Tam Dao attractions to visit

Tam Dao attractions to visit

While doing your trips to Tam Dao, you should spend time visiting those highlighted places of interest for your enjoyable holidays!

Tam Dao attractions to visit / Where to visit in Tam Dao?

Tam Dao means three highest mountains ( or three highest islands) named as Thien Thi, Thach Ban and Phu Nghia  emerging above the clouds at the hight of 1300 meters compared with the sea level. Tam Dao is famous for its scenic attractions worth for your exploration such as Silver waterfall , Xa Huong Lake, Tam Dao National Park, Television Station tower, French Cathedral, Rung Rinh Peak…We will detail you about Tam Dao attractions to visit in this blog informatively as follow

Tam Dao attractions

1.Tam Dao National Park

Tam Dao National Park covers an area of 36,883 hectares, including more than 23,000 hectares of forests. It extends 80 km in the northwest and southeast direction, bordering the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang and Vinh Phuc. The park is 70 km far from Hanoi. 

Tam Dao National Park is covered by a rich flora, consisting of 490 species from 34 genera and 130 families. There is a great deal of rare and valuable plants, such as Sam bong, Permu (fokienia hodginsir), Kim Giao (polocarpus fleuryi), Lat Hoa (chukrasta tabularis), Lim Xanh (Erythrophlocum fordii), Do Quyen (Rhododentron simii), Sen Mat (Madhuca pasquieri), Thong Tre (Podocarpus nerliforlius).

Tam Dao attractions, national park

The park is also home to 281 species of fauna from 281 genera, 84 families and 26 orders belonging to 4 main classes: animals, birds, reptiles and amphibious ones. Among the variety of life forms in the park are several rare species, including cheek black monkey, Tam Dao snake-head fish, silver pheasant wood grouses etc. 

Nowadays,the National Park of Tam Dao is a place of interest not only for tourists, but also business people and researchers.You can do a Tam Dao trekking tour to conquer these peaks in Tam Dao national park or bird watching tours for rare bird type only here or insect or plant research tour as well.

2. Van pagoda (Chùa Vân)

The full name is Tam Dao Tinh Vien Van Son, was built in 2009. The distance is 9km (5miles) from Tam Dao town, on the route from Hanoi -Tam Dao. The pagoda has very beautiful view, you can also take overnight here, very nice & peaceful.

Tam Dao attractions, Van pagoda

3. Telecommunication tower

The tower with 93m (270ft) height, is located on the peak of Thien Nhi mountain – 1400m (4600ft) high. Way up to mountain is quite hard but romantic with many kinds of flower: Orchid, Cuc quy and many other wildflowers.Treking up here, you can open your view to stunning surrounding areas of clouds, mountains, forests & villages.

Tam Dao attractions- TV tower

4. Silver waterfall (Thác Bạc)

With the height of 50m (165ft), Silver waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Tam Dao. To get the fall, from Tam Dao town, you have to go along a trail, down to a deep valley. In the end, you will see the waterfall hiding in mountain.It is romantic with a nice view from here to surrounding valleys.

Tam Dao attractions- silver waterfall

Silver waterfall- Tam Dao attractions

5. Rung Rinh peak (đỉnh Rùng Rình)

Rung Ring peak is a ideal destination for adventurers. At here, the nature is beautiful like fairy: many gigantic trees which are covered by orchids and moss, birds chirping in all day, majestic mountains... Further, you can see Tam Dao-2 where was a ideal resort of French near 1 century ago but now, it just remains a place where has beauty of the wild and lonely.

Tam Dao attractions - Rung Rinh peak

6. Tam Dao ancient church

Tam Dao church was built in 1937 by French. This is one of many structures that French built was left. However, in the war, most of structures were destroyed, the church is only structure has been intact for now. This’s very interesting site with nice view, standing at here, you can see all of Tam Dao nature.

Tam Dao Attractions -Tam Dao View

7. Public pool

Public pool is located at halfway up the mountain, very romantic. The water is very clean, you should bath in noon or early afternoon, the water is very cold in morning and evening ($2.5/ticket). The pool is picked as relaxing place by many tourists.

8. Sky Gate (Cổng Trời).

To get there, from Tam Dao town, you go straight to the church of French, then turn left and just go straight. Standing on the Sky Gate, you will see the panorama and lovely beauty of Tam Dao town hiding in the sea of cloud.

Tam dao attraction - skygate

In addition to above Tam Dao attractions, when traveling in groups, you can organize camping in the wide lawn and very clean in Tam Dao. Especially Tam Dao has tennis courts, golf, tennis and swimming pool

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