, litchi, figs...., visit the farm with bamboo bridge & lotus farm, or climb to conquer the mount of Hoa Qua Son.....

Quan Son lake - camping

awesome treking site to admire the lake's beauty

4. Taste local dishes in a restaurant next to the dock.

Different dishes served in Quan Son restaurant ( next to the dock) come from the lake or local villages nearby. Typical specialties such as fish salad, steamed snails, red shrimp paste, ươn om chuối đậu (fresh water eel casserolled with young banana, tofu).... are unique to the region. There is one restaurant there so if you would love to try those special dishes, you should make the order in advance to make sure the availability.

Quan Son lake - eel dish

Eel casserolled with young banana, tofu

Ideal time to visit Quan Son lake

You can visit this ecotourism complex at any time of the year, exploring the lake on a rowing boat ride along the mountain cliffs to admire the scenery, hike to some small mountain summits for impressive captivation & viral photos or hang around Hoa Qua Son mountain.

Quan Son lake view- Hoa Qua Son

hike to conquer the summit of Hoa Qua Son & the view

Between May and June is the season of blooming lotus with scenic landscapes.You will be surprised by the extremely poetic, lyrical scenery with fragile lotus flowers on the water.This scene also brings chances for ladies to have their beautiful photos of their lifetimes with lotus flowers & surrounding mountainscapes. 

If you arrive at other time, the green carpet of aquatic plants ( Trang Trang) with smalll white flowers covers the lake surface, which creates a romantic scene on the lake as well.

How to get to Quan Son lake?

Next to the famous site of Perfume Pagoda, from Hanoi, you can follow different routes to reach Quan Son lake following google map.

  • Route 1 - the highway number 1 to Dong Van town, then turn right to the direction of Perfume Pagoga ( fastest route in good road condition) - more convenient to travel with your private car.

Quan Son lake -the view from Lion Island

The view of Quan Son lake from Lion Island

  • Route 2 - go down to Ha Dong, turn left to Van Dinh town, continue driving along the dike to the intersection of Dai Nghia town, then you go straight through a field to reach Quan Son Lake.The roads in route 2 are quite busy & small so that it will take you longer time - but more conveniently if you go by motorbike or public bus. The public bus is the cheapest option but you have to wait alot in different bus stops & therefore, it will take you much more time.You can get the same bus route to Perfume Pagoda from Hanoi, bus number 75, 78, 211. and as soon as reaching the intersection of Dai Nghia town, you get off the bus and catch a motorcycle taxi (about 4km) to Quan Son tourist site. Remember to ask the bus driver about the departure of last bus trip of the day to go back in time.

Plan your escape to Quan Son lake, you may need a private car with driver or a day trip to Quan Son lake from Hanoi, don't hesitate to contact us at +84.988451530 (whatsapp) or email us to goldenholidaytravel.vn@gmail.com. We are pleased to support you & shorly quote you with a good qoutation !

We wish you a good trip in Quan Son Lake !

Golden Holiday Travel Team

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