Sapa Homestay Tours

You are planning the trip to visit Sapa? You would like to be close to natural landscapes & peaceful local villages; and get to know local cultures? Please, have this travel experiences & its detailed itinerary reviewed and well-planned your trip to explore Sapa beauty......
From: Call 2 days/ 1 nights by bus or private car from Hanoi

The overview of 2 day Sapa trekking & homestaying tour from Hanoi.

Sapa is ideally bestowed by the nature mother with beautifully natural landscapes & pleasant climate all year around. Travelling to Sapa is a great way to hide away from stressful working routines, immense yourselves to the pristine sceneries of scenic valley & mountains,and interact with local ethnics of rich cultures.

Sapa Trekking _ Giang Ta Chai

Trekking route Ta Van Giang Ta Chai

Sapa trekking & homestaying tour is well designed for your memorable exploration of Sapa beauty.You will have moderate hike up & down Muong Hoa valley (the living place of many local ethnics in Sapa region such as Tay, Zay, Black Hmomg, Red Dzao.....) surrounded by Hoang Lien mountain range.The trek offers you chances to contemplate scenic landscapes of local villages, their rice terraces & magnificient mountains on the way; interact with friendly locals in the villages.Together with homestay in a local family, you can taste their home-cooked dishes and get more insight of their real life & traditions. Doing this homestay trip is a type of resposible travel that you will do a helpful support to the locals ( homestaying & dinning in their home), make their life & culture preservation better.

Trekking Sapa & homestay

Trekking route & meeting local Black H'mong

Brief travel itinerary of 2 day homestaying & trekking Sapa tour.

  • Day 1 : Hanoi - Sapa, explore Lao Chai & Ta Van villages in Muong Hoa valley.Homestay overnight in Ta Van village (L,D)
  • Day 2 : Sapa trekking Ta Van to Giang Ta Chai village - back to Hanoi (B,L)

The special highlights of this Sapa trekking & homestaying tour.

  • Private journey with private transfer on Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway & local guide in Sapa to explore Sapa landscapes.
  • Expose yourselves to pristine natures of Muong Hoa valley & Hoang Lien mountain range.
  • Experience authentic local ethnics's daily lifes & chances to interact with them( Black H'mong, Zay & Red Zao hilltribes) while trekking thru & homestaying in their villages.
  • Taste local cuisines in Sapa restuarants & delicious home-cooked dishes prepared by the homestay's host.
  • Travel responsibly to better the local's income when homestaying in Sapa's local village.

More photos of this 2 day Sapa homestay tour

Sapa mountain

Sapa mountai view on a clear day

Sapa town view

The view of Sapa town from Ham Rong mountain

Sapa trek Lao Chai- Ta Van

Photos with locals in Sapa trek

Lao Chai village view

Lao Chai village of Black Hmong people

Muong Hoa stream at the botton of the valley

Muong Hoa stream at the botton of the valley

Rice terraces Lao Chai

Rice terraces in falling- water season

The detailed itinerary of 2 day Sapa Trekking & Homestaying Tour

Day 1. Hanoi - Sapa, trek down Muong Hoa valley to visit Lao Chai & Ta Van village.Homestay in Ta Van village (L, D)

After your breakfast at your hotel, our private car with driver pick your group at your hotel at 7h30 a.m and drive on Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway to Sapa.Stops en route for toilet breaks and photos.

Arrive in Sapa about 12h30 noon, you will meet the tourguide and get to a local restaurant in Sapa town for lunch.

After lunch, we drive to the area of Muong Hoa valley and start a trek on a small path down Muong Hoa valley and experience authentic daily life of Black H’mong in Lao Chai village. Black H’mong is one of the biggest minority groups in the Sapa area.They are proud of their culture and keep their traditions well. They have their own language and wear traditional indigo blue clothing.

Muong Hoa rice terrace fields

Rice terraces in golden color

Continue trek along the valley to reach Ta Van village of Zay people. Zay is a fairly small minority group of about 38.000 people who live mainly in the mountains in Northwest Vietnam. The development has meant that some of their old customs have been lost but many women still wear traditional shirts with a purple, blue or green color. The Zay houses are build of wood and bamboo with a clay floor.

We spend a cosy night in Zay family’s home with delicious home-cooked dinner.

Day 2.Sapa trek on dirt trails Ta Van to Giang Ta Chai village.Lunch in Sapa town& transfer back to Hanoi (B,L)

You get waked up  by the song of rousters and get the sense of the village’s lifestyle : quiet with the sound of ducks or cows ….somewhere around the village - that you could not experience in your modern world.

Have breakfast with the coffee or tea served in the homestay.

Trekking route Ta Van -Giang Ta Chai

Trekking Route Ta Van - Giang Ta Chai

Proceed a hard & nice trek along the buffalo trail on mountain slopes from Ta Van to Giang Ta Chai village.It will be quite slipery ( if rainy weather) in this dirt trail so make sure you have a proper trekking shoes. Hard trek but you will have a great open view down to Muong Hoa valley & rice terrace fields, passing over bamboo forest to reach Giang Ta Chai village of Red Dzao ethnics.Great to experience the locals’ simple daily life and scenic Cau May waterfall there.

After 2,5- 3 hour trek, you will meet driver on the main road and transfer to Sapa for lunch. You can have some free time walking around Sapa town till getting picked up & transfering back to Hanoi.

The Sapa trekking & homestaying trip is finished when you are at the doorsteps of your hotel in Hanoi.

Price: Call.
Single supplement: usd.

Inclusions of this Sapa trip:

  • Private car with driver following the travel itinerary.
  • Tourguide of English speaking in Sapa.
  • Homstay accommodation in Ta Van village : soft sleeper berths with mosquito net & blanket.
  • Meals as stated in the travel itinerary (B- breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner).
  • Entrance sightseeing fees of mentioned visiting places.

Exclusions of this Sapa trip:

  • Tips to guide & driver ( 12-15usd/day to tourguide, 8-10 usd to driver).
  • Online payment fees.
  • Drinks.
  • Hotel rooms in Hanoi.
  • Extra travel services....
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Sapa day trip from Hanoi
Really limited time you have for your Vietnam vacation and you would love to explore Sapa's beautiful scenery ? It is possible to join us in our private Sapa day tour from Hanoi - a long day but on private car with driver & local guide in Sapa, you can expect to have an interesting & comfortable Sapa exploration.
From: Call 1 day - private tour from Hanoi
Sapa Trekking Tour By Bus- 3 Days ( one night in hotel & one night in homestay)
Travelling to Sapa by bus on highway is a fast way to reach Sapa & explore Sapa's breathtaking landscapes.This 3 day journey is created with interesting trekking routes, visiting different local villages, homestaying in a local family - that surely promises you an experience of long-lasting memory
From: Call 3 days/2 nights - daily departure by bus from Hanoi One night in homestay & one night in 3*** hotel
Sapa Tour By Bus From Hanoi - 2 Days, Overnight in hotel
16 %
You have a short time for Vietnam vacation and really love to visit Sapa.Let's have a reference of 2 day Sapa tour by bus, daily departure from Hanoi with beautiful trekking routes and real-life exploration of local ethnic groups.Let's come & have special experiences with us !!!
From: 105 $ 2 days/ 1night - shared group tour
Authentic Homestay Sapa Tour By Bus - 2 Days
Are you planning the trip to Sapa, Vietnam? and would like to have Sapa tour by bus from Hanoi? Let's have nice Sapa travel experiences with us on this 2 day Sapa homstay tour.....
From: Call 2 days/ 1night homestay in local village.
Sapa Trekking Tours
Trekking is a great way to go through remote villages and experience the real life of local ethnics in Sapa. Sapa Trekking Tour offers us a great trek down to Muong Hoa valley, the home of many ethnic groups with their beautiful terraced rice fields.You will get to know their lifestyles & authentic cultures; have time interacting with locals
From: Call 2 days/3 nights by overnight train from Hanoi
Classic Sapa Tours
Classic Sapa Tour is a popular journey to discover the beautiful attractions of Sapa with a light trek to beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the home to many of local ethnics in the region, with interesting cultural exchanges with friendly locals.Let's come and explore with us
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Sapa Bac Ha Market Tour
Sapa Bac Ha market tour 2 days is an interesting trip to contemplate Sapa's stunning landscapes, to experience local cultures of ethnics by visiting different local villages and typically attending the biggest weeky market ( Bac Ha) in the highlands.
From: Call 2 days/3 nights by overnight train from Hanoi
Authentic Sapa Tour
Authentic Sapa Tour is a special trip designed for your Sapa experiences of authentic local cultures by joining in a weekly market, visting numerous local villages, homestaying and eating local foods during the journey.
From: Call 3 days/4 nights by overnight train from Hanoi