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Quang Binh - The Land of Outstanding Caves

Quang Binh may not familiar with some travellers, but the name Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park will definitely remind you of the land of the most magnificent and grandiose caves such as Son Doong Cave or Hang En Cave and more. Besides the incomparable natural landscapes, Quang Binh is also famed for some of the long-standing historical remnants.

Son river beauty

Are you looking for the best tour to explore Quang Binh in Central Vietnam? Get inspired with our below Quang Binh Tours which cover top attractions to see as well as less visited places in Quang Binh, then choose the right trip for your family. Don't forget we can tailor-make itineraries or design new Central Vietnam Tour package to suit your travel interest.

Best Quang Binh Tours For Your Choice

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Quang Binh Travel Guide Information

Quang Binh Province is situated to the North Central of Vietnam and its width is relatively short, only around 50 km

In 2018, Quang Binh has a population of nearly 936,607 in the total area of 8,065.3 km2

In the east of this province, it has around 116.04 kilometres long coastline and shares a border of 201.87 kilometres with Laos in the west

Wet season (September to March), Dry season (April to August)

In 2003, this place became a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh is a home of hundreds of caves and grottoes

Top Things To Do In Quang Binh, Vietnam

1. Trek thru the jungle and explore best caves in Phong Nha –Ke Bang national park

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is a paradise of plenty of mighty caves in Vietnam and because of its feature, this is a wonderful destination for nature lovers who have the soul of adventures. When it comes to this place, travellers tend to mention the biggest cave in the world - Son Doong Cave which was found by a local man named Ho Khanh. However, because of the safety and conservation reasons, there is a limited number of tourists can visit each year. Even if you miss the chance to visit this largest cave, this national park still has many other sublime caves for you to discover such as En Cave (is considered as the 3rd largest cave in the world) & Paradise Cave (underground palace cave).

Trek Phong Nha - Ke Bang park

2. Visit Chay River & Dark Cave and join in some interesting activities

Dark Cave becomes an ideal destination for not only friends but also families, groups who want to do some interesting adventure activities and have a memorable time together. Just after a short drive of around 70 km away from Dong Hoi city centre, you will arrive Dark Cave and immerse into the tranquil Chay River, fresh atmosphere and spectacular nature. There are 2 ways you can reach Dark Cave which is taking a boat along Chay River or doing the zip line to the entrance of the cave. Exploring the cave to some truly unique experiences like walking in the almost dark with an only flashlight on your helmet, admire thousands of stalactite pillars in various shapes, taking natural mud bath and kayaking along Chay River. 

Dark Cave activities

3. Boating upstream the Son River and visit Phong Nha Cave

Phong Nha Cave is one of the very important caves in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park which is used as a hospital to store and hide equipment during the American war, and now it is renowned the longest wet cave in the world and was recognized by UNESCO since 2003 as the world's natural heritage. While taking a boat upstream the Son River, you will have a great opportunity to witness the daily life of locals, and also take some awesome photos of the amazing scenery along the river. From Son River, it takes nearly 30 minutes to reach Phong Nha Cave. Once you get there, you will admire its spectacular beauty with plenty of stalactites and many large and small cave branches.

Son river

4. Relaxing on the Nhat Le Beach

Nhat Le Beach which is located about 2km to the northeast from Dong Hoi city centre is a perfect place for you to witness the sunrise and sunset along the horizon. In the morning, you can get up early to enjoy the sun rising up and the beach looks like a big mirror reflecting the array pink sunlight. After immersing yourself into the clear blue water and vast white sand, you can enjoy the local seafood while catching a glimpse of crystalline blue waters glistening under the last sun rays.

Nhat Le beach

Best Time To Visit Quang Binh - Vietnam

The best time to travel Quang Binh is during the dry months which lasts from April to August. At this time, the weather is rather stable without rainy and has nice weather for travelling. You should prepare the suncream and hat to protect you from the sunlight since the weather will be at the hottest temperatures from June to August. From September till December, Quang Binh usually suffers from several hurricanes which will significantly affect your trip.

Quang Binh landscape

Explore Quang Binh beauty with Golden Holiday Travel

As a local tour operator, Golden Holiday Travel have operated plenty of awesome trips for international visitors to Quang Binh.We have understood their travel needs & pre-designed a number of interesting Quang Binh tours at reasonable prices. Some of our Quang Binh tours are focused mainly in Quang Binh area sightseeing Hue's royal monuments & historical sights; and other trips to nearby attractions such as Hue, Quang Tri DMZ zone for your great insight of natural beauty & recent war history in Vietnam.

Quang Binh customized tour

If those pre-designed Quang Binh Tours don't meet your interest, please, feel free to email us with your travel request of your interested places to visit in Quang Binh & the activities you'd love to take part in ( biking, trekking, boating) in this enquiry form, our travel team will soon reply you back with useful consultancy and customise a new Quang Binh Tour with good offers to meet your travel demands.

We wish you a pleasant & enjoyable trip in Quang Binh - Vietnam.

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