Sapa attractions and its entrance tickets to sightsee

Sapa attractions and its entrance tickets to sightsee

Typical highlighted sightseeing places in Sapa and its updated entrance tickets to sightsee in 2020 for your reference and self-plan your coming trip to Sapa - Vietnam...Let's have it reviewed for the details.....

Sapa's highlighted attractions and their sightseeing tickets to enter

Sapa is one of top 10 tourist attractions in Vietnam and attracts a big number of local & international tourists annually.As a local travel company, we are constantly asked about top places to visit in Sapa, suitable travel itinerary and the detailed entrance sightseeing tickets to enter those Sapa's attractions.In this blog, we would love to share you in details the entrance tickets of each Sapa's sightseeing place, you can get a good reference and calculate well the cost of your coming trip to Sapa - Vietnam.

Sightseeing ticket Sapa - Tram Ton

1.Muong Hoa valley - a scenic place of stunning terraced rice fields & tranquil villages.

Muong Hoa valley is the living places of many local hill tribes including Black Hmong, Red Dzao, Dzay, Tay....., a popular place for different hiking routes to experience local daily life & captivate scenic scenery of rice terraces, streams & mountains.There are different trekking routes of half day, full day or 2-3 day travel itinerary you can take part in and need to pay the same amount entrance sightseeing fees when passing by Muong Hoa valley ticket courter.

A half day trekking routes : Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai villages; Lao Chai - Lao Chai villages; Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai villages.

A full day trekking routes : Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van villages, Lao Chai - Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai villages, Nam Cang - Nam Nhieu villages, Ban Ho - Thanh Phu villages.

Muong Hoa valley ticket : 75,000 vnd/ adult, 30,000vnd/child

Muong Hoa valley - Sapa

2.Cat Cat village & Cat Cat waterfall : 90,000vnd/ adult; 50,000vnd/ child

3.Sin Chai village of Black Hmong : 40,000 vnd/ adult ; 20,000vnd/child

4.Ta Phin Village of Red Dzao & Black Hmong hill tribes : 40,000 vnd/ adult, 20,000vnd/ child.

5.Ta Giang Phin village : free of charge

Ta Phin village- Sapa

6.Fansipan Peak - The roof of Indochina.

There are different trekking routes to conquer Fansipan Summit, you need an experienced tourguide & book tour service with a local tour operator.

  • Fansipan EntranceTicket  (Trekking Routes): 150,000vnd/ person

If you are not good at trekking, you can easily conquer Fansipan Summit now by Cable Car Systems which was put into operation in early 2016, which have brought chances to touch Fansipan Summit to any travellers travelling to Sapa.

  • Cable car tickets for any travellers (not from Lao Cai province)

+ Adults & children of 1.4 m tall : 750,000 vnd.

+ Children of between 1m – 1.4 m tall : 550,000 vnd.

+ Children of under 1m tall : Free of charge

  • Cable tickets for any travellers from Lao Cai province

+ Adults & children of 1.4 m tall : 550,000 vnd.

+ Children of between 1m – 1.4 m tall : 350,000 vnd.

+ Children of under 1m tall : Free of charge

  • Ticket price for rail train to climb Fansipan Mount one way : 70,000 VNĐ/ 1 person 
  • Ticket price of rail train to climb Muong Hoa valley ( from Plaza staition to Cable Car Sun World Fansipan Legend): 100,000 vnd/ person
  • Buffee ticket at Hai Cang restaurant from Cable Car Station :

+ Adults & children of 1.4 m tall : 170,000 vnd.

+ Children of between 1m – 1.4 m tall : 135,000 vnd.

+ Children of under 1m tall : Free of charge 

O Qui Ho Paasss - Sapa

7.Tram Ton Heaven Gate - Awesome view of O Qui Ho Pass & Hoang Lien moutain range : 80,000vnd/adult; 40,000vnd/child

8.Rong May Glass Bridge : 400,000 vnd/ adult; 200,000 vnd/ child

9.Love Waterfall - romantic & beautiful scenery : 75,000vnd/ adult ; 30,000vnd/ child

10.Silver Waterfall - the most beautiful one in Sapa : 20,000 vnd/ adult, 10,000vnd/child

11.Ham Rong mountain - a great captivation of Sapa town: 70,000 vnd/ adult ; 35,000 vnd/ child

12.Sapa market - one place to meet different local ethnics in Sapa region : free of charge.

13. Sapa church - the vestige of French heritage in Sapa : free of charge

14. Sapa lake - the background of Sapa town's beauty : free of charge

Hoang Lien Mountain Range - Sapa

Sapa exploration with Golden Holiday Travel.

We have just shared about highlighted attractions in Sapa & its detailed entrance sightseeing fees, you can get a detailed reference and plan your trip to Sapa.Travelling to Sapa,if you are in need of Sapa trips or car rental Hanoi to Sapa, please, contact us at +84.988451530 (whatsapp) or email us to, we are pleased to support you with useful suggestion & consultancy for your Sapa trip of great memory.

See you in Sapa - Vietnam !

Golden Holiday Travel Team 

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