Tam Dao - an ideal paradise for your holidays

Tam Dao - an ideal paradise for your holidays

Tam Dao could be a right choice for your short vacations, stay away from the city's hustle & bustle for pleasant climate of the mountain retreat and admiring beautiful landscapes of mountains,waterfall & rained forest.......

Tam Dao - an ideal place for your holiday retreat.

Tam Dao is a small town belonging to Vinh Phuc Province, just 85 kilometers from Hanoi. With the average height of 1000 metres, the weather of Tam Dao is cool and pleasant all the year around.That is the reason why the French did develop Tam Dao as an ideal hill station for their summer vacations in early 20th century to relax and avoid the hot weather from Hanoi.Travelling to Tam Dao, you can still view some of beautiful French villas & French church around the town.

View of Tam Dao Town

Tam Dao ( translated as three islets or three peaks) with its mountain range has three highest peaks: Ban Thach with 1,388m high, Thien Thi with 1,375m high and Phu Nghia with 1,400m high which emerge like three islets from the clouds. The weather is cool all year round with an average temperature of 20 to 220C and it may changes four seasons in a day. During the hottest days, the temperature reaches 27"C (80.60F).

Thanks to its pleasant climate & mountain views, to locals,Tam Dao is considered as a miniature of Sapa or Da Lat. Tam Dao’s natural landscapes are extremely majestic  and romantic with beautiful view of high mountains & rain forests in the middle of  flying clouds & fogs here & there along with fresh air. Tam Dao has become an ideal resort  for holiday makers  when doing their trips to Hanoi, Vietnam

Today, Golden Holiday Travel would like to share some Tam Dao travel experiences extremely useful for your enjoyable trip to Tam Dao.

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Some beautiful photos of Tam Dao

Tam Dao Attractions

View of Tam Dao mountains

Tam Dao waterfall

Tam Dao Waterfall

Tam Dao view of clound

Tam Dao view of mountains

Tam Dao town

Tam Dao town overview

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