Ta Phin village - a beautiful trekking destination in Sapa

Ta Phin village - a beautiful trekking destination in Sapa

Ta Phin village is a hidden gem of less touristic & beautiful landscapes in Sapa - a good choice for nature lovers & outdoor trekkers.If you love to explore local cultures, trek in Ta Phin commune is an advisable thing to do when doing a trip to Sapa, Vietnam as well

Ta Phin village - a wonderful hiking site for beautiful scenery & authentic local cultures in Sapa

Sapa is a famous destination for beautiful trekking sites down Muong Hoa valley to admire gorgeous landscapes of magnificient mountains, stunning rice terraces & tranquil villages.For a less touristic & authenic experiences, we would suggest you a hike in Ta Phin village which is located in another side of Hoang Lien mountain range.

Ta Phin commune is about 17 km far from Sapa town, en route from Lao Cai city to Sapa town, and the home of several hamlets of Black Hmong & Red Dzao ethnic minorities who are scatteredly living in different corners of Ta Phin valley.The slopping valley is backgrounded by green farmlands for rice terraces & vegetable plantations ;and majestically surrounded by forested mountains - all creating a vivid picture of peaceful countryside, beautiful sceneries & friendly people.

A hike to Ta Phin commune offers you chances to experience daily life of different hilltribes (Black Hmong & Red Dzao) and compare their cultural differences : from their traditional dresses, house styles to their tribal cultures.Local ethnics in Ta Phin village still remain their distingtive traditions & customs such as Red Dao’s wedding, dancing festival, greeting for the new house, oath-taking ceremony....If lucky enough, you can take part in those occasions to understand more about the simple but happy and amiable life of ethnic people.

Ta Phin village - Hmong

We suggest you to do this trek with a local tour guide who will know well about interesting trekking route and explain you about the cultural differences between Black H'mong & Red Dzao here.With the guide's support & his trekking route chosen, you can partly avoid the problem that local people keep following you and trying to sell you their local products.Also,he can arrange you some visits to local ethnic families for cosy talks, you will really experience how simply they live & their unique cultures.

What to do in Ta Phin village?

  • Trekking along the hidden trails of Ta Phin commune for a good captivation of beautiful landcapes and a good insight of local cultures.
  • Buying some distinctively hand-made brocades of beautiful colors & patterns made by ethnic people such as bag, scarf, purse, to skirt, and even backpack......for your sovernirs as your support to local community.
  • Do a visit to Ta Phin cave at the foot of Hoang Lien mountain.The cave is about 5 meters high, 3 meters wide and has a pathway to the ground. Inside the cave there are many stalactites sparkling with various shapes.The cave is not lighted and really dark so you should have a touch for easier exploration inside.
  • If you would love to stay away from touristic Sapa town, Ta Phin village is a wonderful hideaway for your relaxed nights in local homestays or high-ending resorts recently operated in the commune.
  • Give a try to Red Dzao Herbal Bath for a relaxed & health treatment.According to the Red Dao, bathing with medicated leaves or soaking feet with herbs have quite good effect. It can be a treatment of rheumatism, bone aches, muscle fatigue, flu.....

Rice terrace ta phin village

Travel tips when you visit Ta Phin village.

  • When trekking to the villages of Ta Phin commune, some local Red Dzao will follow you to chat, then try to sell you their products. If you do not like that, you just friendly say " No", it is fine, they will stop following you sooner or later.
  • Do not give money or candy for children ( by this, they will not like to go to school, bad for their future) - If can so please give them some books or pencils.
  • Advised to take good walking shoes, raincoats, jackets, torch, insect repellent and sunscreen, drinking waters .....etc. for trekking.
  • Outdoor treks up & down the valley, it is advisable to have a tourguide along for a good insight of local cultures and waste your time or being lost in the middle of nowhere.
  • Ask locals for permission if you love to take their photos.
  • Good to know common taboos to avoid when trekking to local Sapa villages.

Ta Phin village - Black Hmong

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