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Sapa - The Town in the Mist

Has been one of the destinations for the leisure of French during the colonial time in Vietnam, Sapa, which is known as “the town in the mist”, nestles in sublime Hoang Lien Son mountain range with all the best of a mountainous tourist attraction: awe-inspiring natural beauty, mild weather and unique local culture. When planning your Vietnam holidays, it will be a big miss if you do not pay a visit to Sapa, relax yourselves in its cool climate, discover its primitive landscapes,and learn about the real life & cultures of local tribes living in the region.Let's explore Sapa landscapes with various choices in our Sapa tours from Hanoi for your lifetime travel experiences in Sapa

Rice terraces in Sapa

Are you finding the best tour for you through Sapa in Northwest Vietnam? Get inspired with our Best Tailor-Made Sapa Tours from Hanoi by rail or by bus below. Don't forget we can tailor-make itineraries or design new Sapa tour package to suit your travel interest

Best selling Sapa tours by overnight trains or buses from Hanoi

Sapa day trip from Hanoi
Really limited time you have for your Vietnam vacation and you would love to explore Sapa's beautiful scenery ? It is possible to join us in our private Sapa day tour from Hanoi - a long day but on private car with driver & local guide in Sapa, you can expect to have an interesting & comfortable Sapa exploration.
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Sapa Trekking Tour By Bus- 3 Days ( one night in hotel & one night in homestay)
Travelling to Sapa by bus on highway is a fast way to reach Sapa & explore Sapa's breathtaking landscapes.This 3 day journey is created with interesting trekking routes, visiting different local villages, homestaying in a local family - that surely promises you an experience of long-lasting memory
Book Now From: Call 3 days/2 nights - daily departure by bus from Hanoi One night in homestay & one night in 3*** hotel
Sapa Tour By Bus From Hanoi - 2 Days, Overnight in hotel
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You have a short time for Vietnam vacation and really love to visit Sapa.Let's have a reference of 2 day Sapa tour by bus, daily departure from Hanoi with beautiful trekking routes and real-life exploration of local ethnic groups.Let's come & have special experiences with us !!!
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Authentic Homestay Sapa Tour By Bus - 2 Days
Are you planning the trip to Sapa, Vietnam? and would like to have Sapa tour by bus from Hanoi? Let's have nice Sapa travel experiences with us on this 2 day Sapa homstay tour.....
Book Now From: Call 2 days/ 1night homestay in local village.
Sapa Trekking Tours
Trekking is a great way to go through remote villages and experience the real life of local ethnics in Sapa. Sapa Trekking Tour offers us a great trek down to Muong Hoa valley, the home of many ethnic groups with their beautiful terraced rice fields.You will get to know their lifestyles & authentic cultures; have time interacting with locals
Book Now From: Call 2 days/3 nights by overnight train from Hanoi
Classic Sapa Tours
Classic Sapa Tour is a popular journey to discover the beautiful attractions of Sapa with a light trek to beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the home to many of local ethnics in the region, with interesting cultural exchanges with friendly locals.Let's come and explore with us
Book Now From: Call 2 days/ 3 nights by overnight train from Hanoi
Sapa Bac Ha Market Tour
Sapa Bac Ha market tour 2 days is an interesting trip to contemplate Sapa's stunning landscapes, to experience local cultures of ethnics by visiting different local villages and typically attending the biggest weeky market ( Bac Ha) in the highlands.
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Sapa Homestay Tours
You are planning the trip to visit Sapa? You would like to be close to natural landscapes & peaceful local villages; and get to know local cultures? Please, have this travel experiences & its detailed itinerary reviewed and well-planned your trip to explore Sapa beauty......
Book Now From: Call 2 days/ 1 nights by bus or private car from Hanoi
Authentic Sapa Tour
Authentic Sapa Tour is a special trip designed for your Sapa experiences of authentic local cultures by joining in a weekly market, visting numerous local villages, homestaying and eating local foods during the journey.
Book Now From: Call 3 days/4 nights by overnight train from Hanoi
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Sapa Travel Guide Information

Location: Sapa is a district of Lao Cai Province with the centre is Sapa Town. Sapa is around 300 km far from Hanoi to the NorthWestern, near the border with China.

Situating Indochina Summit - Mount Fansipan with the height of 3143m above sea level.

Population: approximately 62,670 (mentioning Sapa District, including Sapa Town)

Area: around 681 km2 square kilometers

Average Temperature: varies from 19 to 27 Celcius Degree in the Summer while just around from 7 to 14 Celcius Degree in the Winter.

Highlights: Stunning natural beauty, pleasant weather, trekking/ hiking routes, local ethnic minority culture.

Top Things To Do In Sapa, Vietnam

1. Trekking along rice terraces, tribal villages and mountainous terrains

Mountainous areas of northern Vietnam are among the best places all over the country for trekking, and Sapa is not out of this bucket list. Taking a trekking route in Sapa is the possibility to help you get out of the tourist trails, lead you to explore remote places, which are completely off the beaten track. Natural dramatic scenery in Sapa must be one of the most spectacular views that you've ever witnessed in your life. In case you prefer a less challenging journey, a short hiking route within a day or to nearby villages, along popular main roads is also a great option. As Sapa offers a wide range of trekking and hiking routes from easy to hard level, you can choose the route which is the most suitable for you, depending on your trekking skills and ability.

Sapa trekking tour

2. Explore the indigenous culture

Local culture is a unique charm that Sapa attracts tourists beside the amazing landscape. The distinct living condition has helped local ethnic communities here create their own traditions and customs which are different from the others. You can easily experience Sapa’s lifestyle through local markets, the fair for all trade among locals and only take place on specific dates in a month. To get to closer to their daily life, don’t hesitate to try visiting tribal villages through your trekking route, tasting local food, staying overnight with locals in rustic stilt houses and directly seeing how local costumes and traditional handicrafts are made. Their very unique way of life harmoniously associated with nature in Sapa is always tempting for you to come and explore.

Sapa homestay with locals

3. Herbal Bath – Authentic Therapy in Sapa

Well-known as a healthy treatment which is signature therapy by Red Dao People in Sapa, a traditional herbal bath can be the most outstanding experience with Sapa locals ever. Depending on using purpose, the number of ingredients in Red Dao herbal water can vary from 10 to even 100. Average time to take a herbal bath is around 20 - 30 minutes with the warmth of water must be around 35 Celsius Degree. Not only as a popular refreshing remedy helping the entire body recover from fatigue, but Red Dao’s herbal water also has many other positive effects on blood circulation, bone suffering and skin detox. Soaking in herbal water and immerse yourself in relaxation will be good therapy for your health after a busy day exploring Sapa.

Sapa berbal bath

4. Visit numerous places for amazing sights

There are numerous places which are ideal for having a bird’s eye view overlooking Sapa’s breathtaking scenery. You can easily set off some of them in your trip, which are not forcing you have a trekking route such as: Tram Ton Pass – Heaven’s Gate (a superb place to see panoramic view of great valley below and O Quy Ho Pass – one of four greatest passes in NorthWestern Vietnam), Ham Rong Mount (ideal location to enjoy the imposing panorama of Sapa town and a part of SunWorld Fansipan Legend leading to Fansipan Peak) or just a cafeteria along Fansipan, Violet and Muong Hoa Road, which has balcony or outside terrace to witness the great view of Sapa’s beauty, etc.

Tram Ton pass - Sapa

5. Take a cable car ride to Fansipan Summit - the roof of Incdochina

Being Indochina Summit with the height of 3143m above sea level, Mount Fansipan is a truly tough challenge for anyone who dreams of standing on top of Indochina once in a lifetime. Instead of climbing from two to four days before, the cable car journey operated by SunWorld Fansipan Legend has shortened the time conquering Fansipan within around 15 minutes. The cable car ride is not too long, but it is enough for you to admire the beautiful natural landscape which is thousands of meters away underneath. After arriving at the cable station on the top, it will take about 20 – 30 minutes to climb 600 more stairs to reach Fansipan peak, the roof of Indochina. Standing on the Peak, which is over 3000 metres above the sea level – an unimaginable altitude, and widen your eyes to surrounding mountains peaks among a sea of the clouds is indeed a priceless moment of your whole lifetime. You’d better spend half of a day to explore SunWorld Fansipan Legend which is a huge complex of spiritual, recreation, cuisine and sightseeing in Sapa.

Cable car for Fansipan Summit

Best Time To Visit Sapa, Vietnam

The recommended periods to visit Sapa are from March through to June and from September through to November. From March to June is a great time for you to indulge the beauty of Sapa at the beginning of crop with reflections of water filled terraces for cultivation and rice seedling fulfilled paddies afterwards while September until mid-November is time to catch golden moments of endlessly beautiful yellow rice terraces in the harvest season.

Sapa's stunning rice terraces

Sapa tours from Hanoi capital with Golden Holiday Travel

As a local & licensed tour operator in Vietnam, Golden Holiday Travel have successfully operated many unforgetable Vietnam holidays for our worldwide clients travelling to Vietnam.If you are planning your trip to Vietnam or to make a Sapa tour from Hanoi, please, have a good reference of our available travel packages in our site : and choose the most suitable trip for you. In case, you would like to do something different, feel free to email us to with your travel request of places to visit, activities you love to do, the type of accomodation...., our travel team will soon reply you back with useful suggestion & consultancy for your enjoyable holiday in Sapa, Vietnam.

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Sapa - Bac Ha market

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