Sapa & top reasons to visit Sapa

Sapa & top reasons to visit Sapa

Sapa is the most impressive landscapes of mountains & valleys in Vietnam.It is also great for your explorations of local cultures with trekking to remote tribal villages scatteredly in Muong Hoa Valley.Let's see what Sapa can offer and top reasons to visit Sapa.

Sapa's beautiful features - top reasons to visit Sapa

Your trip to Hanoi will be a big miss if you do not do a visit to Sapa,where you can admire its most impressive natural landsacpes in the northwest region of Vietnam and experience its featured cultural values of different ethnic minorities living in the this highland.In this article, we will mention about a number of top reasons why you should pay a visit to Sapa in Vietnam

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Sapa's pleasant climates -a good place to escape the heat of the lowland.

Firstly, Sapa has a pleasant and cool climate all the year around thanks to its altitudes of 1600 metters high compared with sea water level.The climate is moderate and rainy in summer (May-August); and foggy with occasional snowfalls in winter. Sapa has four seasons in a day : the morning likes spring; the afternoon like summer with sunny; the evening with the fog of the autumn and the cold of winter at night time.It is highly seasonal,with a subtropical climate in the summer and a temperate climate during the winter.The average annual temperature in Sapa is 15.4°C, with a maximum of 29.4°C and a minimum of 1°C.That was why the French colony did develop Sapa as a wonderful resort in early 20th century with many villas for their officiers hiding away themselves from the summer’s heat in delta.Nowadays Sapa has also become a big destination for Vietnamese (an ideal place for honeymoon couple) and international travellers who would love to take part in beautiful treks down the valley to admire the majestic landscapes and experience local cultures of friendly hilltribes inhabiting here.

Sapa's beautiful landscapes of magnifient mountains & stunning rice terraces.

Moreover, Sapa is famous for its beautifully natural landscapes.Sapa is bestowed by nature mother with breathtaking landscapes of majestic mountains & valleys covered by Hoang Lien Mountain ranges and her tropical forest, rich in its fauna and flora.Your trip to Sapa will be worth exploring the lovely waterfalls such as Cat Cat , Silver and Love waterfalls; getting outstanding view of surrounding areas while travelling to Tram Ton pass-the longest and highest one in Vietnam (between Sapa & Lai Chau province), to Ham Rong Toursim Site ; or doing adventure tours conquering the Fansipan Mountain at the height of 3143 metters, also known as the "Roof of Indochina"; or more interestingly trekking down to Muong Hoa valley to experience the unique cultures of local tribes in remote villages and get good photos of their daily life as well as their beautiful terraced rice fields on mountain slopes.

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Sapa's rich cultural values of local ethnic minorities.

The reasons to visit Sapa are not only reflected in its pleasant weather and natural landscapes, but also in its cultural values of local ethnic minorities living around Sapa town.Sapa is the home of many ethnic minorities: Black Hmong, Red Zao, Zay, Tay……with their own cultures, colourful dresses, house styles and languages.It is likely that, Sapa was first inhabited by highland minorities of H’mong and Red Dzao group and later came the Tay, Zay, and a small number of Xa Pho to form the 5 main ethnic groups which takes about 85% of the district’s population today.Most of them live in small villages and hamlets down to Muong Hoa valley.Your trip to Sapa will be more interesting to meet locals by a visit to their villages to understand their cultures, lifestyles, house styles..; homestaying in their home, eating local foods cooked by the hosts.Trips in Sapa, it will be nicer to take part in different local markets taking place only a day in a week.You can see the colorful dresses of different ethnics, their typical products they trade, the fun of their meeting eachother in markets

How to get to Sapa Vietnam?

Sapa is 380km far from Hanoi.You can join us with Sapa Tours with all services included.Up to your interest and your travel budget, you can choose to travel in Sapa group tour or private sapa tours customized to meet your demands.However, many of you may like to make your trip on your own to discover Sapa.You have two options to get to Sapa Vietnam

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Firstly, to experience local Vietnamese overnight train, you can book overnight train tickets with soft-sleeper berths departing from Hanoi at 20h00, 21h15 or 22h00 to Lao Cai Station.Arrive in Lao Cai station at 5h30 am, then you take a shuttle bus or taxi about 37km up hills and in one hour drive more to get Sapa town.However,to tell you the truth, many of our customer did experience the train on their trip to Sapa,they said that they hardly slept due to the train noices & many sudden stops between ; and had to get up quiet early in the following morning following the train’s schedules.As a results, they felt tired and exhausted to enjoy Sapa landscapes

However, now tourists can have faster way to get to Sapa with the buses or private car thanks to a recent opening of Hanoi- Lao Cai highway.Most of people choose to follow the highway now.You can get faster and more comfortable way ( in 5 hour drive) for Sapa exploration by taking a private car or buses.For more flexible and comfortable trip between your group, you can get private car rental with driver to Sapa from Hanoi.The driver will pick you up at your prefered time and start for your exploration with places of interest in Sapa Vietnam.Stunning view of mountains you will have along your drive journey.

We do supply all of these services : tour, train tickets, tourguides and car rental service to Sapa.If you are in need of any service, please, drop a request to us at We are happy to support you as a local agent.We wish you an enjoyable holiday in Sapa, Vietnam    

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