Scenic Ninh Binh Tour 2 days with boating, biking & trekking activities

You would like to have a quiet place with natural landscapes to visit for your vacation? Ninh Binh is not far from Hanoi with her natural beauty that you can think about for your trip from Hanoi.Scenic Ninh Binh tour 2days promise you good chances to relax in peaceful & beautiful natures by visiting the best attractions in Ninh Binh : Van Long nature reserve, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Mua caves & Trang An Scenic Landscapes.
From: Call 2 days/1 night - private tour from Hanoi

The overview of Scenic Ninh Binh Tour 2 days

This Scenic Ninh Binh tour 2 days are specially designed for your wonderful exploration of the best attractions in Ninh Binh with boating, trekking and biking activities.Boat tours in Van Long nature resverve & Trang An Ecotourism Complex are relaxed & peaceful journeys to admire natural landscapes of limestone karst pillars along the rivers, a massive system of natural hidden caves and nice photos of hundred types of migratory birds ( Van Long).....

Ninh Binh Tour 2day from Hanoi

Boat tour in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

Along with that, trekking & biking tour to Mua Cave or Bich Dong pagoda is great exercises in the morning or late afternoon for your more discovery of local villages, nice spots for photographs & impressive panoramic view of the region (Mua cave).Also, this Ninh Binh Tour 2 days gives you chances to enrich your knowledge of Vietnam's history in 10th & 11th century by visiting Hoa Lu ancient capital. Surely that you will have a nice escape from your stressful work, the city's noices to refesh & recharge yourselves with more energy and relaxation.

Ninh Binh Tours to Hoa Lu ancient capital

Hoa Lu anicent capital - Dinh temple

Brief travel itinerary of 2 day Ninh Binh Tour from Hanoi.

  • Day 1.Hanoi -  Ninh Binh, visit Van Long nature reserve, Hoa Lu ancient capital & Mua cave. Hotel overnight in Ninh Binh (B,L)
  • Day 2.NInh Binh biking tour to explore Bich Dong pagoda & Trang An Ecotourism Complex - Hanoi (B,L)

Special highlights of this 2 day Ninh Binh trip.

  • Admire picturesque landscapes of gorgeous mountainscapes & naturaly hidden caves in Ninh Binh
  • Take part in leisure activities of hiking, boating & biking to explore Ninh Binh's attractions.
  • Get to know local Buddhism practice in a visit to Bich Dong pagoda & learn about Vietnam's history & its ancient architecture when visiting Hoa Lu ancient capital.

The detailed itinerary of Ninh Binh tour 2 days to Van Long, Hoa Lu, Mua cave & Trang An Ecotourism Complex

Day 1 : Ninh Binh tour from Hanoi to Van Long nature reserve, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Mua cave. Overnight in Ninh Binh (L)

8h00 am, depart from your hotel by private transfer to Van Long - a less touristic & natural nature reserve in Ninh Binh.Van Long nature reserve is not only famous for its outstanding landscapes of mountains & grottos but also for its largest area of wetland reserve where is the home to a rich fauna and flora, famously the living place of the biggest number of Delacour’s langurs(one of the most endangered primates in the world).

Ninh Binh tour 2days to Van Long nature reserve

Van Long boat tour

To visit this nature reserve, we will take a bamboo boat, rowing through high reeds wildly growing along small streams to contemplate the reserve’s magnificent landscapes.We will pass by many beautiful mountains whose names are associated with interesting things & romantic love story such as Nghien and Fairy Mountains, Meo Cao (scratching cat), Mam Xoi (tray of sticky rice), Hom Sach (box of books) and Da Ban (slate) mountains…Together with impressive mountains, you also can visit many beautiful grottos with their unique beauty such as Ca Grotto, Bong Grotto, Rua Grotto, Chanh Grotto…. Many of our customers choose to do boat tour in Van Long because they can view both its natural sceneries and  thousands of migratory birds, herons, stork flying around ; and expecially the most endangered Delacour’s langurs in its big number living in this area naturally.

After a nice boat tour in Van Long, we will have lunch in a local restaurant in Hoa Lu, then pay a visit to Hoa Lu ancient capital – the heart of Vietnam for 42 years in 10th & 11th century.The royal palaces are  no more  but you can have a nice walking trip to Dinh & Le temples built in 17th century, dedicated to Dinh & Le family. You will get to know great information about Vietnam's history during this period when Hoa Lu was chosen as the country's capital.

Ninh Binh tours to Mua cave

The view from Mua cave

The first day with last visit to Mua cave in the afternoon -  a nice trekking activity for beautiful panorama of Ninh Binh city & Tam Coc landscapes with rice fields, river & mountains.It is a hard trekking up and down following steep steps but it is worth your efforts.Remember to bring camera for nice shots that you will have on the top.

After a day with trekking, walking & boating around, you will check in the hotel & take a rest in our well-selected  hotel or resorts in Tam Coc area. Dinner at your own account.

Day 2: Ninh Binh biking tours to visit Bich Dong pagoda- Tam Coc cave ( or Trang An Ecotourism Complex), back to Hanoi (B,L)

After breakfast, our day starts with morning biking exercise around impressive karst mountains & rivers and quiet villages.This gives you chances to experience the locals' daily life, interact with them, more chances for photos & pay a visit to Bich Dong pagoda built up in 15th century with a nice trekking to the main cave & the top temple.

Ninh Binh tour to Trang An

Limestone outcrop in Trang An

Then you can select whether to do boat tour in Tam Coc or Trang An for another exploration of the caves, limestone outcrops, rice fields or natural sceneries along the boat journey.Please, view the boat tours in Ninh Binh whether to visit Tam Coc or Trang An, then tell us your choice of interest.

We have lunch after the boat trip and head back to Hanoi. The end of Scenic Ninh Binh tour 2 days.

Price: Call.
Single supplement: usd.

Tour includes :

  • Private transfer during the journey
  • English speaking guide,
  • Meals as itinerary
  • Hotel in Ninh Binh
  • Entrance fees
  • Bycle rental fee
  • Boat fees in Van Long & Trang An ( or Tam Coc)

Tour excludes :

  • Drink,
  • Visa,
  • Personal expenses, tips & gratuities.
  • Payment fees.
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