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Pleasant weather coming along with wonderful view of mountains and valleys in which many ethnic groups reside along all make Sapa a special destination to discover in your Vietnam Tours.

Sapa Tours with us are great ways,not only to hide away from the noise and heat of big city, but also to have real-life experiences of local ethnics' daily life and their unique cultures.You will trek in a day or few days down to Muong Hoa Valleys (Sapa Trekking Tours) to visit local ethnic hamlets with much interesting discovery, nicely to have homestay in their houses (Sapa Homestay Tours) to enjoy their friendliness & authentic local foods; and more interestingly to take part in their colourful weekly markets ( Sapa Market Tours) to experience their trade of local products, their happiness to meet friends or to try some special dishes which are unique to this region.
Sapa tour - trekking tour
Golden Holiday Travel uses local guides of Black H'Mong or Red Dao girls for Sapa tours.They speak English fluently, are smart and polite in behavior. They are indeed experienced tour guides who are were born and grew up in Sapa villages with their rich culture.It will be at best for you getting to know their unique culture from their real-life stories.

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Discover ethnic culture and fascinating landscape in Sapa tours 

Sapa day trip to Muong Hum market & Ta Giang Phin village
Travelling to Sapa, you would love to take part in a local ethnic market & trek to explore local village? If you really love to attend a less touristic market and trek to unspoiled hamlet, we would like to recommend this awesome Sapa day trip to Muong Hum market & Ta Giang Phin village. Please, have this journey reviewed for the details and plan your coming Sapa trip of great travel experiences......
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Sapa day trek to Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phin villages and Love waterfall
Are you planning a trip to Sapa and you would love to experience less frequent Sapa travel routes with authentic local villages & nice landscapes? Please, have this Sapa day trek to Ban Khoang - Ta Giang Phin villages & Love Waterfall reviewed for the details and plan your Sapa trip of great memory.........
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Fansipan Peak Conqueration Day Trek
Are you planning a trip to Sapa, Vietnam? You love the adventure trek and challenge yourselves on a day trek to conquer the mountain peaks? Fansipan - the highest mountain in the Indochina will be worth your trying but make sure of your good physical fitness & adventure passion.........
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Sapa tours & best time to visit Sapa

Thanks to its average height of 1,600 metters compared to the sea level, Sapa is blessed with its pleasant climate of 4 seasons on a day with average temperature of 16-25oC.Sapa tours will be a great escape from the noisy and hot cities in hot summer time for local & international tourists. In the winter, the lowest temperature may come down to minus 3oC, Sapa is really cold with snows fallling down whitely covering up all the region, a great inspiration for photographers,nature lovers and writers witnessing this beautifully natural phenomenom which only have in this part of the country.However,the best time to visit Sapa is between March & June and between September & November when the weather is dry and clear (not so much rainfall and fogs), right time to trek down Muong Hoa valleys with numerous interesting visit to tribal villages of Black H'Mong, Red Dzao, Dzay, Tay ... ; and of course, with nice farming activities of rice harvests on stunningly golden rice terraces (between September & October).What an amazing beauty for your lifetime photographs in Sapa.

Hilltribe in Sapa rice field
Golden Holiday Travel is a fully licensed tour operator in Vietnam.We know well about the region and will support you with helpful suggestions and consultancy for your enjoyable vacation in Sapa.We do offer the best pre-designed Sapa Tours ( of 2 days, 3 days or more by overnight trains or buses or private cars from Hanoi) that will cover with highlighted attractions in Sapa, connecting with local ethnic cultures to make your holidays new and unforgetable experiences.If Sapa tour packages listed on our site are not your interest and you need the customized Sapa excursions to fit your hobby, feel free to drop us an email to or viber us to +84.988451530 telling us your loved activities to take part in, we will customize Sapa tours to meet your demands.We wish you a memorable trip in Sapa, Vietnam.

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Sapa view from Ham Rong mountian

Sapa town & lake viewed from ham Rong mountain

Sapa - O Qui Ho Pass

O Qui Ho Pass - Sapa at Tram Ton Heaven Gate

Sapa - Bac Ha market

Sapa tours to colorful Bac Ha market