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Pleasant weather coming along with wonderful view of mountains and valleys in which many ethnic groups reside along all make Sapa a special destination to discover in your Vietnam Tours.

Sapa Tours with terraced rice fields
Beautiful terraced rice fields in Sapa tours
Sapa Tours with us are great ways,not only to hide away from the noise and heat of big city, but also to have reallife experience of local ethnics' lifestyle and cultures.You will trek in a day or few days down to Muong Hoa Valleys (Sapa Trekking Tours) to visit local ethnic hamlets with much interesting discovery, nicely to have homestay in their houses (Sapa Homestay Tours) to enjoy their friendliness & authentic local foods; and more interestingly to take part in their colourful weekly markets ( Sapa Market Tours) to see their trade of local products, their happiness to meet friends or to try some special dishes which are unique to this region.

Below are our pre-designed Sapa Tours for your choice

Sapa Trekking Tours
Trekking is a great way to go through remote villages and experience the real life of local ethnics in Sapa. Sapa Trekking Tour offers us a great trek down to Muong Hoa valley, the home of many ethnic groups with their beautiful terraced rice fields.You will get to know their lifestyles & authentic cultures; have time interacting with locals
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Colourful Sapa Market Tours
In mountainous area like Sapa,local ethnics live in remote villages which are quite far from each other.Weekly markets are meeting points for them to exchange goods, cultures; to have fun meeting new friends;and to find their lovers as well.The impression you could get is the lively markets reflected by different colourful dresses of many local tribes coming here.Sapa Market Tours offers us beautiful views over the valleys, small villages of the local ethnic minorities and colourful markets that take place only one time in a week such as: Can Cau, Cao Son and Bac Ha market. Take the chance and enjoy it
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Classic Sapa Tours
Classic Sapa Tour is a popular journey to discover the beautiful attractions of Sapa with a light trek to beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the home to many of local ethnics in the region, with interesting cultural exchanges with friendly locals.Let's come and explore with us
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Sapa Bac Ha Market Tour
Sapa Bac Ha market tour 2 days is an interesting trip to contemplate Sapa's stunning landscapes, to experience local cultures of ethnics by visiting different local villages and typically attending the biggest weeky market ( Bac Ha) in the highlands.
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Sapa Homestay Tours
On the way to village, you will have more experience about different process to do terraced rice farming. You will feel more countryside lives. On this trip you will trek along Muong Hoa valley to Tan Van and Ban Ho for overnight in a homestay.
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Authentic Sapa Tour
Authentic Sapa Tour is a special trip designed for your Sapa experiences of authentic local cultures by joining in a weekly market, visting numerous local villages, homestaying and eating local foods during the journey.
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Sapa tours & best time to visit Sapa

Thanks to its average height of 1,600 metters compared to the sea level, Sapa is blessed with its pleasant climate of 4 seasons on a day with average temperature of 16-25oC.Sapa tours will be a great escape from the noisy and hot cities in hot summer time for local & international tourists. In the winter, the lowest temperature may come down to minus 3oC, Sapa is really cold with snows fallling down whitely covering up all the region, a great inspiration for photographers,nature lovers and writers witnessing this beautifully natural phenomenom which only have in this part of the country.However,the best time to visit Sapa is between March & June and between September & November when the weather is dry and clear (not so much rainfall and fogs), right time to trek down Muong Hoa valleys with numerous interesting visit to tribal villages of Black H'Mong, Red Dzao, Dzay, Tay ... ; and of course, with nice farming activities of rice harvests on stunningly yellow terraced paddy fields (between September & October).What an amazing beauty for your lifetime photographs in Sapa.

Sapa Tours1
Sapa tours with trek to terraced fields
Golden Holiday Travel is a local travel company which have long operated Sapa unique tours.We know well about the region with helpful consultancy for your enjoyable vacations in Sapa.We do offer the best pre-designed Sapa Tours ( of 2 days, 3 days or more by overnight trains or buses or private cars from Hanoi) that will cover with highlighted attractions in Sapa, connecting with local ethnic cultures to make your holidays new and unforgetable experiences.If you are not keen on Sapa tour packages listed on our site, please, drop us an email to or viber us to +84.988451530 telling us your travel interests, your interested places in Sapa, we will customize Sapa tours of your interest to meet your demands.We wish you a memorable trip in Sapa, Vietnam.

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Sapa Tours- center church

Big church in Sapa tours

Sapa tours to ethnic villages

Sapa tours with a trek to ethnic villages

Sapa tours to colorful Bac Ha market

Sapa tours to colorful Bac Ha market